Actor, Dax Shepard Compares Navy SEAL Movie ‘Act of Valor’ to Hitler Propaganda Film

Never heard of him – but apparently, he made an ass of himself on Twitter, yesterday:

Star of TV’s Parenthood, Dax Shepard, compared the pro-U.S. military film that stars actual Navy SEALs, Act of Valor to Adolf Hitler’s Triumph of the Will. On his Twitter feed the one time Ashton Kutcher prank boy from Punk’d wrote: “Saw ‘Triumph of the Will’ tonight, oh wait, I mean ‘Act of Valor’ great action.” Apparently the reaction to Shepard’s obnoxious tweet, comparing this week’s #1 movie starring active duty Navy Seals to a Nazi propaganda movie was immediate, as he attempted to walk back his comments.

Shepard lamely claimed he was: “not comparing our military to nazis. Pointing out the exceedingly high level of propaganda in both.”

See Newsbusters for screenshots.

Yes, this is a tough one for the Hollywood left. It’s pro-SEAL, pro-US Military, so naturally they feel compelled to slam it. But how does one do that without slamming the heroes who are the subject of the film? How awkward.

I watched the film, last night, and I can tell you that the film stayed away from politics and ideology. In fact, I didn’t even know if it was set during the Bush era , or Obama’s. All I know is it was post 9/11.

The movie was pure good vs evil – Navy SEALs saving the country from a terrorist attack – so any comparison of this movie about SEALS to Nazi propaganda is a gross insult to the SEALS who starred in it.

As Paul McHugh wrote in The Daily Journal:

 Guys such as Peninsula home-boy Rorke Denver, born and raised in Los Altos, After college, he went straight into the SEALs, and like my hat, Denver was a willing volunteer.

After joining the teams, he took down drug lords in South America, helped American citizens escape from war-torn Liberia and even fought to stabilize the hellhole of Anbar Province in early days of the Iraq War. Most recently, he served as XO of the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command in Coronado. In “Valor,” he leads a platoon trying to disrupt an unfolding terrorist attack on the United States.

Denver had doubts about being in the film, but then decided to embrace the project to help the American public better understand who’s fighting for them, what the job is like and why they do it.

“People say there’s romance in war,” Denver said. “If so, you only see it when you come home, and think about the way your brothers went out so valiantly to meet the enemy. Some paid heavily. Fighting is real hard work. You just grind it out, and it’s scary and hard and challenging and a very emotionally raw experience to be immersed in it.

“Why do we do it? I hope this film reveals a few things about our special SEAL community, the pride we take in the way our skills and teamwork get the job done. How much our guys care about our brotherhood and our families, and by extension, care about all the families in this country. That’s for real.”

At the end, the audience sat in silence as a scroll of all the SEALs killed in action since 9/11 unfurled onscreen. Then we filed out, blinking, into the sunlight — and into a slice of the world where peace obtains at present, thanks to the sort of courage we had just seen portrayed.

“It’s not a movie where you come out just feeling happy,” one nephew said. “More like, you’re sober.”

“You begin to realize that names on a war monument are not just names on a wall?” I asked. He nodded.

Well, MOST of us come out feeling sober. Some of us even had to go to directly the bathroom to fix our makeup after watching the last few minutes of the film and the scroll of SEALs killed in action since 9/11.

One guy shook his head and soberly remarked, “What would we do without them?”

And then some of us thought that it was just NAZI stuff.


Bruce McQuain at Blackfive has a few choice words for “D-list actor”, Dax Shepard.

John Hinderaker, Powerline: Liberals Decide They Don’t Like Propaganda


16 thoughts on “Actor, Dax Shepard Compares Navy SEAL Movie ‘Act of Valor’ to Hitler Propaganda Film

  1. Dax Who?

    But he’s not alone. Search for

    “act of valor” propaganda

    If your search engline takes it, add
    to the end (skip the links to that story).

