KC ‘Stand Up For Religious Freedom’ Rally – 3/23/2012

Today  is the dreaded  second anniversary of the passage of the Obamacare Hydra, and at 12:00 noon in over 130 cities across the nation, crowds of concerned citizens rallied  to Stand Up For Religious Freedom and Stop the HHS Mandate”.

I went to the rally in at the U.S. District Courthouse at 500 State ave in KC,  where a crowd of about 200 people were assembled.

They started off the rally with a rosary:

The crowd showed its love for America:

This gentleman from Life Front, gave a rousing speech, quoting Patrick Henry:

“237 years ago today – March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry spoke these words”:

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

After the rally, an organizer thanked the assembled cops for putting up with us.

If you were unable to go to one of today’s rally’s, there’s still next Tuesday’s AFP “Hand’s off my Healthcare rallies in Washington DC, and Jefferson City, MO.



LifeNews: Thousands of Pro-Life Advocates Rally for Religious Freedom

Thousands of pro-life Americans took to nearly 200 local rallies in cities and towns across the country to stand up for religious freedom and against the Obama mandate that requires employers to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions.

The rally in Washington, D.C. was so large organizers had problems getting the entire crowd in one picture.

The Daily Caller: Rep. Walsh on Obamacare: ‘We have to be prepared to go to jail’:

Republican Rep. Joe Walsh told supporters that they have to be prepared to go to prison in order to protect the freedoms and liberties they now enjoy.

Walsh’s five-minute speech, delivered at a rally for religious liberty at Federal Plaza in Chicago, evoked a Braveheart-like response as the crowd chanted, “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” upon its completion.

“We have to be prepared to go to jail. Are we prepared?” Walsh asked rhetorically.

The crowd responded with a boisterous, “Yes!”

Nearly a thousand people braved a steady rain in the Windy City to attend the rally.
How the President commemorated the 2nd year anniversary of his monstrosity, via Twitchy:

Occupoopers of the World Unite For the ‘Spring Offensive’.

With the coming of Spring,  occupiers have ventured out of their parent’s basements, back into our public parks, where they are once again pitching tents, and daring the police to do something about it.

In Oakland,  SFGate reports that about a dozen people in six tents spent Wednesday night in Mosswood Park, and were  still there on Thursday.

“This is the start of the spring offensive,” said Melvin Kelley, a member of the group’s Tactical Action Committee. “This is our new encampment until May 1, when we retake” Frank Ogawa Plaza, which the group occupied last year.
They’re offensive, all right.

The group tried to settle at Snow Park at 19th and Harrison streets on Tuesday, but a continual police presence cleared them from the area, Kelley said.

In an attempt to confuse police, the group publicized false locations for a new encampment on Twitter until the true whereabouts were announced early Thursday.

Oakland officials and police have said since clearing Occupy’s large encampment outside City Hall in November that they won’t allow any more tent cities. Police did not respond Thursday to a request for comment about the Mosswood Park camp.

Shake Anderson, one of several Occupy activists to come to Mosswood after news spread through social media, said it could become an epicenter for the movement.

#Occupy Miami protesters are lucky. They don’t have to squat in the park. Their headquarters is a rundown apartment building run by a Colombian slumlord who invited them to stay for free, making life hell for his paying tenants.

For three years, this has been Charane Odho’s neighborhood. It’s poor and imperfect, the 37-year-old grandma with pale skin, dark tattoos, and raven hair admits — but it’s home nonetheless. Suddenly, however, it’s occupied.

“It’s like we live in a huge crack house now!” Odho says. She points a long manicured fingernail at brown smears on her apartment complex’s yellow paint. “They poop on the walls,” she says, stifling a gag as she steps over stinking piles on the pavement. “They poop in the back of the building and wipe themselves with socks… Who are these people? We don’t know who the hell they are.”

Welcome to phase two of Occupy Miami. Protesters call it “Peace City.” Locals call it a living hell.

They arrived the last day of January: young and old; black, white, and brown; clean-cut professionals and grimy gutter punks. Their tents and lean-tos once clogged a lawn outside county hall like a South American favela. Now they have overtaken Odho’s Overtown apartment building, ripping off doors, tagging the building with black and red graffiti, and hanging posters from the railings. Yet there is little the cops, let alone Odho, can do. The squatters didn’t invade. They were invited.

After the police shut down their tent city on January 31, the Overtown apartment building’s  landlord, a gentleman who calls himself, “Senior Paz” — “Mr. Peace” invited them to squat in his building.

For the occupiers, it was a miracle: a haven from the police and a place to plan their campaign against corruption and fat-cat corporations. Paz was their savior.

