Video: Allen West Not Backing Down From Calling Dem Progressive Caucus Communists – Tells Reporters: “Maybe You Should Do a Little Research”

The Right Scoop calls this “red meat for conservatives, “ and that it is.

When a reporter from Red Alert Politics asked him, “Do you have any regrets about making those comments, Congressman?” West answered without hesitation – (in fact he didn’t even wait for the guy to finish asking his question):  “No, I don’t regret it, whatsoever”. Then he launched into an in depth defense for his assertion, reciting the evidence most of us hardcore conservatives already know. In fact, I’ve been saying since the beginning of 2009, it’s time to rebrand the Democrat party as Democrat Socialists, because that is what they are.

More Congressmen and women  should be speaking out like this. It’s not mean, it’s not “unfair”, it’s not “red-baiting”, it’s not “McCarthyism”,  and it’s certainly not “extreme” to “call a spade a spade”, as West put it.  They’re the “extreme” ones, as anyone who follows the left, understands.

It’s not difficult to make the case, as West does beautifully, here:

Allen West is America’s Congressman.


Newsbusters: Robin Leach: Obama Is a ‘Socialist’ – He Is ‘Whipping Up This Racial War and This Economic Divide’

CAVUTO: Just set it to record. You are not a fan of what is going on here.

LEACH: No, I think it is deadly dangerous and I don’t use those two words lightly.

Look, what Obama is proposing you’ve got to cut right down to it, it is socialism. It is so ugly and evil. It doesn’t work – it’s never worked. And we went through this in Britain until Maggy Thatcher and rescued us from a fate worse than what’s going to happen here.

CAVUTO: He takes great umbrage to that socialist description.

LEACH: Of course, because it is the truth.

CAVUTO: He says, “I’m trying to level the playing field.”

LEACH: What is level the playing field? It’s a colloquial, warm, fuzzy expression that means I am a socialist.

CAVUTO: OK. I’m going to try this one you. They argue that over the last ten years, 20 years more to the point, the rich have lopsidedly benefited from what’s been going on and they believe that the only way to correct that, Robin, is to bring the rich down by paying more in taxes.

LEACH: Punish the rich. Whip the rich. Make them as middle income and as poor as the people who aren’t rich.



20 thoughts on “Video: Allen West Not Backing Down From Calling Dem Progressive Caucus Communists – Tells Reporters: “Maybe You Should Do a Little Research”

  1. tlip most likely never recognizes the truth, ND.

    And the goal of all socialists is not to “level the playing field” as claimed, or to make everyone equally happy. Au contraire, it is to make everyone but the elitists (who are more equal than all others) equally miserable.

    In other words, their objective isn’t and can’t be to raise “the 99%” up, but to lower everyone to the bottom 1%. Then everyone would be equal, and equally miserable. Except the ones who just have to run everyone else’ lives because, Lord knows, little children like that don’t have enough sense to make good decisions and someone better be looking out for them!


  2. That was an impressive return on an ambush question from the LSM. Throw Allen West’s name into the VP hunt. This is a recurring theme this election cycle. LSM asks an accusatory ambush question, and is then subjected to an erudite exposition on the topic of why statism is so horribly misguided. This also happened when they accused Newt of racism. I absolutely loved it.


  3. Alan West is the typical walking dead of the right. He’s makes stuff up. Doesn’t care. Today’s walking dead live in a fact-free alternate reality bubble. Factual reality inconvenient? No problem. They invent their own.


  4. Jack, I believe the the question came from the guy from the Red Alerts blog, which is conservative. I think he brought up the question to give West an opportunity to expound on a subject about which he’s clearly knowledgeable, and unafraid to broach..


  5. To repeat. Alan West does NOT know what he’s talking about. He’s making it up as he goes along. West does not care, and neither do the conservative fedayeen. Keep wishing that West will be VP nominee. Hell, it will be all he can do to keep his house seat. Spouting garbage like this won’t help his chances. I’m not angry or surprised. Making outrageous statements without backup is Birther Party 101.


  6. No, Guy – YOU’RE making it up as you go along. Everything that he said there was factual and he challenged people to do the research themselves – the facts back him up.

    But see, you guys on the left are allergic to the truth – you know if most people knew what you’re all about they would recoil in horror, so you couch your words in warm, fuzzy platitudes, like “fairness”, “choice”, “equity”, “social justice”, etc…
    Unfortunately for you, the Alinsky tactics no longer have the capacity to fool people they once did.


  7. Hide your eyes from this video of a member of the Progressive Caucus receiving an award from CPUSA at the Communist Party headquarters in Chicago…


  8. I love Allen West. I truly hope Romney gives him careful consideration as his running mate. He will kick the MSM’s ass.


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  10. “I truly hope Romney gives him careful consideration as his running mate.”

    We agree, if for different reasons. I recommend West because having him on the dead’s ticket will guarantee the big O a 2nd term. As shrub said, “Bring it on”………


  11. Save your breath (or fingers) with Guy. No amount of reason, explanation, logic or truth will ever change his mind because his mind is a melted pot of socialist “wisdom” handed down from high to him all the way through elementary, secondary and university schools. You can lead a jackass to water, but that’s about as close as they will ever get to the refreshing truth of reality. Ya just cain’t make ’em drink of those refreshing waters.

    By the way, Guy, look up the definitions of “communist” and “socialist.” But make sure they’re from a source written before 1975. You would do well to compare those definitions to the pap being shoveled out nowadays.


  12. Guy’s hoping the mushy middle, having been lulled into a false sense of security (it could never happen here) because of the MSM’s dereliction of duty in reporting how far left the Democrat party has lurched, will find Allen West too “Extweeeem” (as commies like to say of anyone right of Lenin.)

    He could have a point, there. Ignorance is their friend.


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  14. Look for two major themes this election, ND. The first will be that every Republican for any office will be painted as “too extreme” for that particular community.

    The second will be that “We have to take back the government from those who wish to take us back to the eighteenth century (or to Puritan days, or to prehistoric times). The theme will be the same: scare the common mushminds into thinking that a vote for the Republican will be a vote for both slavery and a vote for loss of freedoms the Democrats have fought so valiently for.

    If they can scream these themes loud enough, long enough, they’re hoping it will distract folks from the obvious that Democrat policies in general (and Obama policies in specific) are such a total, dismal, tragic and unneccessary failure,


  15. Watch out Mitt, Obama will make you DOG-MEAT! Gotta love the vast fail of all the leftist tropes and the impending Doom & Gloom replacing that glittery Hope and Change!


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