MI and AZ Election Returns – Update – Mitt wins both UPDATE: Delegate Count Tied

With 0 returns in yet, I’m calling it for Romney in AZ  – Mitt has been projected to win big, and I fully expect him to, although it would be a nice surprise to be proven wrong.

Michigan is a different story. It’s a tighter race – Right now, with 32% Romney is leading 41% to Santorum’s 38% according to CNN.

MI results also at Click on Detroit, NY Times or WaPo.

More to come….

At 9:02 with 61% reporting, Romney has expanded his lead 40% to 36%.

See also: RS McCain live reporting on the ground in MI:

Stacy reports from Grand Rapids (2002 EST): They have just opened the doors to the Ambassador Ballroom, scene of of tonight’s Rick Santorum victory celebration. (???) Several hundred Santorum supporters are in attendance. The house WiFi is ‘craptastic’. So far McCain remains un-connected. Security has informed him that after 8:00 PM local, the press will be confined behind a barricade, away from the bar. This could result in one of the worst PR debacles in American political history.


NBC News projects Romney the winner in both AZ and MI.

@chucktodd on Twitter: Romney won Mackinac County by 1 vote. 667 votes to Santorum’s, wait for it, 666 votes.


A political  pal of Michelle Malkin’s weighs in on the road ahead for Romney -it’s gonna be a bumpy one for sure:

It is almost always assumed that Gingrich’s presence in the race helps Romney but I believe this conventional wisdom is incorrect. Gingrich is probably going to win Georgia on March 6th and he may also win a couple of other deep south states on March 13 and March 24. When that happens, you will begin to hear a lot of talk of a brokered convention. I believe voters may come to think of a vote for Gingrich (in the deep south) or Santorum (anywhere else) as a vote in favor of a brokered convention. Romney would be better off in a two-man race where a vote for Santorum really is a vote for Santorum.

[Today] could be a good day for Romney but how long will it last? Santorum is ahead in Washington state, which votes on Saturday. On Super Tuesday, 10 states will vote. Romney is likely to win only three or four states, and two of those states will be totally discounted (Massachusetts because it’s his home state and Virginia because Santorum isn’t on the ballot there). I think Santorum will win in Idaho, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota. If Santorum also wins Ohio, I think Romney is in serious trouble.

Just 4 days later, Kansas and Wyoming caucus and I think Romney loses both of those states to Santorum.

Three days after that, Hawaii, Alabama, and Mississippi vote. I think Romney loses two out of three…


National Journal: “Romney wins ugly”


Dan Riehl: Michigan Delegate Count Tied At 11, As GOP Establishment Whines


3 thoughts on “MI and AZ Election Returns – Update – Mitt wins both UPDATE: Delegate Count Tied

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  2. Might as well kick back and enjoy the roller coaster ride. At this point I doubt if anyone will be reasonably close to winning it all on the first convention vote, and I would bet the neighbor’s farm Santorum won’t release his votes anytime soon after that. The convention could drag on for days in that case, and no matter what, whoever is put up as the “compromise candidate” will have to have Santorum’s stamp of approval, especially since Newt is likely to get enough votes that between him and Rick (completely discounting however many votes the Ronulan Pauline gets) they will be able to broker the deal in their favor, since neither is likely to cuddle up to anyone supported by Mittens.


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