But for the building’s rent-paying tenants, Paz has unleashed a nightmare in Overtown.The squatters blast loud music late at night, openly use drugs, and regularly wage drunken fights with one another. And though Paz claims he is trying to save the neighborhood from crime, tenants say he is to blame for the violence and narcotics. Some residents have begun to fight back against their unwanted neighbors. Tensions are boiling.

Across the nation, the Occupy movement is reeling from evictions and arrests. But the Overtown encampment is a one-of-a-kind experiment. It could either save or scupper Miami’s own uprising. Some protesters say it has given them a black eye and have tried to distance the movement from Peace City. Others insist it’s the strategic headquarters they need to wage a war on inequality this summer — if city officials don’t condemn the collapsing structure first. And at the center of the controversy looms the mysterious Mr. Peace.

“He’s on drugs,” Odho says of Paz.“He’s high out of his mind.He’s letting them totally destroy our building. Pretty soon, nobody is going to be able to live here.”

Paz, though, says Peace City will change the world. “This is our Zion, our Jerusalem,” he says. “It is the place of the righteous.”

On Wednesday, NYC police released a surveillance video taken March 14, showing Occupy Wall Street demonstrators dragging large containers of human urine and feces to the open-air plaza in downtown Manhattan and pouring it down the stairs.

A few minutes later on the same evening, one of the demonstrators poured human waste inside a vestibule of a Chase bank cash machine, also in the city’s financial district, police said.

Using information from a witness and a license plate number, police said they have charged Jordan Amos, 25, of Philadelphia, with unlawful possession of noxious matter.

As we law abiding citizens watch the increasingly defiant and radical behavior of this grotesque “occupooper” movement as it enters its “trouble phase”, it’s important to remember who endorsed these “takers”, and why.

The occupy movement are basically Obamanistas whose only problem with their Messiah is, he’s not as far enough left as they would like him to be. They’re people who:

think that working people owe sluggards a living without regard for circumstances, believe that an abortion (partial birth or otherwise) is just a harmless procedure that women can use if they accidentally get pregnant, have no problem with same-sex marriage or transgender “equality” under our laws, are convinced that Israel is the problem in the Middle East, blame the U.S. for most of the world’s problems, and know deep down in their hearts that Barack Hussein Obama is the savior of mankind.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Obamanistas in the U.S.-maybe enough of them to win the president a second term in office.

As James Lewis of The American Thinker explained, last December:

For the 2012 election the President of the United States has called out the mobs. Really. The Soros funding links, the ruckus rehearsals by left-of-left Ruckus Society, the “spontaneous” organized mobs, and now, for your delectation, folks, it’s the Poopie Kids Occupying your streets!

Yes, the spoiled ne’er-do-wells of cities all over the country have made their lasting mark on history. It’s a scent mark, like dogs peeing on a tree. This is their little gift to a Great Society. The responsible adults of the Tea Party pick up their own litter, but the Poop Party has a different political philosophy.

Poopsters of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your bowel control! It’s Marxism for infantile adults.

Now get this mental snapshot: The black and Hispanic sanitation workers of NYC are literally picking up the human feces dumped on Wall Street by hordes of white, “idealistic,” spoiled-rotten, dope-injecting, unemployable, hostile-dependent delinquents.

Those sanitation workers sweeping up the excrement should be the defining image for the Stinky Mobs. This is the image of the Obama years you’ll want to keep in mind for next November. Blacks and Hispanics cleaning the leavings of rich white kids who can’t even utter a single coherent sentence. They just revert to the language of chimps, who also throw feces to annoy each other.

Here’s some video I took at the Occupy CPAC demonstration in Washington DC, February 9 accentuating that point.

Here’s an election year reminder:  The #OWS Hall Of Shame: Democrats Who Support/Supported The Occupy Wall Street Movement.

And here’s a musical reminder of who these infantile feces flingers are, from Wisconsin singer/songwriter (of Union Man fame), Glen Shulfer:
I Don’t (AKA The Occupier) © 2012 Glen ShulferWell, I don’t have to pay for my food and rent
cause I get everything from the government.
No I don’t. Honey, I don’t. Don’t you know, no, no, no I don’t.
All I want is to get my share from every stingy millionaire. Cause baby I don’t.I just sit on my duff getting fat and high,
cause I don’t give a damn unless I occupy.
No I don’t. Honey, I don’t. Don’t you know, no, no, no I don’t.
All I want is to get my share from every stingy millionaire. Cause baby I don’t.You’re telling me not to overspend,
you’re thinking I’m going to comprehend, but I don’t. Honey I don’t.
Mama tells me not to be a slob,
she takes my hand, tells me: Get a job! But I don’t. Mama I wont!

Well, I got so much debt that I must admit,
that I ain’t gonna pay even a little bit.
No I won’t. Honey I won’t. Don’t you know, yeah, yeah, I won’t.
Shame on you! We’re gonna recall you too.
All I want is to get my share from every stingy millionaire. Cause baby I don’t.