Breitbart Is Here Tribute Video

A beautiful tribute to the late great, Andrew Breitbart, our fearless leader in the war against the institutional left; written and performed by Chris Cassone. Video by BigFurHat.

The footage of the bloggers were taken at BlogCon Charlotte,last weekend. I make an appearance toward the end – 4:20.

I couldn’t make myself smile.



Report: The Georgia Democratic Party’s Political Director Is a Criminal Recidivist

Same guy?

The MSM has yet to pick up on it, and the Georgia Democratic party has not yet responded to this explosive report posted April 17  by a Georgia political blogger alleging that the state’s Democratic Party’s Political Director is a Criminal.

Georgia Politics Unfiltered has been brutally frank about what he has discovered:

Pardon the poor english, folks.

There ain’t no need to sugarcoat this.

Pictured right is one of many mugshots featuring Ali Rashad Richey.

Rashad Richey is better known as the Political Director for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Richey was, in 2011, one of the first hired by newly-elected state Democratic Party chairman Mike Berlon. Before being employed by Georgia’s Democratic Party, Rashad Richey collected over $38,000 in consulting fees from Democrat candidates Gail Buckner and Carol Porter.

Here’s just one of his many bookings filed at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

Booking No 0615617
First ALI
Current Location Released
Date Arrested 4/30/2006
Release Date 5/11/2006A Georgia Political blogger has

 Georgia Politics Unfiltered reports that Rashad Richey has been arrested twelve times on a variety of charges including:

  • Burglary;
  • Driving with revoked license;
  • Battery;
  • Family violence;
  • Obstructing an officer; and
  • Violating probation.

His last arrest was in 2010.

The question is – is it the same Ali Rashad Richey? He sure looks like the guy…

Ironically, according to  Richey’s glowing bio on the Future Movement Radio webpage, he has a masters degree in theology:

Rashad Richey is the hard hitting host of “Community Impact”, which airs every Thursday live from 3pm– 4pm and special broadcasts during the week, highlighting issues that matter to our local and national communities. He can be heard on 1420 WATB, 1430 WGFS – GA, and 93.5 FM – New York. Community Impact also has a sizeable internet audience that can be viewed on,, and Rashad is a successful business owner, Political Director of the Democratic Party in Ga, Sr. Political Director for Democracy In, LLC (a political advocacy and community development firm) and a member of the American Council of Young Political Leaders which is a U.S. State Department organization dedicated to the educational enhancement of international government relations.

In addition to his political activism, Rashad serves on the board of directors for multiple organizations throughout GA and has helped develop many community groups through applying the skills of a strategic planner, organizer, grant-writer, political strategist, and fundraiser. Rashad studied at Morehouse College before finishing his undergraduate degree in counseling at the American College of Theology in 2002. There he continued his studies to complete his master’s degree in theology in 2004. Rashad has since earned multiple certifications in the fields of policy development, community outreach, and business development. Rashad is currently a PhD candidate at Scofield Graduate School.

Here he is in February of this year introducing Chairman Mike Berlon to  the crowd at the Democratic Party of Georgia’s “Georgia Deserves Better Rally” at the State Capitol. I have to say, he seems like a responsible, competent guy:

But Georgia Politics Unfiltered is 100% sure that Ali Rashad Richey the Democrat Political Director, is the very same Rashad Richey the jailbird.

Last week, he reported: Georgia Democrat Director of Politics Kept on Gail Buckner’s Payroll Even While in Jail:

Records show Rashad Richey’s last visit to the DeKalb County Jail included a 28-day stay in one of their private, luxurious suites.

Booked into jail on February 3, 2010, Richey (mugshot pictured right) was assigned booking number 0471219 and released March 1, 2010. During that same period, Rashad Richey cashed checks from Democrat Secretary of State candidate Gail Buckner.

A few days before his arrest, Rashad Richey received a paycheck from Gail Buckner. Campaign finance reports filed with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission indicate Ali Rashad Richey received a payment of $4,000 from Gail Buckner on January 29, 2010.

Then, on February 26, 2010, Rashad Richey received another $4,000 paycheck from Gail Buckner. Yes. You did read that correctly. Gail Buckner paid $4,000 to an inmate.

Rashad Richey was released from jail March 1, 2010. Twenty-five days later, Gail Buckner paid him another $4,000 on March 26, 2010.

All told, Gail Buckner paid Rashad Richey $30,750 for “consulting work” in 2010.

Apparently crime pays, and it pays well. Either that or Georgia Democrats truly cannot do better than Rashad Richey the recividist.

Last Friday Georgia Politics Unfiltered posted: Readers Respond to Richey’s Recidivism:

For those keeping up, it’s been four days since I broke the news of Rashad Richey’s criminal history. He still has a job.

J.M. emailed, “You have got a lot of people pissed off and especially right at DNC delegate elections and JJ dinner this Saturday. You are insulting their savior to win back Ga to be Democratic. They grooming him for greater office someday.

Really? That would be amazing . . . amazingly stupid if Democrats ran Richey for any office.

E.G., also via email, wrote, “If the party was duped into hiring someone with a record they were unaware of, then this is the craziest thing I’ve seen or heard in a LOOOOONG while. Thoughts on what the h happened?

Honestly? If common sense were common, then everyone would have some. There is a significant lack of common sense at Democratic Party headquarters these days. No wonder they can’t win elections in this state.

This Friday,  the President and Mrs. Obama  will be visiting Georgia  to visit with troops and military families at Fort Stewart.

