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Ken Catalino cartoon via Townhall

Better late (in the day) than never, right? The truth is, I’ve got to dump some tabs before I crash my computer. The Obama administration, as always, keeps the 24 hour news cycle busy – never a dull moment with this guy.

Hopefully, if and when Romney is elected, the daily outrages will cease – or at least slow down a bit. The nogoodnick left will always be out there plotting and scheming to overthrow our system of government, but at least if Republicans hold all the reins of power again, the left’s power and influence will be greatly diminished.


The Washington Free Beacon: Obama’s War on Bald Eagles:

Obama administration proposes loosening rules against ‘programmatic’ killing of bald eagles:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service is proposing to loosen regulations prohibiting the killing of bald eagles for the benefit of renewable energy companies.

The Heritage Foundation’s blog “The Foundry” reports on the latest instance of the Obama administration’s war on wildlife:

A draft regulation first filed in April would allow businesses to apply for 30-year permits allowing them to kill bald eagles in the course of other legal activities. The length of those permits would be a six-fold increase over the five-year window allowed under current law.

The USFWS explains at “We have reviewed applications from proponents of renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar power facilities, for programmatic permits to authorize eagle take that may result from both the construction and ongoing operations of renewable energy projects. During our review, it became evident that the 5-year term limit imposed by the 2009 regulations (see 50 CFR 22.26(h)) needed to be extended to better correspond to the timeframe of renewable energy projects.”

The Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles previously reported on how the Obama Administration’s “mean green killing machines” are decapitating golden eagles, threatening hundreds of baby tortoises, and disrupting protected kit fox populations in California.

And now specifically targeting one of the nation’s most patriotic  symbols.


Reason: The Most Open and Transparent Administration in History Confiscates Cell Phones Before Fundraising Dinner:

Obama’s campaign team has graduated from consigning reporters to the closet during fundraisers, to confiscating the cell phonesof attendees:

Pool reporter David Nakamura of the Washington Post reported that at a $35,800 a head fundraiser at the home of Blackstone COO Hamilton “Tony” James in New York City Monday night, the 60 attendees were asked to place their phones in plastic bags by the door.

An Obama aide called the move it “standard operating procedure,” but veterans of a range of other campaigns said they’d never heard of the practice, which is common in secure White House spaces where there are concerns of espionage, but unknown in contexts in which only political secrets are discussed.


Iowahawk: The Idiossey:

The Not-Really-That-Epic Poem of Obamacles
Revised and Updated

(with Apologies to Homer)

Book the First: A question for the Muse

Speak to me, O Muse, of this resourceful man
who strides so boldly upon the golden shrine of Potomac,
Between Ionic plywood columns, to the kleig light altar.
Fair Obamacles, favored of the gods, ascends to Olympus
Amidst lusty tributes and the strumming lyres of Media;
Their mounted skyboxes echo with the singing of his name
While Olbermos and Mattheus in their greasy togas wrassle
For first honor of basking in their hero’s reflected glory.
Who is this man, so bronzed in countenance,
So skilled of TelePrompter, clean and articulate
whose ears like a stately urn’s protrude?
So now, daughter of Zeus, tell us his story.
And just the Cliff Notes if you don’t mind,
We don’t have all day.

Said the Muse:

I will tell the story of Obamacles through my scribe Iowahawk.
But this poem is copyrighted, so reproduce at your peril.


Keep reading – at least until Book the Sixth: The Rage of Hildusa, my personal favorite part of the not so epic poem.


Pathetic… Weekly Standard: Obama Leads by Only 7 in Arkansas’s Democratic Primary:

A new poll of Arkansas Democrats shows Barack Obama receiving support from only 45 percent of Democratic primary voters in Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District, while 38 percent support his underfunded and relatively unknown primary challenger, Tennessee lawyer John Wolfe, Jr. Seventeen percent are undecided in the district poll.