    Ixquick gives me
    Web Results 1 – 10 of about 10,866 for “act of valor” propaganda -dax

    Powerline has a good rebuttal, notably this:

    “Well, the movie is certainly pro-Seals. Whether that makes it propaganda, you can decide for yourself. What is funny about this, however, is that quite a few movies have been made about post-September 11 warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Virtually every one of them has been shameless propaganda. You probably didn’t see them–hardly anyone did, for the most part–so let’s call the roll of shame: Fahrenheit 9/11; Rendition; In the Valley of Elah; Why We Fight; Homecoming; The War Within; Lions For Lambs; Stop Loss; Redacted; No End In Sight; The Kingdom; and Home of the Brave. No doubt I’ve missed a few. These films were anti-war, anti-military propaganda. Audiences avoided them like the plague, but the Washington Post had no problem with anti-war propaganda, nor did any of the critics, pundits or news outlets linked above.”

    Funny how that works/


  2. Still, the NAVY has come out saying that they see this film as a recruitment tool. A ranking Rear Admiral says that in a time where 500 more SEALS are needed, this seemed like a way of getting those numbers. While I must say that a film using active-duty SEALS is quite an interesting idea, anyone who sees it as an actual movie is overlooking its main plan. I would certainly not say it is “Triumph of the Will”, the Seals only need 500 men while the Wehrmacht was aiming a bit higher, but the inherent comparisons to propaganda films of the past are plausible.


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  4. A “Tweeting” Puny “PUNK” who contributes nothing worthwhile to our world. Acting absent of aptness and comedic crap unworthy of even chuckles from children. Your “star” status fizzles while REAL Men and Women fight for FREEDOM that you flaunt with flippancy. Irreverent comments from Dax Shepard ( whoever he is ). ENOUGH AMERICA! We must change our criteria for “celebrity” status!
    -Jeff Beaurline- U.S.NAVY SAR CORPSMAN(ret.)


  5. Still, the NAVY has come out saying that they see this film as a recruitment tool. A ranking Rear Admiral says that in a time where 500 more SEALS are needed, this seemed like a way of getting those numbers.

    Yeah, because they certainly have the budget for it now that the military has been made to bear a large chunk of President Downgrade’s irresponsible spending priorities.


  6. Gosh, Nick – how shocking that the Navy would see a pro-SEAL movie as a positive for recruitment – I see all sorts of dark, hidden agendas, there.

    Or maybe the agenda is the most obvious one – “Hey, let’s make a movie with moral clarity – about good vs evil with the US of A on the side of good because that is a reflection of reality that the the public actually wants to see as opposed to the slew of anti-American propagandistic Iraq films put out by Hollywood during the Bush years, (that flopped miserably).


  7. Never said it was dark or hidden. Personally I don’t mind it. I even saw it. Acting is a bit atrocious but that’s what happens when you bring in people who are not trained actors. Honestly, action scenes are brilliant as the SEALS served as advisers to the film. It almost makes up for the acting…almost.


  8. Nick: Interesting thought. “Acting” is supposed to be “real life”. One comment I heard about it (haven’t seen it yet) is that the dialog is a bit stilted, or corny.

    But they didn’t need to use any stuntmen (but the directors are).


  9. freedomactionnow
    I would have agreed with you prior to 911 however, I think the majority of the youth in our country have more honor, courage and patriotism than their parents (my age). I think for the most part, the ones that aren’t “college educated” fill that bill. I am proud of the youth. They stepped up and sacrificed. It is the “educated” hollyweird’s that could not protect themselves (that is why they have armed bodyguards) while telling the rest of us how to live without guns or even electricity. There is a huge commodity of great, intelligent, educated servicepeople that walk rings around the majority of Hollywood elitists, politicians and us the average citizen. If they need Seals – I know they can NOT be found on the left. That is why these elitists bash the military – they know they are INFERIOR!! Of course this little nothing of a “sctor” hates the military – they are everything he is not. Brave, courageous, dedicated, and now they are beginning to act – where does that leave him? Shivering, weak and poor. Awwwweeee – like the poor unwashed masses. Which most of them look like anyway. Go Navy!!


  10. I suppose you love all the Obama crap that permeates our networks! (Tom Hanks) I USED To watch your “series” and I kinda thought the same thing about YOUR acting! I would seriously rather have a Navy Seal pretending to be an actor than an actor pretending to be an intellectual!


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