*Groan* Late-Comers Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, and Gloria Allred Seek To Hush Rush

In an opinion piece at CNN, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan are arguing that Rush Limbaugh should be taken off the air… for the unpardonable sin of saying bad words about a left-wing female:

Limbaugh doesn’t just call people names. He promotes language that deliberately dehumanizes his targets. Like the sophisticated propagandist Josef Goebbels, he creates rhetorical frames — and the bigger the lie the more effective — inciting listeners to view people they disagree with as sub-humans. His longtime favorite term for women, “femi-nazi,” doesn’t even raise eyebrows anymore, an example of how rhetoric spreads when unchallenged by coarsened cultural norms.

At least this most recent incident has turned a spotlight back on the vile, damaging statements Limbaugh has been promulgating for years. His sponsors are dropping him; his stations have begun to follow suit. VoteVets, a coalition of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, released a statement by female vets, including Katherine Scheirman, former chief of medical operations in the U.S. Air Forces, demanding that the American Forces Network drop Limbaugh from its programming.

They state, “Our entire military depends on troops respecting each other — women and men. There simply can be no place on military airwaves for sentiments that would undermine that respect.”

That makes this a fitting time to inquire of his syndicator, Clear Channel Communications, whether it intends to continue supporting someone who addicts his audience to regular doses of hate speech. Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks Inc., which hosts Limbaugh’s program, has defended his recent comments.

If Clear Channel won’t clean up its airways, then surely it’s time for the public to ask the FCC a basic question: Are the stations carrying Limbaugh’s show in fact using their licenses “in the public interest?”

Spectrum is a scarce government resource. Radio broadcasters are obligated to act in the public interest and serve their respective communities of license. In keeping with this obligation, individual radio listeners may complain to the FCC that Limbaugh’s radio station (and those syndicating his show) are not acting in the public interest or serving their respective communities of license by permitting such dehumanizing speech.

I love how they object to being called “feminazis” while in the process of trying to drum someone off the air because he engages in speech they don’t like…

Psssst….Hey ladies! Got somethin’ to show ya:

Because of the left’s blatant double standard and rank hypocrisy, many of the slings and arrows meant for Rush have riccocheted back and hit them in the butt….

Witness Hanoi Jane, who as Gateway Pundit notes, gave one of her most talked about interviews ever with noted misogynist Bill Maher.

Doesn’t that just make her look like a hypocritical and foolish old hack? Yes, I believe it does.

And then there’s that waaambulance chaser,  Gloria Allred targeting Rush Limbaugh in her latest publicity-seeking campaign…

Allred, whose clientele seems to only include women famous for sensational sexual situations, wants to prosecute Limbaugh for asking his audience what one would call a woman who seeks money for sex: “you’d call that a slut, right?”

She wants to prosecute Limbaugh because what he said was so shocking and hurtful and inflammatory – etc.

It should be noted that Gloria Allred had no problem appearing on MSNBC with the left’s premiere misogynist, Keith Olbermann even though he constantly says offensive things about conservative woman – especially his violent verbal attack on Michelle Malkinwho he described as a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.”

The flaming hypocrisy  – it burns…. it burns so bad even some liberals are objecting.

It’s for that reason, the left is losing this propaganda war.


Dr. Christopher Flappitydo, from the Institute for Diversity & Tolerance & Multiculturalism & Compassion & Inclusiveness joins the NAGs feminazis harpies outspoken feminists in their quest to thwart ugly, mean, dehumanizing speech: Right-Wing Bastards Need to Be Silenced for Hate Speech:

A recent spate of offensive hate speech spewed forth by right wing-pontificators has led to a never-ending litany of over-the-top racist, sexist, homophobic language. And it is high-time that moderate progressives do something about it.

The Koch brother-funded tea party terrorists behind the latest reactionary veer towards incivility have jettisoned the “new tone,” as decreed after Sarah Palin caused the tragic Gabby Giffords shooting.

We are fast approaching the situation when right-wing violence could explode at any time, all because a few conservative pundits have gone on a media shooting spree at our brave progressives fighting for the public good.

Here is what happened, for those who missed out on our “Rush to Silence” campaign:

  • The president suffered a painful “vetting” of his past, including facing uncomfortable questions about his college background and his association with so-called “radicals.”
  • A courageous young woman was subjected to a media witch hunt and was rhetorically set on fire – all for bringing to our attention the dire need for America’s youth to have access to free condoms.
  • Rush Limbaugh heatedly denied our allegations that he has a gay lover, which we found bigoted against homosexuals.

Keep reading. Dr. Flappitydo is just getting warmed up.


Newsbusters: Charles Krauthammer Schools Nina Totenberg on Romney Not Denouncing Limbaugh

The ricochet effect gets Totenberg – ZING! – right in the face:

NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: You have to take a risk when you are running for president, and the risk that he did not take this week that he should have taken was to say something less than complimentary about Rush Limbaugh. It was a perfect opportunity for what is called in the political profession a Sister Souljah moment, to say that “I don’t always play it safe, I have real values, you went over the line.” And to make the optics worse, Bain Capital owns Clear Channel, which is the Rush network so to speak. Not that, he’s no longer an active partner of Bain, but the optics of it aren’t great.

Yes indeed – gosh – those optics! *Sigh*

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I’m sure that’s a liberal’s dream, but when the President of the United States apologizes for what Bill Maher has said about women and receives a million dollars of his for…

TOTENBERG: I didn’t say he should apologize.

But he absolutely should say something “less than complimentary” because – because –ah – ummm –

KRAUTHAMMER: …for his, or even acknowledge or talk about it, when Obama speaks about Maher’s misogyny as he takes a million dollars for his campaign, then I’d expect Romney to denounce somebody else. But the hypocrisy on the left about this is just…


KRAUTHAMMER: About Rush Limbaugh as if he’s the spokesman of the Republican Party, and as if misogyny is exclusively the province of conservatives and Republicans. It is out there all the time with Maher, with Chris Matthews, and with this guy is it CK Louis, or Louis CK who’s going to be the emcee at the Congressional Correspondents’ dinner? And so when I hear a denunciation on the left I’ll expect one on the right

Video at link.

It keeps happening –  those inconvenient facts keep coming out, making feminists look like the hypocritical tools they are.

Turns out the optics “about this” are not exactly what the Institutional left were bargaining for.

6 thoughts on “*Groan* Late-Comers Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, and Gloria Allred Seek To Hush Rush

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  2. “The Koch brother-funded tea party terrorists behind the latest reactionary veer towards incivility have jettisoned the “new tone,” as decreed after Sarah Palin caused the tragic Gabby Giffords shooting.”

    That unchallenged statement alone is enough to put the guy in the farthest reaches of the loony bin.

    And violence promoted by the right? Funny, but to my way of thinking, I guestimate about eight-to-ten statements promoting violence from the leftists to every one example of name-calling (not necessarily promoting violence) from the right.


  3. Looking back at the “Rush incident” a week later, it seems much more likely that Maher will lose his job than Limbaugh.

    Poetic justice if ever there was any.

    And I’m not familiar in the least with “Dr. Christopher Flappitydo. It sounded so much like what we were subjected to, in all seriousness, for a month last year from the president to all his toady minions in his party and the media.


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