Lord Monckton: “There’s Something Very Desperately Wrong With the Birth Certificate on the White House Website” (Update- Arpaio To Hold Another Presser – 3/31)

Appearing on  The Dennis Miller Show, today,  Lord Christopher Monckton, former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and activist against global warming “alarmism,” took a decisive position on the issue of Obama’s birth certificate.

The Daily Caller has the audio.

“I don’t know whether he is Kenyan or not,” Monckton said. “The point is that if I were you, I would want to make absolutely sure that he was born here before allowing him to be elected. And the birth certificate that he put up on that website, I don’t know where he was born. But I do know that birth certificate isn’t genuine.”

Monckton firmly asserted that the birth certificate on the White House website wasn’t real, and claimed it could be dismantled with software.

“It appears in layers on the screen in such a way you can remove quite separately each of the individual dates,” Monckton said. “You use Adobe Illustrator and each of the individual dates is in its own separate layer. This thing has been fabricated. Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio of Arizona has had a team on this for six months. And he has now gone public and said there’s something very desperately wrong with this and of course nobody is saying anything because the entire electorate has been fooled.”

“I’m no birther, don’t get me wrong,” Monckton said. “I haven’t a clue where Obama was born and I wouldn’t want to entreat into the private grief behind investigating. But the point is, is what he has done on the White House website is he has put up a document which he is plainly a forgery and I would regard that as a very serious matter.”

Why the hell are more people not talking about this? Are we really that intimidated by Obama’s Praetorian Guard – aka the Democrat media complex?

Joe Arpaio also appeared on Michael Berry Show, to talk about the forgery and other possible criminal violations.

Arpaio has been calling the media silence in the wake of his press conference March 1, the biggest media black-out in the history of the United States.

Arpaio said, “I hate to joke, but when I go to the toilet, I make national news.”

Yesterday, Arpaio asked the Director of the US Selective Service for help in his investigation of Obama’s selective service card.

The sheriff has asked Director Lawrence Romo to produce the original form so forensic document examiners can analyze the document.

The sheriff also asked the director to respond to him within 30 days on whether or not his office will provide the sheriff with the original document and if his office will move forward with an investigation of its own.

Lawrence Romo was appointed Director to the U.S. Selective Service System in 2009 by President Obama.

“While my office will continue pursuing this investigation, I have spoken of the need to enlist the aid of other agencies. As a first step to that end, I am now requesting the assistance of the U.S. Selective Service System asking them to conduct a concurrent investigation to verify the authenticity of this document,” Arpaio said in a Wednesday news release.

See also:
The Western Center for Journalism,   Roger Hedgecock had Arpaio on his show: Sheriff Joe: Obama Investigation Could Lead To Ballot Denial For Obama.
Sonoran News reports that Arpaio will be holding another press conference on 3/31:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (l) and Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo will hold a press conference on Saturday, March 31, at 1 p.m. at the Church on the Green to present their findings and updates regarding Obama’s fraudulent Selective Service System registration form and Certificate of Live Birth.

SURPRISE – While the media blackout continues over the largest story in American history, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is stunned, but undaunted, and said his Cold Case Posse will continue to pursue its investigation into President Barack Obama’s fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth as well as his Selective Service registration, both of which it has deemed forgeries.

Although the March 1 press conference presenting the Cold Case Posse’s preliminary findings was somewhat well-attended, the mainstream media made it abundantly clear they were more interested in whether the investigation was politically motivated than in the evidence presented.


15 thoughts on “Lord Monckton: “There’s Something Very Desperately Wrong With the Birth Certificate on the White House Website” (Update- Arpaio To Hold Another Presser – 3/31)

  1. Thanks Deb, It’s nice to sit back and blame all this on a corrupt media but let’s face it most of the big name bloggers have ignored this story as well. I don’t have to name names well all know who they are and let’s give credit to House Republicans too. We know full well if Rep. Issa subpoenaed the microfilm reel containing Obama’s birth certificate the state of Hawaii would comply. No one wants to believe we are in a constitutional crisis.