“I was notified this morning about this exciting trip,” said The Democratic Party of Georgia’s Chairman Mike Berlon said Monday. “He will be visiting with the troops, veterans and military families that have been crucial to our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Georgia Politics Unfiltered wonders: Will Recidivist Rashad Richey Get Secret Service Clearance for Obama’s Return to GA?

Good question.

He had clearance to pose with Obama’s campaign manager, Jim “Punch back twice as hard” Messina:


Michael Bates of Batesline has done a little internet sleuthing and emails:

The 1st Quarter 2010 report for Gail Buckner for Secretary of State lists three expenditures of $4,000 each to “Raschad Richey” of [redacted] Morrow, GA 30260, on Jan. 29, Feb. 26, and March 26, 2010.

The DeKalb County arrest record for Ali Rashad Richey dated Feb. 3, 2010, lists his address as [redacted] Morrow, GA 30260.

(It’s the same address, but I don’t like posting peoples’ addresses on my blog.)

One more interesting Google find: Ali Rashad Richey’s ministerial qualifications appear to come from a mail-order outfit called United Christian Ministries International.

It’s the same guy, folks.


RICHEY, ALI RASHAD Height: 68 Race: Black
1834 CARLA DR Weight: 160 LBS Sex: Male
MORROW, GA 30260 Hair Color: Black Complex:

The address 1834 Carla Dr., (which I previously redacted) happens to be the address of the Dem District Office, not his private residence, but it certainly ties Rashad Richey, the jailbird to the GA  Democrat party.

See Also:

Publius Forum: Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?

Batesline: Democrats behaving badly and their enablers: Georgia

Bates has more on that address listed on that 2010 jail booking record: 1834 Carla Drive, Morrow, Clayton County, Georgia, also listed by Gail Buckner as “District office”: It’s a HOUSE…

The house is owned by Gail Buckner (go here to search the county land records), and it’s the same address listed on the Buckner campaign’s 1st quarter 2010 expenditure report, as the address of “Raschad Richey,” paid $4,000 on January 29, February 26, and March 26, 2010, for “campaign work.” It was also listed as her “district office” during her stint as state senator.

(Note: A free login here is required to view DeKalb County arrest records, such as the above link.)

The same address was used by Richey to register Democracy In, LLC on March 3, 2010, just two days after his release from the DeKalb County hoosegow.


The GA Democrat party put Criminal recidivist, Rashad Richey in charge of a voter registration drive, last November that was cynically held in conjunction with a Thanksgiving “Feed the Hungry” event for the poor and homeless  of Atlanta:

Volunteer with Georgia Democrats this Thanksgiving

By On November 21, 2011 · In Georgia Democrats

On Thanksgiving, we will be conducting a voter registration drive at Hosea Feed The Hungry, an organization that has distributed over $3 billion in food, cleaning and medical supplies to the poorest amongst us.

Their annual Thanksgiving Dinner is expected to serve over 50,000 poverty-stricken people at the World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Can you give time this Thanksgiving to help us register voters at this event? Dedicated Democrats will be volunteering on Thursday to create positive change in our community. We could use your help.

WHEN: Thanksgiving Day from 8 am to 4 pm (one to two hour shifts).
WHERE: Georgia World Congress Center, B side. Parking is free.
WHY: To register new voters at the annual Hosea Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Dinner.

Please call Rashad Richey at 404-549—- or email at for more information. We can work around your holiday schedule, and you are welcome to bring friends and family.


Democratic Party Political Director Assaulted Girlfriend & Kicked In Her Front Door:

As someone wise once said, “And the plot thickens.”

A reader emailed over copies of the police report from Rashad Richey’s December 19, 2007 arrest. Rashad Richey is, as most readers now know, the political director for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

The police report, authored by DeKalb County Police Officer E.D. Dent, is not pretty.

Read the report and decide for yourself whether or not this guy is just what Dan Reihl would call, “a nuisance, perhaps with a problem with authority, or self-control.”

Perhaps a problem with authority and lack of self control ?

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Obama’s ‘Truth Team’ Considers MSNBC’s Ed Schultz a Good Source For “The Truth”

Just like in 2008, the Obama campaign is supposed to be a sharp, unstoppable, well oiled machine that is guaranteed to carry him to his reelection. But there have been some glaring missteps…

A few weeks ago the Obama Camp disabled credit card verification on its donation webpage, inviting campaign finance fraud.

Obama has skirted the the laws of propriety and decency so severely with his constant campaigning at taxpayer expense, even liberals are grousing about it, and RNC lawyers are investigating. His appearance on the Jimmie Fallon Show the other night, (where he continued in his pitiful mission to regain “his cool”), was a possible violation of campaign finance laws.

We’ve seen the Obama camp use diversionary tactics like  attacking Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom, and Mitt for the way he traveled with the family dog 30 years ago

And just when you thought Obama’s reelection campaign could not sink any lower, and get any more desperate – this happens:

On Wednesday, the President’s campaign website – under the hysterical rubrick of “Truth Team” akaKeeping GOP Honest – published a video featuring Ed Schultz trashing presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

So one of Obama’s biggest and most ridiculous shills is being tapped by his campaign to supposedly tell the truth to voters. What next? Will the Truth Team link to Keith Olberman’s Twitterfeed?

Newsbusters’, Noel Sheppard asks,  “Does the White House REALLY want to associate itself with a man that has said or done the following in the past twelve months?”:

Is this REALLY the kind of person you want doing fact-checks for your campaign?

If your name is Barack Obama, the answer apparently is “Yes.”

They are desperate and flailing, folks.