US Bishop Speaking Truth to Power: “Obama Following Path of Hitler And Stalin…”

Bishop Daniel R. Jenky

I’m sure a great many of our Catholic clergy were not thrilled with Obama back in 2008, but too few of them spoke out.

Thanks to Obama’s War on Religion, those days are over…

Via Washington Examiner:

In a homily delivered Saturday, Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois challenged President Obama’s HHS mandate, suggesting that the president was following the same path as Hitler and Stalin.

“Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care,” Jenky said. “In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path.” Jenky added.

I’d like to see more Priests and Bishops speaking out, but Obama will not be getting anywhere near the majority of the Catholic vote in 2012.

Thank God.


A fun blast from the past:

Newsweak declares Obama more Catholic than the Pope:

At Hot Air, Captain Ed said:

Townsend fills the pages with the usual liberal complaints about the church, including gay rights, abortion, and — this is the best part — a complaint that the church hierarchy doesn’t listen to the congregations and change religious doctrine to match public opinion.  She lauds Obama for his ability to “listen” to other points of view, apparently missing the months-long repetition that no one had an alternative to Porkulus when Republicans and Democrats both tried to get votes for smaller and more intelligently-crafted alternatives.

Townsend makes the same mistake about religion that many other Catholics (and not just Catholics) make about it.  A church isn’t a democracy, nor is it a nation.  The Catholic Church serves what its sees as eternal truths about God, Jesus Christ, and the world, and invites those who believe similarly to join.  No one is forced to remain a Catholic anywhere in the world, nor are Lutherans, Episcopalians, and so on.  Certainly one can disagree on policy and practices, as many Catholics do, but on doctrine, the church does not take polls.

Any libidiots calling him more Catholic than the Pope, now?

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5 thoughts on “US Bishop Speaking Truth to Power: “Obama Following Path of Hitler And Stalin…”

  1. obama thinks he is a better theologian than, priests and bishops, and his lack of appreciation of the 2000 years of historical tradition of the church living through countless heresies, speaks volumes of his ignorance, arogance, and disrespect for christianity in direct contradiciton for his praises for islam, the demonic cult. obama cannot win, cause he is against God. Obama’s deception can only last for a moment, the eternal truths of the church will last forever.


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  3. Anyone want to give odds on how soon the IRS is gonna be on the Diocese of Peoria, IL? I can think of at least three ways they can revoke the tax-exempt status with just the information given, and if the diocese’ books are anything like most tax-exempt books, they’ll have Hades to pay with 20 or 30 of Duh-1’s brand-spankin’ new agents poring over their books for the next eight months.

    Just sayin’.


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