Video: Jan Brewer on Meet the Press With Jerry Brown + Brewer Endorses Mitt (Sigh)

Governors Jan Brewer (R-AZ) and Jerry Brown (D-CA) appeared on  NBC’s “Meet the Press” program, Sunday morning to discuss U.S. immigration policy and politics.  Governor Brown touted his signing of the DREAM Act and his support for comprehensive immigration reform and Governor Brewer defended her state’s S.B. 1070 immigration enforcement law as being necessary to fight drug cartel violence along the U.S. border with Arizona. In a discussion about the drug violence on the border, Brewer, attacked the Obama administration for sending thousands of guns to the cartels in Mexico, and suing her state, instead of securing the border. “It’s frustrating, David!” she cried.

Note how clumsily David Gregory blurted out his talking point-o-the day: Hispanics as a voting bloc are “certainly not happy with the Republican party.”

Because we believe in securing the borders, that somehow makes us anti-Hispanic, but keeping United States citizens safe is something that Hispanics who are here legally, (and can thus, vote), understand. Meanwhile – you’ve got to be kidding me – Obama is courting the Hispanic vote after arming drug cartels with thousands of high powered weapons to kill Mexican citizens with (virtually an act of war against Mexico), and virtually declaring war against the Catholic Church? He’ll have the  pro-drug cartel vote wrapped up, but less luck with  the pro-life, pro-family Hispanic vote.

A new poll shows that only 46% of Hispanic voters in Florida support Obama for re-election against an unnamed Republican opponent, compared to 57% when Obama ran four years ago. No wonder Gregory is spinning.

On a related note, today, Brewer also publicly endorsed  Mitt Romney for President:

Brewer says Romney’s business background appealed to her.

“I think he’d serve Americans the best of all the candidates,” Brewer said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, adding that she thinks he’s the candidate who could win November’s election.

The endorsement came four days after Romney and three rivals appeared in a debate in Mesa, Ariz. Immediately following the debate, Brewer told CNN she had yet to decide who to endorse, though she said Newt Gingrich’s plan to consult the governors of southwestern states regarding border policy appealed to her.


Video: Priest Gives Obama Mandate The finger (Sort of)

Father is very very disappointed in President Obama, and he wants to let him know that with his… very talented…..fingers:

He was right – that was too much truth for the drones to handle without their heads exploding —

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