Video: New Crossroads GPS Ad Slams Obama For Failed Energy Policies

Via Newsmax, here’s a new Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS)  national TV commercial knocking Obama for his failure to hold down energy prices.

Crossroads GPS, a grass-roots advocacy group that Republican strategist Karl Rove conceived, is rolling out the $650,000 ad buy on national cable and local broadcast network in three markets where the president is pitching his energy plan this week: Albuquerque, N.M.; Columbus, Ohio; and Las Vegas.

“Instead of delivering practical solutions to make energy more affordable, President Obama is pursuing restrictive and naïve policies that are hurting families at the pump and in their utility bills,” said Crossroads GPS President Steven Law. “There are plenty of supply-boosting solutions Obama could adopt immediately, but he remains obsessed with impractical sideshows like algae and Solyndra business schemes.”

The White House feeds the American people disinformation on this issue,  (and most others) on a daily basis, so this ad, pointing out the facts is serving a very good purpose.

See also:

Michelle Malkin: Obama’s algae racket:

Obama’s promotion of algae as a fuel source at a campaign speech in Miami last month caught the nation’s attention. But algae companies have been banking on administration support from Day One. In December 2008, when the White House announced the nomination of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the CEO of Florida-based biofuels startup Algenol, Paul Woods, exulted to Time magazine: “You see this smile on my face? It’s not going away. Everyone is really excited by this.”

The next year, Woods and Algenol — dubbed “Obama’s favorite algae company” by Forbes magazine — racked up $25 million in federal stimulus grants from Chu. Say cheese.

Yet another algae-based biofuels developer, Sapphire Energy, has absorbed $105 million in stimulus funds and loan guarantees even as doubts about the practicality, efficiency and viability of pond-scum fuels multiply. Sapphire’s CEO, Jason Pyle, has donated exclusively to Democratic campaigns, candidates and committees — and his company’s website reads like a satellite White House communications office:

Powerline: The Administration’s Anti-Energy Record: Chapter and Verse

President Obama has undergone something of a deathbed conversion: facing an uphill re-election battle and with gasoline at $4 a gallon, Obama suddenly has proclaimed himself a devotee of Sarah Palin’s energy policy–drill, baby, drill. As always, Obama is counting on ignorance. The American Petroleum Institute shines a light on the administration’s actual policies. To begin with, production is up on private lands, but down on public lands, due to the Obama administration’s efforts to suppress energy production. Think about it: if the Obama administration just remained neutral, production on federal lands presumably would increase at the same rate as production on non-federal lands, prices at the pump would be cheaper, and there would be many thousands more high-paying jobs.

Gateway Pundit: Obama Lashes Out at “Flat-Earth” Republicans For Not Supporting His Decision to Blow $54 Million on a Solar Plant With 5 Full-Time Employees

Barack Obama visited the Copper Mountain Solar 1 plant in Nevada that employs only 5 full-time employees and cost taxpayers $54 million.
Obama calls this a success story.

It’s the Supply and Demand, Stupid
President Obama produced quite a laugh riot in his speech last week at Prince Georges Community College in Largo, Maryland. The handpicked audience clearly loved it. As Newt Gingrich said in his response two days later, “So now we get to the President, who has just been more fun on this topic for the last 2 weeks.” Obama said:

Every time prices start to go up — especially in an election year — politicians dust off their 3-point plans for $2.00 gas. (Laughter) I guess this year they decided, we’re going to make it $2.50. (Laughter) But they tell the same story. They head down to the gas station…and they start acting like we’ve got a magic wand and we’ll give you cheap gas forever if you just elect us. (Laughter). Every time. Been the same script for 30 years. It’s like a bad rerun. (Laughter). Now here’s the thing. Because we’ve seen it all before, we know better. There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to high gas prices. There’s no silver bullet.

Obama explained to the audience supposedly why there is no quick fix, no silver bullet. “America uses more than 20% of the world’s oil. If we drilled every square inch of this country — so we went to your house and we went to the National Mall and we put those rigs up everywhere — we’d still have 2% of the world’s known oil reserves. We’re using 20; we have 2.”

Let me be honest with you, rather than falsely diplomatic. If Obama is not outright lying here, if he doesn’t know how confused and misleading this is, then he is too stupid to be President.

Here’s the problem. “Proven reserves” under the federal government’s definition can only exist where the oil companies are allowed to drill. Where there are no leases, and no permits, and no at least exploratory drilling to prove what is down there, there can be no “proven reserves.”


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