Video: Derrick Bell Explains The Underlying, Racialist Assumption Behind Marxist Critical Race Theory

A new video unearthed by Morgan at Verum Serum offers another glimpse into the mind of Professor Derrick Bell, one of the founders of Critical Race Theory.

According to  Bell, one of the components of the capitalist system, is to have “a group identifiable who are deemed on the bottom, even when they rise up – they’re still on the bottom.”

“With that system which we’ve been practicing for 300 years,  or more, even the lowliest, no account, unimpressive white man or woman can feel that that somehow – I’m (they’re) superior.” (Note how he uses the first person to describe how a white person thinks – because he knows us so well.)

Tragically for him and his students, Professor Bell was emotionally, and intellectually frozen in  time – – as if the whites of today (the clip is from 2007) are the same as the racists from a time long past.  I am no better than To Kill a Mockingbird’s Mayella Ewell, and for that  reason, our entire economic system needs to be destroyed and replaced with something more equitable, and  fair…

That is why Obama’s kinship with this tragic man is important.

Ben Shapiro further explores the implications at Big Government:

So here’s what we’re left with, in simple terms. Racism cannot be ended within the current system; the current system is actually both a byproduct of and a continuing excuse for racism. Minority opinions on the system are more relevant than white opinions, since whites have long enjoyed control of the system, and have an interest in maintaining it.

This is a deeply disturbing theory. It is damaging both to race relations and to the legal and Constitutional order. As Jeffrey Pyle rightly sums up in the Boston College Law Review:

Critical race theorists attack the very foundations of the [classical] liberal legal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism and neutral principles of constitutional law. These liberal values, they allege, have no enduring basis in principles, but are mere social constructs calculated to legitimate white supremacy. The rule of law, according to critical race theorists, is a false promise of principled government, and they have lost patience with false promises.

We can see the clear footprint of CRT all over the Obama Administration. President Obama obviously believes that the system is unjust, upholding racism and requiring “community organizing” to change it in earth-shaking ways. He appoints Supreme Court judges on the basis of race and gender; his Attorney General refuses to enforce the law equally, because to do so would be to enhance racism. When President Obama said he wanted fundamental change, he meant it at the deepest level.

His poisonous views were not only accepted by our current President, they are helping to guide his policies.

His administration has been an ode to CRT. He appointed Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court; she had no judicial background, and no record to speak of. But we do know one thing about her: she helped Derrick Bell usher a seminal CRT piece into the Harvard Law Review in 1985. As Bell stated, “Several editors worked with me on the piece but Elena Kagan was the articles editor … There was real dedication and support by Elena.” President Obama also appointed Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court; this was the same woman who suggested that she had a special perspective on the Constitution because she was a “wise Latina.” And then there’s Eric Holder, the Attorney General, who said we were a “nation of cowards” on race, and who has used the Department of Justice to target racial groups unequally (see, for example, the famed New Black Panther case).

The CRT theme runs deep in the Obama psyche. And it continues to impact us each and every day. That’s why Derrick Bell is relevant. And that’s why we will continue to vet the president – and a media that covers for him by pretending that CRT is mainstream rather than extremist and destructive.

Ex Con sees CRT as another attack on our founders and our citizenry, which it most certainly is:

A rank manipulation designed not to end racism (what little still exists) but to cause racism and division among the American populace. By propounding and endorsing this false doctrine our supposed “post-racial” President demonstrates his own racism as well as his belief in Marxism as well as his inclusion as a Cultural Marxist, one of the people bent on the destruction of our national morals and collapse of our culture and society from within.

When one pulls back a bit, one sees this “theory” as an extension of Critical Theory, the motivating idea behind the Frankfurt School and it’s “stars” Horkheimer and Adorno who first based their cultural manipulations on Karx Marx’s dialectical materialism and historical materialism as well as the dialectical idealism of Hegel. In short, the formers of the concept of Cultural Marxism and methodologies to impose that concept on the American public.

In plain language, another way to control the national dialog, shape it to their agenda, create false beliefs the bolster entitlement addiction, foster racism and the flip side of the race card, white guilt, all of which is designed to control the majority of Americans of all races and exert this control to collapse our Republic.

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Legal Insurrection: The Derrick Bell thing has them worried

It should.

The American people know how to use Google. They don’t have to take Soledad O’Brien’s word for who Derrick Bell was.

 According to Rasmussen, 59% of the American people believe Obama has more liberal views than they do, but 37% think that they are closer in their  views with Obama than with Republicans. That number should be no higher than 11%.

We still have work to do.


Thomas Lifson, The American Thinker: Stunning study on anti-white racism in America


5 thoughts on “Video: Derrick Bell Explains The Underlying, Racialist Assumption Behind Marxist Critical Race Theory

  1. One of the great moments of U of Oregon history was when Bell tendered his resignation to move to Hawvud.

    Unfortunately, his venomous racism didn’t go with him, so the U of O is still churning out lawyers whose sole purpose in life is to make life miserable for any white, especially male white, that has the temerity to actively disagree with the prevalent political correctness in this former timber town.

    Former, because a whole generation of lawyers here were taught to destroy the industry through lawsuits (paid for by tax dollars) in an effort to prove to all mankind that mankind is an unwanted interloper in the scheme of Gaiea (or however one spells the mother dog’s name) instead of teaching us how to use our resources wisely.

    In other words, they filed frivolous lawsuits by the dozens just to ensure everyone was aware of the power they wanted to have over our lives.

    Thanks for the legacy, ya freakin’, power-hungry tool.


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