Fast and Furious: Next Up on the Congressional Oversight Hot-Seat, White House Aide, Kevin O’Reilly (Video)

Ed Henry reporting for Fox News:

Two top Republican lawmakers investigating the Fast and Furious controversy are demanding the White House make a former aide available for testimony to see whether the scandal reached the upper echelons of the administration, according to a letter obtained by Fox News.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, fired off the letter Wednesday urging the White House to make available Kevin O’Reilly, a former National Security Council staffer who is currently stationed in Iraq for the State Department.

 The lawmakers are giving White House staffers the deadline of April 4 to respond, with Republican aides privately saying the back-and-forth could provoke a showdown over executive privilege if the administration tries to shield O’Reilly from talking to investigators.

Senator Chuck Grassley today joined Jon Scott on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the letter he and Congressman Darrell Issa sent to the White House.

Did you catch this at 3:22?:

Grassley: But that raises an important question for the congressional oversight that I’m involved in – we need to know what the White House knew about Fast and Furious, and there may be some evidence that we can get from Kevin O’Reilly on that matter, and is anyone in the White House implicated in the Fast and Furious operation? – Right now we can only take (it) to the highest levels of the Justice Department.


It sounds like they’re satisfied with what they have on Holder, and are now focusing on the Prez.

Who is Kevin O’Reilly? I’m glad you asked…

Last Fall, Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars called O’Reilly a  “political Rasputin” who just happened to be emailing “Gunwalker Bill” Newell:

Typical, and reinforced by other accounts except on one major point, is this from a source with long government experience:

O’Reilly is a very left-wing operator. Has wide and long contacts with the “CHANGE” gang, Axelrod and Emanuel. . . (He is) a “One World” true believer, who has in the past three years, become close to U.S. Amb. to U.N. Susan Rice. This gives him an entree to the scab-suckers @ U.N.

The fact that he is in the N.S.C. is very troubling. The fact that he has so much juice … is dangerous !

He has John Donilan’s ear… which makes him the political Rasputin who gets to whisper the last thing into The N.S.C. Advisor’s ear before he talks to POTUS. He has some long-standing relations with Fmr. CIA’s John Brennan (Now Counter-terrorism Guru @ N.S.C.) but can’t pin it down to a time and place. May have been during the
election run-up in 2008.

He was a player in forcing Adm. Dennis Blair to resign as Director of National Intelligence, I am told. He made a reputation for himself as a very crafty … and clever. A staffer up on the Hill, who has a lot of Juice with left wing crowd.

(MBV Note: Probably refers to O’Reilly’s time as a Pearson Fellow in the office of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.)

My sources tell me that he was the “MOLE” inside the N.S.C. who pulled the rug out from under the best National Security Advisor we’ve had in a long, long time; Gen. Jim Jones, USMC (Ret). He under-mined the General and was rumored to being the leak
at the White House on some very key matters, such as Troop “Surge” in Afghanistan, the McChrystal mess and the embrace of the Obama-labeled “Arab Spring” bullshit. .


Late Friday WH Fast and Furious Document Drop Shows Extensive Communications Between Phoenix ATF Office and WH

ATF Phoenix Manager shared Fast and Furious Info with White House (With Videos)

The Latest On Gunwalker: Remember the name, Dan Restrepo


Anthony Martin, The Examiner: Gunwalker’s Kevin O’Reilly–the man who knows too much?


Issa was also on Fox, today: White House Ordered Kevin O’Rielly Not To Speak To Oversight about Fast & Furious:

He said investigators want to know who knew about this operation on the political end, but the White House has ordered O’Reilly not to Oversight…

Eric Schultz, the White House Spokesman who was hired to provide disinformation to the media on Fast and Furious, (and is notorious for screaming and swearing at reporters on the phone), sent the Committee what Issa characterized as a “mealy mouthed letter”:

“White House Counsel is reviewing the letter and will respond as appropriate. But broadly speaking, while some personnel in the White House were made aware of ATF’s efforts to combat gun trafficking along the southwest border, including Operation Fast and Furious, there has been no evidence to suggest that anyone at the White House knew about any decision to allow guns to ‘walk’ to Mexico.”

“No evidence?”

We’ll see about that.


4 thoughts on “Fast and Furious: Next Up on the Congressional Oversight Hot-Seat, White House Aide, Kevin O’Reilly (Video)

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  3. As was noted in these columns the other day, they have plenty of evidence that Holder and Co. are guilty as sin, so all this can be is 1) to embarrass the administration without actually doing anything, and 2) make this an even greater pointless show because if they were serious heads would already be on the chopping block.


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