Pix and Video: The Tea Party Express Swings Through Grain Valley, MO

The Tea Party Express has hosted over 300 rallies across the country since it was founded, and Wednesday morning, May 2, they rolled into Grain Valley Missouri for a patriotic, all American rally.

The organization has been traveling with several speakers and entertainers, including Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer; Our Country Deserves Better PAC Chairman Howard Kaloogian; Mike Holler, author of The Constitution Made Easy; Entertainer Lloyd Marcus who wrote The Tea Party Anthem; Diana Nagy; conservative youth rapper Polatik; and Tabitha Hale of The Franklin Center.

Writer and entertainer, Lloyd Marcus

Mike Holler also gave a very good speech on the Constitution.

Polatik did some rapping:

Tabitha Hale told the assembled crowd about her political journey from apolitical college kid to an activist in the conservative movement. Please excuse that pillar that wanted to block all of the speakers, (especially Tabitha!)

Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “This tour’s route focuses on some of the key states for 2012 in either the Presidential or Congressional level. We have already endorsed six candidates for the U.S. Senate, including former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. Our goal will be rallying activists in support of some of the upcoming primary election battles or for the upcoming general election.

“Each stop aims at engaging voters with candidates and policies that promote pro-growth, free-market solutions to ensure the American Dream can be achieved by anyone. The only way to change this current economic path that is leaving us with a weak recovery, at best, is to change the players and policies that got us here. We started in 2010 and that drive will continue through November of 2012,” Russo concluded.

In Grain Valley, voters were introduced to District 5 Republican candidates for Congress, Jacob Turk, and Jason Green, as well as Senatorial candidates Hector Maldonado and Sarah Steelman.

The Tea Party Express bus driver Ray, rattles the tip jar.

Here’s a portion of Hector Maldonado’s speech:

Stay tuned – more videos on the way.


Sarah Steelman, one of the frontrunners in the Missouri Senate race,  gave a very good speech. In it, she slammed the Senate for its failure to produce a budget, and suggested we cut their salaries until they cough one up.


4 thoughts on “Pix and Video: The Tea Party Express Swings Through Grain Valley, MO

  1. Instead of cutting senator salaries until they pass a budget, may I suggest suspending all government workers (including federal, especially those under the Executive) until each jurisdiction has a usable budget within real spending abilities (in other words, no deficits or pie-in-the-sky projections of income). That would include the president and veep, all senators and representatives. If they feel unloved and have a hissy fit, let them resign, go home and get a real job. Especially Dingy Harry, whose only “real” job in history was getting his addled brain beaten to a pulp. The only exception would be the military.

    Maybe then it would get their attention that not only do we need a real budget, but we need it now and it has to be economically viable (that is, it cannot run a deficit under ANY circumstances).

    Can you imagine the howls of anger when people did not receive their welfare, HUD housing payments, social security checks, etc.? Why, I’d wager it would look kinda like a typical OWS rally!


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