Huh? Michigan Republicans Change The Rules of Delegate Allocation To Give Romney The Win: 16 – 14

Are Michigan Republicans changing the rules because they didn’t like result? They’ve awarded their two “at large” delegates to Mitt Romney, even though party rules say they’re supposed to be awarded on a proportional basis based on the statewide popular vote.

The Political Wire reports:

Romney won the statewide vote by a 41% to 38% margin over Rick Santorum.

“The rest of the state’s delegates will be split evenly between Romney and Santorum because each won seven congressional districts across the state. As a result, Romney gets 16 delegates and Santorum 14.”


Detroit Free Press: Mitt Romney gets Michigan’s at-large delegates:

Saul Anuzis, a member of the credentials committee, said the party’s rules were passed in early February to award the two at-large delegates to the statewide winner, but that a memo sent, in error, to the candidates’ campaigns said the delegates would be distributed proportionately.

“While we regret the error in the memo, it does not change what was voted on by the committee,” Anuzis said. “This is much to do about nothing.”


ABC News: Michigan GOP Changes Delegate Rules, Gives Primary Edge to Romney:

The Michigan Republican Party voted to break a delegate tie Wednesday night, awarding 16 delegates to Mitt Romney and 14 to Rick Santorum.

The decision, which broke a 15-15 tie that would have resulted under the pre-primary interpretation of the rules, caused disbelief at Rick Santorum’s campaign. A spokesman rejected the decision.

Even Romney supporters in the Michigan GOP said the decision was unfair to Santorum.

“I have this crazy idea that you follow the rules,” said former Attorney General Mike Cox said after a 4-2 vote by a Michigan GOP credentialing committee, according to the AP. “I’d love to give the at-large delegates to Mitt Romney, but our rules provide for strict apportionment.”

Hat tip: Charles B.

4 thoughts on “Huh? Michigan Republicans Change The Rules of Delegate Allocation To Give Romney The Win: 16 – 14

  1. I remember they said the night of the election that 2 of the electoral votes would eventually be allocated to the person who won the popular vote to give the actual win some weight.


  2. Makes me wonder just how deep the ‘fix’ runs… all the way to giving the nomination to Romney or all the way to giving the election to Obama?


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  4. Well, Michigan isn’t all that far from Illinois, ya see, and the state has been known to house a bit of corruption here and there.

    But bottom line is, the RNC is now fully married in spirit to the DNC in that both of them (out of the public eye, of course) say that rules are for schmucks.

    Congratulations, Michigan, pretty soon you’ll be able to teach those dumb Illinois flatlanders a thing or two about how to work the system and pretend to be surprised when BS is called.


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