Video: Max Motors’ Mark Muller at KC Tea Party: Emanuel Cleaver Blvd? “We Should Name a Prison Cell After Him!”

Conservative activist, Mark Muller is the notorious proprietor of “America’s Car Dealership”, Max Motors, in Butler, MO, where you can pick up a free AK-47 when you buy a car during their annual  “Great Guns and Gas Give-Away”.

He was one of the featured speakers at The Conservatives in Action rally in Kansas City, Mo,  Sunday afternoon.

He began his talk about protecting our Second Amendment rights by recalling the 2009 visit by the ATF to his dealership. He asked the agents, “Don’t you have anything better to do than pick on me?”

The ATF agent answered,  “This morning, the White House started their briefing talking about the car dealer in Butler, MO giving away guns.”

He exclaimed, “Why aren’t they worried about the guns we’re sending over the Mexican border in Gunrunner?!”

Muller went on to mention with disdain how he had driven to the tea party on Emanuel Cleaver Blvd: “Here’s a guy who’s going to stiff the state of MO and the people in KC for 1.3 million dollars on a car wash, and we’re gonna name streets after him?! They should name a prison cell after him! Pay your bills or go to jail! Or take a bankruptcy. He’s going to walk. Is he going to lose his home? Are they going to garnishee his wages? Let one of you people try that and see what happens to you…”

Human Events did piece on Muller and the visit by the ATF to his dealership, last Fall: Max Motors targeted by ATF, banks and General Motors


Hundreds Attend Conservatives In Action Rally, Kansas City, 4/15/12 (Pix and Video)

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Video: GSA Official Pleads the Fifth at Hearing – Then Runs Away From Reporters and Hides in Elevator

As expected, U.S. General Services Administration regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely  invoked his fifth amendment rights and refused to answer any questions in the Oversight and Reform committee’s inquiry, this afternoon.

Congressmen and the GSA’s  Inspector General, Brian Miller went on to oppose any attempt to grant him immunity. Miller later  addressed the allegations of Neely’s bullying of employees who threatened to reveal details of the spending. He had apparently told one  employee she would be “squashed like a bug” if she squealed.After pleading the fifth.  Neely made a beeline for the elevator, with reporters in close pursuit.  Unfortunately for Mr. Neely, they caught up with him at the elevator, and he was forced to endure an elevator ride full of inquisitive reporters.

“Do you have anything to say, Mr. Neely?”

“No comment”.

“I was wondering about assertions that you wife’s been traveling with you – is that true?”

No comment.”

“Are you going to be at the next hearings for the next two days?”

“No comment”

Hat tip: Brian B.

Still No Charges From The DOJ 7 Months after latest Gibson Guitar Raid


It’s been almost 3 years since the first raid in 2009 and almost a year since the 2011 raid of Gibson Guitars by the DOJ, yet Gibson says they are still waiting on the DOJ to charge them. The CEO of Gibson, Henry Juszkiewicz, says the feds have taken aggressive action against his company that has hurt them severely, and now he worries about the long-term damage to their company as a result.

Holder’s got nothing, obviously, or they would have pressed charges by now. This looks like more political persecution from Holder’s corrupt Dept of Justice.. Gibson isn’t unionized. The CEO is a Republican….

The DOJ is probably trying to cobble together a case, but they’ve had a number of  embarrassingly weak, obviously political cases thrown out of court, the latest one being a meritless abortion clinic access lawsuit against a clinic protester:

Obama Admin Forced to Pay $120K After Targeting Pro-Lifer

They don’t need another embarrassing failure on their hands.

Hat tip: Brian B.


Party in the GSA Video Mashup + Oversight and Reform Chairman Issa’s Statement on GSA Hearing

Ahead of today’s 1:30 PM (est) GSA Hearing, the committee on Government Oversight and Reform  posted a mashup to help get folks up to speed on the issues.

Even lefty-wing John Stewart couldn’t overlook the assploding hypocrisy in this scandal, or as he put it, irony!

“The people holding the conference, that wasted a ton of government money… are the people in charge of making sure the government doesn’t waste a ton of money!”

Bonus quote (much to his lefty audience’s chagrin): “It’s like the Justice Dept selling guns to Mexican drug dealers. “

Yes, John – it is somewhat like that.

Chairman Issa’s preview statement:

1:30pm on Monday, April 16, 2012 in 2154 Rayburn House Office Building

The details that have come to light about a General Services Administration Conference held in Las Vegas have raised serious questions in the minds of the American people about how government is using their tax dollars. What has come to light surrounding GSA’s activities should give pause to anyone who has opposed cutting government size and spending.