  2. Why should the State of Hawaii comply, Hoosierman? They’re the ones who promised to hold Obama’s backside.

    This is stuff that should have come out four years ago. Where’s the outrage over that?

    Personally, I would like this birther thing to be proven one way or the other, but as a citizen I am outraged that the media thought so little of our country that it swept it under the rug. I have to wonder if that was because of Chicago-style political threats? That makes more sense than every one of the outlets just falling in line for a communist.


  3. I actually think it’s everyone falling in line for the communist/fellow traveler.
    Why do people go to journalism school? Not because they want to report the news. These days it’s to have an effect on the world. And J schools are hot-beds of Marxism.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of peer pressure and uncertainty, as well. Hell, I don’t pretend to know what the deal is. All I Know is something is just not right. Even if that thing that was posted online, last April, checked out, there was something deeply wrong about how the whole thing was handled. None of it made sense.

    Plus there’s the fact that he’s kept sealed so many of his personal records – then there’s his passport breech – stories he’s told about his early life that don’t check out.

    But no one is supposed to look at he sum total of it all and say, what the hell? If you do, you’re branded a birther, even by people on our own side.

    Well, I get emails, and/or comments on this blog just about every day on the eligibility issue, my #1 Google search term leads to the Kapiolani hospital post I did shortly after Obama posted his birth certificate forgery online.
    All of these people are not crazy. Sometimes a conspiracy really is a conspiracy.


  4. I don’t think Obama’s birth certificate is real but, too much emphasis is placed on the ‘layers’ found in the posted image. When a document is scanned into photoshop or imported into photoshop it will generally be in a TFF or JPG format both of which are flat (a single layer). Photoshop can then be used to convert the document into any number of different formats. When converted to PDF or PSD (the Photoshop standard) the document is converted and layers are created. Each layer will contain graphic and/or text elements. It is a convenient feature as it allows text to be selected and modified. During the conversion the alignment of the graphic and text elements can and often does shift slightly. The shift is not always visible without close inspection.
    The fact that the on-line document has layers and miss alignments does not definitively imply a forgery. It could be a forgery. More telling are the unexplained numbering on the document, typeface and font size irregularities, questionable signatures and other factual representations that are suspect – particularly the lack of a seal.
    The most telling factor suggesting forgery has been the reluctance of ‘the most transparent president ever’ to provide anything regarding his past. I recall ‘the one’ saying to effect that only people with something to hide expend effort to conceal their past. The schmuck doesn’t always lie.


  5. I recall ‘the one’ saying to effect that only people with something to hide expend effort to conceal their past.
    The “Birther Report” begins all of its videos with that clip.

    I’ve heard both sides of the layered argument, and was initially satisfied with the explanation you offered. Since then, though, document expert after document expert – people with no political axes to grind, with years of experience in the field, have looked at the thing, and said the damn thing’s a forgery. It’s possible they’ve all been fooled, but I have to defer to what the experts say. And too many of them have said, “forgery,” for me to dismiss the possibility.


  6. I agree and believe it is a forgery. The layers issue just isn’t as damning as suggested (by the fact that it seems to lead many such articles). I know I am nitpicking but if the first argument can be easily refuted there is a greater possibility that the whole argument will be dismissed before getting to the real issues suggesting forgery.
    That is my 2-cents worth – I need try to find where I left my axe, now.


  7. And when the time comes, God willing and the Pretender-in-Chief doesn’t win re-election, what are the R’s going to do about it? There’s not one, no, not one, that I can see that will stand up and run this to its logical conclusion, that being the prosecution of this fraud and setting in place protections that will prevent it from ever happening again.

    I fear we’ve already lost our country because of crap like this. No one has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and do what’s right for the country, or what’s right to begin with. Our so-called “leaders” are so much more concerned for their own re-elections and what’s “right” for their party that it has left our country in its death throes.

    That’s too bad. It was still a great country when I was growing up. Doesn’t take long to die, does it?


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