Koch Bros Respond to Obama’s Latest Anti-Koch Smears, Call it “An Abuse of the President’s Position”

Via Sooper Mexican, I bring you another excellent letter penned by Philip Ellender, President, Government & Public Affairs of Koch Companies, responding to Obama’s campaign Manager, Jim “punch back twice as hard” Messina’s latest moronic attempt to rile up the left-wing mob with nonsensical and sophomoric attacks on the Koch bros. Significantly, Ellender characterized  the Obama Camp’s cynical attacks on private citizens “an abuse of the President’s position, and “a disservice to our nation”.

A Letter to the Obama Campaign

Mr. Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Dear Mr. Messina:

Because every American has the right to take part in the public discourse on matters that affect the future of our country, I feel compelled to respond directly about a fundraising letter you sent out on February 24 denouncing Koch. It is both surprising and disappointing that the President would allow his re-election team to send such an irresponsible and misleading letter to his supporters.

For example, it is false that our “business model is to make millions by jacking up prices at the pump.” Our business vision begins and ends with value creation — real, long-term value for customers and for society. We own no gasoline stations and the part of our business you allude to, oil and gas refining, actually lowers the price of gasoline by increasing supply. Either you simply misunderstand the way commodities markets work or you are misleading your supporters and the rest of the American people.

If I may interject, here, Mr Ellender –  Messina understands how commodities markets work. But he understands the mob mentality of the people to whom he’s appealing, even better. They have been taught what to think – not how to think, thus they react to dog whistles (Koch brothers! Big Oil!, Rich Corporations!), not reason and logic. Messina’s trying to stoke the inflamed passions of the mindless Jacobin mobs already protesting the evil 1 percenters.

Contrary to your assertion that we have “committed $200 million to try to destroy President Obama,” we have stated publicly and repeatedly since last November that we have never made any such claim or pledge. It is hard to imagine that the campaign is unaware of our publicly stated position on that point. Similarly, Americans for Prosperity is not simply “funded by the Koch brothers,” as you state — rather it has tens of thousands of members and contributors from across the country and from all walks of life. Further, our opposition to this President’s policies is not based on partisan politics but on principles. Charles Koch and David Koch have been outspoken advocates of the free-market for over 50 years and they have consistently opposed policies that frustrate or subvert free markets, regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican was President.

If the President’s campaign has some principled disagreement with the arguments we are making publicly about the staggering debt the President and previous administrations have imposed on the country, the regulations that are stifling business growth and innovation, the increasing intrusion of government into nearly every aspect of American life, we would be eager to hear them. But it is an abuse of the President’s position and does a disservice to our nation for the President and his campaign to criticize private citizens simply for the act of engaging in their constitutional right of free speech about important matters of public policy. The implication in that sort of attack is obvious: dare to criticize the President’s policies and you will be singled out and personally maligned by the President and his campaign in an effort to chill free speech and squelch dissent.

Read the rest of the letter, here.

See also Sooper Mexican’s response to the ridiculous accusations by the Obama admin here.


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8 thoughts on “Koch Bros Respond to Obama’s Latest Anti-Koch Smears, Call it “An Abuse of the President’s Position”

  1. Why is it ok for someone like Soros to dump untold money into rigging an election for his private marionette, but the money of the Koch Bros. is somehow tainted and shouldn’t be tolerated?

    And the real irony is that the bubblebrains who think that way seriously don’t have a problem with it. Tolerance only works one way, I guess.


  2. Sarah–I have said it before, and I will say it again…you do good work! It doesn’t make ANY difference to me…and I’m sure to level
    minded others whether the patriots are multi-millionaires, billionaires,
    or zero-aires, and have very little, as long as they are patriots, and
    on our plate, the “right” side, who cares. I think the Koch brothers
    are honorable in sharing their wealth to help save our dear Republic.
    Keep fighting gang. Posted 02-27-2012, RSVP:
    Cobraseal2343hanna@yahoo.com (Wish I had their e-mail address
    I would send them an encouraging e-mail and thank you letter.


  3. While Obama thinks the Koch brothers are the evil of the right, how about the evil on the left? There is Goeoge Soros, and corperate moguals that are sending jobs overseas while the puppet talks about buying more jobs. There is the Chicago hoodlim club, and his “socalist for Obama”, and the Koch brothers are a problem for who?
    I think I am fine with the Koch brothers doing whatever they can to promote free enterprise. They are about as bad as the Tea Party. Some of those Obama guys are what bother me.


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