According to Dem Source, Obama Told Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “Don’t forget you work for me.”

Javier Manjarres has managed to  find a Democrat source who is “a close associate” of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, an “insider”, if you will.

Wasserman Schultz, who represents the 20thcongressional district in Florida, is known to be one of those most strident,  polarizing and egocentric members of Congress. Apparently, that  has not made her popular with the Narcissist in Chief, who according to this source, once snapped at her, “It’s not about you, it’s about me.” (Oooooh…burn)

Rumors have been swirling around that Wasserman Schultz was not in President Obama’s top tier of candidates to sit at the helm of the Democratic National Committee.

A source within the Democratic Party who is a close associate of Wasserman Schultz has told the Shark Tank the details about the process that took place when the vetting of prospective candidates for the DNC chair.

The source told the Shark Tank that, “she (Wasserman Schultz) was not the first choice,” and that Wasserman Schultz feverishly lobbied her case of being a sitting ‘Jewish’congresswoman in a very safe Democratic district.  According to the source, Obama was pressured into picking Wasserman Schultz because she impressed upon him that he needed her as a loyal foot soldier to run cover him and shore up his dwindling support with the Jewish voters as well as with women.

But while Obama has been able to rely on Wasserman Schultz to carry his water, the President has grown increasingly annoyed with the polarizing manner in which she attacks her political opposition-a style that has galvanized her Republican opponents and chased many of those coveted ‘Independents’ away.

Just recently, Wasserman Schultz defended her former aide and current DNC Jewish Outreach liason for her juvenile misstep of posting pictures of herself on Facebook that referred to her and her fellow Jewish girlfriends as “Jewbags.” President Obama was reported to be so upset with the aide’s publicized antics that he did not allow Wasserman Schultz to introduce him at any of the events during his most recent trip to Florida.

Wasserman Schultz is known to always introduce the President whenever he is in Florida, and he did so during his previous visit to the Sunshine State, a little over a month ago.  Then ‘Jewbag-gate’ broke, and on Obama’s subsequent trip a couple of weeks back, Wasserman Schultz only introduced the President at a couple of events and merely acknowledged her presence at others. Ouch!  But in all fairness, the truth is that Wasserman Schultz’s role in President Obama’s recent trip was already scripted by his campaign.

It seems as if the relationship has soured to the point that according to the source, “He does not want her in the DNC anymore.”

Apparently, President Obama had discussions with the DNC Chairwoman regarding her approach, even telling her, “Don’t forget you work for me.”

It’s not about you, its about me. – attributed to President Barack Obama to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as per our source.

Manjarres opines that this would be an awkward time for Obama to dump her because it would look like the party was in disarray, but “it would be very hard to find someone that is both in lock-step with his agenda and willing to run cover for him as she has done.”

Oh, I don’t know about that – there are plenty of lick-spittles in the Democrat party, (and the MSM, BIRM) who are willing to carry Obama’s water. Most of them come off as insane, but that’s beside the point.

Stay tuned at The Shark Tank for more exciting revelations to come from his new source!


Random BlogConClt Pix and Memories

The Franklin Center and Freedomworks teamed up to put on BlogConClt in Charlotte, NC to help bloggers hone their skills and gear up for the 2012 election. The conference took place over the weekend, with the festivities actually beginning Thursday night with a Blog Bash at a local Irish Pub, which unfortunately, I missed because I didn’t get in until Friday.

The conference was very well attended, which you can’t really appreciate from the picture below because  bloggers were in and out – often congregating in the hall outside of the conference room.

After the first day of the conference, bloggers were treated to free drinks and h’orderves in the hotel.

Freedomworks’ Matt Kibbe speaks before a captive audience.

Lorie Byrd and Duane Lester, All American Blogger

Stephen Kruiser, Lady Liberty, and Tony Katz

Later on at the Karaoke bar, things got a little crazy…

April Gregory, and Pamela Geller

And later on at the Kruiser Kabana, things got crazier still….

Steven Kruiser and Pam Geller –— IN BED!

Things got a teensy bit loud in there, and the Kanbana was warned several times to keep it down. Finally, management had had enough and things – uh – escalated. Kruiser was evicted from his room.

But because Stephen Kruiser is a lover, not a fighter, he was able to sweet talk his way back into his room.

Kruiser and bloggers outside the hotel, Friday night.

All’s well that ends well!

The (very nice) Security Guy, Stephen Kruiser, MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall

Tabatha Hale put on an awesome conference as usual. The snack table, Saturday afternoon featured candy-coated apples –  delicious!

Instapundit once told Little Miss Attila, “Blogging stars are like bowling stars. Outside our world, no one cares.” Saturday night at the blogger bowling bash, the lines between the two worlds blurred –  bloggers were bowlers  (and still no one cared.)

The rest of the pix are from my iphone, and it was dark – so not the best quality.

Left to right, Doug Ross, Marathon Pundit, Tony Katz, Kira Davis

Oklahoma blogger, Michael Bates of Batesline beat me by two points in the first game.

Michael Bates and Peter Ingemi, DaTechGuy

Then VodkaPundit, Jerome Hudson, and el Sharko showed up, and it was all over – they’re all bowling sharkos, these guys.

Javier Manjarres aka El Sharko, Steve Green aka VodkaPundit

Alexa Shrugged, Kristen Hawley, Teri Christoph, Kat McKinley aka TexasSparkle

Power Bloggers, John Hawkins, RWN and Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

Melody from Perfection Under a Red Umbrella, and Cheryl Prater

The next few pix are very dark – we were outside at Fitzgerald’s following the bowling bash. It was very nice outside, until the wind shifted and it suddenly got cold…

Kruiser Kabana was in the hotel lounge, which they kept open after hours, just for us.

Heading back to our rooms at around 3:00 a.m., DaTechGuy and I took pictures of each other in the elevator:

My plane to Kansas City left at 6:50 Sunday morning, so…..yeah — ouch.

Kudos again to Tabatha Hale for organizing yet another spectacularly successful blog  conference. I picked up some great tips from the panels, but the most valuable aspect of it for me  was the opportunity to touch bases with all of my precious blog buddies.

One person I always look forward to seeing at these things was sadly missing at BlogConClt…

But he was there in spirit…

Andrew Breitbart in his own words…was created by Anthropocon

We miss him so much.


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