Wasteful spending is a problem that transcends multiple Administrations and multiple Congresses but it’s incumbent on the present Administration and the current Congress to mandate a culture that prevents this type of waste and mismanagement, no matter what happened before them.

Why did it take eleven months for the Obama Administration to take meaningful action?  The Inspector General briefed the Administration with details about the specific action of those responsible for gross waste, yet documents show that some political appointees believed even this year that the report could be kept private and the outrageous details dealt with quietly.

Some of those same senior political officials approved a bonus for Jeff Neely, the regional public building commissioner who was chief organizer of the 2010 Vegas conference. In the same e-mails where senior leaders are discussing whether or not to offer Neely a bonus, they are speculating on the timing of the release of the IG’s report and the political impact it will have.

Furthermore, if the political officials responsible for taming bureaucratic excess ignored and dismissed such flagrant and flamboyant violations of the rules, then what confidence do we have that GSA can prevent more shrewdly executed fraud and waste the future?

I look forward to hearing testimony from the witnesses attending Monday’s hearing as the committee continues its ongoing efforts to shine a light on a culture of wasteful spending within the federal bureaucracy. Changes have been made at GSA, but whether they are enough to change a culture of lavish excess remains in question.

Video: Axelrod Stars in Soon to Be Romney Campaign Ad

Every once in awhile, even super slick, “lefty lumberjacks”,  slip up.

Appearing on Fox News, with Chris Wallace, Sunday morning, Axelrod was off his game, and mangled his talking points, badly. Jennifer Rubin described it as a TKO by Chris Wallace.

David Axelrod was shredded this morning by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Wallace kept Axelrod on defense and off balance throughout. The major bloodletting occurred here:

“The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle-class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we’re on.”

What a gift. Thanks, Ax.

Paul Kengor came to this pessimistic conclusion in his American Spectator piece:David Axelrod, Lefty Lumberjack:

And the full story of that history has some deep roots in the Old Left, from New York to Chicago. Ax and Obama are the marriage not only of two modern liberal Democratic success stories but also of the Left’s old guard, progressives and communists, with the current generation. Obama and Axelrod and their world are a reflection of Democrats’ decades-long marriage with some unsavory elements, making for a perverse political culture that too frequently goes unexamined and acknowledged, especially by protectors and enablers in the mainstream media.

From the milieu of that political culture, an operative like David Axelrod has carved himself a nice political career. And he is far from finished, as the messenger and image-maker is poised to crown his wondrous “change agent” with yet another November coronation.

I would venture that even the best “messenger and image maker” in the world should have trouble selling this lemon one more time to the American public.


Hundreds Attend Conservatives In Action Rally, Kansas City, 4/15/12 (Pix and Video)

The rain was over by the time hundreds of Kansas Citians made it out to Theis Park near the Plaza, Sunday afternoon, but with wind gusts of up to 45 mpr, the speakers who had their speeches memorized had a much easier time than the ones who were using notes. An estimated 500 people showed up for the rally sponsored by Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity, featuring guest  speakers, Congressman Steve King, (R- IA), Congressman Todd Akin (MO-R), Michelle Moore from Smart Girl Politics, Mo Rep. Paul Curtman, and more. Musical entertainment was provided by The Crossroads Revival Band, and the event was MC’ed by KCMO morning show host, Greg Knapp.

The debt clock display was provided by the Young Americans For Liberty.

Author and motivational speaker, Mason Weaver

The wind was gusting wildly, but Michelle Moore of Smart Girl Politics held on to her notes like a pro.

Pastor Stephen Broden , founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Tx

Videos soon to come…


Here’s Pastor Broden’s impassioned speech where he implored conservatives to get mobilized to fight the big government immorality and spenders in all parties who have taken over Washington. Broden predicted that Kennedy would sell us out with his decision on Obamacare – like he has before. He said that just voting in conservative candidates is the right strategy. Our challenge is of mobilization…


I’m still working on uploading videos, but because of the strong winds, the sound quality on most of the videos I shot are so poor, they’re unusable. Believe it or not, my iphone did a better job than my camera.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took during a poignant part of the rally, when veterans from all branches of the U.S. military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard,  were asked to stand up and be recognized while their branch’s service songs were played.

God bless them all.

MORE from the rally:

Video: Max Motors’ Mark Muller at KC Tea Party: Emanuel Cleaver Blvd? “We Should Name a Prison Cell After Him!”