Saturday Movie Matinee: Remembering Breitbart

Fox News breaks Andrew Breitbart passing:

Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom breaks new that Andrew Breitbart has passed. Moving comments from Jonah Goldberg, Monica Crowley, and Tucker Carlson. With Martha MacCallum on Fox News Channel.

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: My Friend Andrew Breitbart:


Bill Whittle tells you some personal stories about his friend Andrew Breitbart, and why Breitbart deserves a place in American Valhalla. More important, Bill discusses the lessons everyone can learn from the life and work of this groundbreaking journalist and internet visionary.

Rep. McCotter on the House Floor: Mourning the Loss of Andrew Breitbart:

“There was no stopping Andrew Breitbart from fighting the good fight with every fiber of his soul. Good bye and God bless, Brother Andrew. You are loved and mourned and ever remembered.”

Via Breitbart TV: Actor, Friend Adam Baldwin Remembers ‘Merry Prankster’ Breitbart:

Steven Crowder: Remembering Breitbart:

Zo’s Thoughts on Breitbart:

Cynthia Yockey Video Tribute:

Conservative blogger Cynthia Yockey, of A Conservative Lesbian blog, gives a tribute to Andrew Breitbart, who died on March 1, 2012, of a heart attack at the age of 43. She explains why Andrew Breitbart was a better friend to the gay community than Barack Obama has been or ever will be. She first made this point in an op-ed published in The Advocate in October 2011, “Equality Will Come from the Right: Why Andrew Breitbart is a better friend to gays than Barack Obama.”

Via Breitbart TV: Rush Limbaugh remembers Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012):

Breitbart Video Tribute:

RIP Andrew Breitbart (1969 – 2012): Soldier of America:

Via Barnhardt: More Music for Bleak Days

Mozart, Requiem Mass in D Minor:


IN MEMORIAM, ANDREW BREITBART: PJTV Remembers a True Patriot and Friend

Dennis Miller Dedicates Thursday Show To ‘Fearless’ Breitbart

Remembering Breitbart: Larry O’Connor Show With John Nolte


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