Video: Priest Gives Obama Mandate The finger (Sort of)

Father is very very disappointed in President Obama, and he wants to let him know that with his… very talented…..fingers:

He was right – that was too much truth for the drones to handle without their heads exploding —

Here are the links referred to in the video:

U.S. Bishops’ Response to the Mandate:

Declaration of Independence:

First Amendment:

Full Transcript of Notre Dame Address:

Medical Article on Birth Control:

Alternatives to Birth Control:

Linked by Commieblaster, thanks!


One thought on “Video: Priest Gives Obama Mandate The finger (Sort of)

  1. Absolutely the truth. I find this issue to be settled and not worth spending time on, but to allow this travesty to happen is to fundamentally allow the government to get into our bedrooms! We all have access to contraceptives and birth control pills that only cost about $10 a month. We should not have them provided for free by insurance companies that will affect the cost of all of our insurance policies in the future. Like it or not, it’s just wrong!


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