“Teachable Moment”: Bill Maher – Obama’s Million Dollar Man (Video)

ShePac released this outstanding mash-up featuring Bill Maher saying vile things about Republican women (mostly Palin.) while Obama looks the other way. You see, it’s only a “teaching moment” for the whole country when a Republican says something nasty.

Exposing left-wing hypocrisy has never been so much fun.

via The Right Scoop


Sweetness and Light: David Axelrod To Appear On Bill Maher Show

The Right Scoop: Palin slams Bill Maher: Wouldn’t demean herself by talking to petty, small-minded man

John Hayward, Human Events: Liberals are losing the Fluke battle


Rush rejects advertiser begging to come back

Hat tip: Brian B.

Linked by White House Dossier, thanks!


6 thoughts on ““Teachable Moment”: Bill Maher – Obama’s Million Dollar Man (Video)

  1. “Critical Race Theory”: The KKK dressed up in academic respectability to chump everyone dumb enough to take on the guilt of their forefathers, or dumb enough to be led like a bull with a ring in its nose to what the promoters insist is Nirvana but in fact is the dark hole of stupidity.


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  3. What Rush said about Fluke was MILD by any comparison to what those on the left ROUTINELY say about conservatives.

    And there will never be any improvement in the quality of our public discourse as long as the left can ignore the standards of speech they daily demand from the right.

    Note too that the White House press conference on Tuesday a Reporter attempted to ask about Bill Maher and Obama ignored him completely.


  4. I think he tried to get a question in about left-wing rhetoric – but without mentioning any names. Every reporter in that room should have had Maher on their minds, though. He should have been mentioned specifically.


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