Why Is The Community Organizer Pitting Americans Against Each Other?

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P.J. Salvatore has an excellent, spot-on post up at Big Government where she explains the Alinsky tactics being employed by the organized left, at the behest of Obama White House. The question she explores: Why did the President exploit the Trayvon Martin case to the exclusion of so many other tragic cases we see in American cities, every day?  Salvatore cites the death of a 6-year-old girl named Aliyah Shell, caught in the crossfire of gang violence over the particularly violent St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chicago.

But Aliyah’s story received very little coverage, despite the event being more recent than the Martin tragedy, and despite the fact that it happened in President Barack Obama’s very own Chicago on a weekend when 49 people were shot and 10 others were killed.

No mention of Aliyah from the president. No public outpouring for a young mother who sat untangling her daughter’s hair as shots rang out. Nothing. And yet…

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

It’s not about wrong or right. It’s not about justice. It’s not about Trayvon Martin.

“The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”- Saul Alinsky

Or as Rahm Emanuel would say,  “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

These people know their Alinsky. So should every American in order to recognize his tactics when they see it.

Since the early days of his administration, Obama, like a totalitarian dictator,  has been employing  a divide and conquer strategy to galvanize his supporters and demoralize his critics.

What at first was astonishing to me – (I wrote about it in August of 2009: How Obama Is Pitting Americans Against Each Other) has become the new normal.

He started off his Presidency by telling Republicans “not to do a lot of talking”, to “get out of the way”, or “grab a broom” and help him clean up the mess they made. He mocked opponents of Obamacare, during his victory lap after its passage. He told Republicans to “get in the back seat”, and  accused them a sipping slurpies while he did the hard work of getting “the car out of the ditch” not once, but dozens of times.. As the car sunk further and further into the ditch, he continued to blame Bush, and the “do nothing congress” even though Democrats had total control for two full years and every damn thing they did made things worse.

For the first time in our nation’s history, we have a President who has denigrated protesters by calling them, “teabaggers”,  and said that, instead of protesting his destructive policies, “they should be thanking me”.  While stumping in 2010, he  extorted a Hispanic audience to “punish their enemies” at the ballot box. His administration actually  encourages citizens to inform on each other. He’s turned the DOJ into an arm of the radicalized left – a political weapon to use against his enemies, (which happens to include the rule of law), and is seemingly intent on helping Obama steal the election in November. Fast and Furious, (along with a number of other, smaller gunwalking programs) is the worst scandal in American history, not that anyone would know because the MSM refuses to push the story. He has abused his power on a number of fronts – usurping congressional and constitutional authority.

Despite all this, Obama still has a fairly high personal approval rating, so the Republican establishment is afraid to cast him as the dangerous radical he is in the 2012 election. He’s just a noob who’s “in over his head” is the preferred narrative.

Here are the community organizer’s latest chess moves as compiled by Salvatore:

Move 1   Occupy Wall Street: the (self-appointed) 99% versus the 1%

Move 2   Contraceptive/abortifacient mandates: government versus religion

Move 3   Sandra Fluke: women versus conservatives (supposedly)

And now…

Move 4   Trayvon Martin: black versus “white” (so-called)

What will the election year check-mate be? And which side is going to play it – the Alinsky radicals or the “Stupid party”?

Place your bets.


8 thoughts on “Why Is The Community Organizer Pitting Americans Against Each Other?

  1. If we survive the next few years it will be due to blogs such as Nice Deb, the Big … sites, and activism by the tea party as well as other groups such as the NRA. One problem is the media has become the propaganda arm for the democrats, liberals, socialists and communists. Too many in our society are easily stampeded over the cliff – willing to accept the notion that big government is the solution to all ills. Of course it would not be right to leave off the list [of obstacle we face] our congressmen and senators. Life-time politicians on the left and right created and perpetuate the engine of big government at the expense of the values the country was built upon.
    I believe Obama will fail in his effort to ‘transform America’ – so long as the 2nd Amendment is kept in tact. This will be the final conflict in this struggle for the soul of the nation. Obama tried to create chaos in Mexico via Fast & Furious thinking it could be then used to strip the right of citizens to own guns. We now see an attempt to create racial strife to be used to foster calls to restrict/prohibit gun ownership.
    Obama intends to divide black against white, women against men, as well as haves versus so called have nots. Obama and his ilk are like the wolves who sit down to vote on what to eat for lunch. We are the well armed rabbits who will contest that vote in the name of liberty.


  2. The answer is as old as mankind: “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”


  3. We allow it. Far too many people in this country fall hook, line, and sinker for these messages. People are too lazy to do their own research. I just posted something on facebook with links to where I got the stats from. A guy I grew up with won’t accept it. The link is from FBI, I didn’t pull it out of my butt. But the information is uncomfortable to him so he just dismisses it. How do you reach people like that?


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