Saturday Movie Matinee: St. Patty’s Day Edition

Via Gateway Pundit: Cee Lo Green Sings F*ck You Song and Flips off Obama Donors:

I wonder if the first daughters were at their dad’s fund-raiser….


Via AoSHQ: Media, Democrats (But I Repeat Myself) Lashed Bush for High Gas Prices, But Move Into CYA Mode for Obama:

This is just so galling…


Also via AoSHQ, Lauraw found this one: The Emperor Has No Clothes, Pt. 6,793:

Someone is noticing that Cap’n Wunnerful is a giant phony d-bag. Or that his writers are not really working all that hard.

Obama has never been able to fake sincerity convincingly.

I’d call him a b.s. artist, but that would be an insult to b.s. artists. All it takes is a few working brain cells to spot Obama’s phony  b.s. — which of course explains why  ObamaZombies remain in thralled.

Economic Freedom in Joplin, Missouri:

Kruiser Control, PJTV: The Liberal War on Women, Minority Sinuses and Reality:

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse: Newt Gingrich Runs Ad Showing President Obama Bowing to Saudi King – Video:

Republicans – whoever is the nominee – need to run ads showing this from now to Election Day, November 6.

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News: Obama will O-stomp on anyone living or dead if he’ll get a laugh out of it, and eight people who’ll end up on his side on November 6th.

Riverdance Finale with Michael Flatley and Jean Butler (1995):

See also:

MRCTV: Founding Fathers:



7 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: St. Patty’s Day Edition

  1. OT- Say Deb, since we’re old pals and since you also run a blog, I’m stopping by to ask if you’ve had any complaints from visitors about being able to comment?


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  4. Can’t imagine that any of this hasn’t been seen or heard many times by his precious little ones. I mean, this is the class exuded with fervor by the WH occupants now. Class all the way, and anything to disparage the country and its nation-loving occupants, well, that’s just fine, too. We just have to keep clinging to our guns and Bibles, and maybe someday we’ll see the brilliance of that affirmative action imposter.


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