Video: Allen West Not Backing Down From Calling Dem Progressive Caucus Communists – Tells Reporters: “Maybe You Should Do a Little Research”

The Right Scoop calls this “red meat for conservatives, “ and that it is.

When a reporter from Red Alert Politics asked him, “Do you have any regrets about making those comments, Congressman?” West answered without hesitation – (in fact he didn’t even wait for the guy to finish asking his question):  “No, I don’t regret it, whatsoever”. Then he launched into an in depth defense for his assertion, reciting the evidence most of us hardcore conservatives already know. In fact, I’ve been saying since the beginning of 2009, it’s time to rebrand the Democrat party as Democrat Socialists, because that is what they are.

More Congressmen and women  should be speaking out like this. It’s not mean, it’s not “unfair”, it’s not “red-baiting”, it’s not “McCarthyism”,  and it’s certainly not “extreme” to “call a spade a spade”, as West put it.  They’re the “extreme” ones, as anyone who follows the left, understands.

It’s not difficult to make the case, as West does beautifully, here:

Allen West is America’s Congressman.


Newsbusters: Robin Leach: Obama Is a ‘Socialist’ – He Is ‘Whipping Up This Racial War and This Economic Divide’

CAVUTO: Just set it to record. You are not a fan of what is going on here.

LEACH: No, I think it is deadly dangerous and I don’t use those two words lightly.

Look, what Obama is proposing you’ve got to cut right down to it, it is socialism. It is so ugly and evil. It doesn’t work – it’s never worked. And we went through this in Britain until Maggy Thatcher and rescued us from a fate worse than what’s going to happen here.

CAVUTO: He takes great umbrage to that socialist description.

LEACH: Of course, because it is the truth.

CAVUTO: He says, “I’m trying to level the playing field.”

LEACH: What is level the playing field? It’s a colloquial, warm, fuzzy expression that means I am a socialist.

CAVUTO: OK. I’m going to try this one you. They argue that over the last ten years, 20 years more to the point, the rich have lopsidedly benefited from what’s been going on and they believe that the only way to correct that, Robin, is to bring the rich down by paying more in taxes.

LEACH: Punish the rich. Whip the rich. Make them as middle income and as poor as the people who aren’t rich.


The Romney Dog Nontrovesy and Obama’s History of Eating Dogmeat

Obama has fond memories of eating food like this as a boy back in Indonesia.

Doggone it – it looks like another fake lib narrative is about to bite the dust.

First let’s talk about the fake scandal…

Apparently we’re all supposed to believe that the Romneys hate dogs, and/or are guilty of animal cruelty or something because they traveled on vacation with him in a crate on top of their car, something Mrs. Romney says he actually enjoyed very much.

As Ace noted,

I don’t know why this is horrifying. Ever drive with a dog in the car? What is the first thing he does, and in fact the only thing he wants to do?

Stick his head out the window and feel the air rushing by.

This is well-nigh universal. Dogs dig this.

Why is this an issue?

We have gas prices going through the roof, real unemployment numbers in the double digits, an economy on the verge of imploding, a corrupt, scandal-plagued administration engaging in unprecedented power grabs at a dizzying rate, and to get our minds off of all that, we’re all supposed to pretend we care how the Romneys traveled with their dog, decades ago, are you freaking kidding me?

If that is the biggest dirt they could  dig up on the Romney clan in their opposition research, I think Romney has nothing to worry about.

How pathetic, and desperate, though. Take a look at these headlines, (and no it’s not just left wing blogs – the MSM is also attempting to turn a nothingburger of a story into a big scandal):

Mitt and Ann Romney’sdog on roof’ responses tellingly tone deaf The Star-Ledger –

Dogs Against Romney‘ Unsatisfied With Mitt Romney’s Latest Dog Huffpo

Ann Romney: Dog That Shat Himself Out of Fear Actually Loved Riding on Car Roofs Jezebel

And yes, there’s a website actually devoted to it:

Dogs Against Romney

Or more specifically, left-wing dog owners against Romney. And probably  left-wing cat owners, too…and left-wing hamster and guinea pig and rabbit and parakeet owners, and well, lefty-non pet owners, too. Let’s face it –  it’s just basically an excuse to hate on Romney because the left is desperate and they’ll try anything to fund-raise off of.

If they’re not already embarrassed by the overkill (no pun intended), what will they think when they hear this: Romney put a dog on top of a car, Obama put a dog on top of rice while eating it:

From Chapter Two From Dreams From My Father:

 “With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”

Doh! Has PETA heard about this?

Should we start a Dogs Against Obama website?

Actually – no one cares. Seriously. This is the kind of stupid, throw spaghetti against the wall, and let’s see what sticks strategy, the left employs, daily.

It’s why they’re trying to demonize the wholesome and appealing Ann Romney. We can’t have the Republican candidate’s wife out-classing Michelle, or out-victimizing her, either.

First Lady Michelle Obama recalled her father’s battle with multiple sclerosis (MS) as she explained “what’s at stake” in this election between President Obama and Mitt Romney — whose wife has MS.

Mrs. Obama recalled her father’s MS during a campaign fundraiser, saying he “had MS, was a blue-collar city worker all his life . . . [and her parents] saved for us, they sacrificed everything for us, why? Because they wanted something more for me and my brother.” The First Lady summarized the anecdote by saying “that’s what’s at stake” — by which she referred to the idea that “if you work hard, you can build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kids . . . So believe me, your President knows what it means when a family struggles,” she added after talking about his life raised by a single mom.

The implication seemed to be that the president better understands the trials of people with MS, and of working class people like Mrs. Obama’s father. But the First Lady might have forgotten that Ann Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife, also has MS. (Michelle Obama did not mention Romney, but he is the alternative to President Obama in this general election.)

Maybe next,  some crack journalist could ask Michelle how much she loves and cares for their dog, “Bo”, so she can make the contrast between her family and those dog-hating Romneys. To highlight “what’s at stake”…


RWN: My Very First Romney 2012 button “At Least I Didn’t Eat My Dog” + a Bonus Obama Button

They’re not done embarrassing themselves, yet, I see…
Here’s the Morning Joe clip:
Hear Obama’s chilling recitation of the pertinent section of chapter two from Dreams From My Father at the link.