The Washington Free Beacon: Obama’s Bad Businessmen:

The president’s most famous business supporters face financial losses, scandals.

A slew of left-wing business moguls are on the skids thanks to poor investment decisions, questionable judgment, and accusations of bribery and cronyism.

Warren Buffett has lent his star power and his surname to President Barack Obama’s push for higher taxes, but his firm and its shareholders have not fared well during the Obama administration. Berkshire Hathaway has underperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index by an average of eight percent over the past three years.

Buffett is not the only famous presidential supporter to fall from business grace.

Television titan Oprah Winfrey appears to have lost the golden touch that helped make her the richest self-made women in America and propelled Barack Obama from up-and-coming Illinois senator to the nation’s first black president.

Bloomberg News reported earlier this month that the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) may have lost as much as $330 million  since its launch due to poor ratings and lackluster demand.

Winfrey may be the most famous loser among Obama’s backers at the moment, but she is not the biggest.

Hedge-fund billionaire Philip Falcone has driven telecommunications company LightSquared into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Federal Communications Commission in February revoked its conditional approval of the LightSquared’s broadband wireless network project due to projected interference with GPS technology used by the military.

Shouldn’t be surprising: Socialism is bad for business.


Atlas Shrugs: Treason: Obama outs Al Qaeda infiltrator for Election Gain:

Treason. Plain and simple. Can we hope a special prosecutor will be named to investigate the White House? I am sure that Patrick Fitzgerald, the Valerie Plame special prosecutor, has little to do these days.

How apathetic are the American people to suffer so contemptible and traitorous an administration with so little outrage?

BOMBSHELL: Al-Qaeda Infiltrator was Working for Brits not CIA, Cover Blown for Election Year Politics PJM.


LifeNews: Catholic Bishops May Sue Obama Admin Over HHS Mandate:

The nation’s Catholic bishops warned yesterday that they may consider filing suit against the mandate the Obama administration put in place that forces pro-life and religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs for their employees.

“[F]orcing individual and institutional stakeholders to sponsor and subsidize an otherwise widely available product over their religious and moral objections serves no legitimate, let alone compelling, government interest,” attorneys for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote in a letter to the Obama administration. “Absent prompt congressional attention to this infringement on fundamental civil liberties, we believe the only remaining recourse … is in the courts.”

“We believe that this mandate is unjust and unlawful – it is bad health policy, and because it entails an element of government coercion against conscience, it creates a religious freedom problem,” wrote Anthony Picarello, USCCB associate general secretary and general counsel, and Michael Moses, associate general counsel.  “These moral and legal problems are compounded by an extremely narrow exemption that intrusively and unlawfully carves up the religious community into those that are deemed ‘religious enough’ for an exemption, and those that are not.”


Time to call your Senators…

Noisy Room: MARITIME ATTACK: Law of the Sea Treaty in US Senate for Approval:

The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs is once again diddling with the ultra-massive U.S. sovereignty and communitarian wealth giveaways known as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS or LOST). Whenever one sees “communitarian,” one may think “global communist.”

Neo-Marxist Saboteur Barack Obama‘s State and Defense Departments (including numerous compromised, NATO-head officers) are pressuring the Senate to adopt this travesty after years of resistance dating back to Ronald Reagan’s presidency. If the committee goes forward with it, they could choose either of two paths: 1. the honorable and traditional congressional method of holding hearings, or 2. “fast-track” it, in order to slip voting through with as little light of day or time for the People to react, as possible.

The Senate is still Harry Reid’s crypto-Marxist Senate, and this committee’s chairman is John Kerry, so LOST may pop up for a vote like a rapist plunging from behind the bushes in the dark, within the next few days.

Recent and upcoming reports may be found at “” Gulag Bound will also continue to monitor: “”

For other sources, see in, “Obama Seeks Sovereignty Surrender Via LOST Treaty,” May 8, 2012; in U.S. News & World Report, “Kill the Law of the Sea Treaty,” May 10; and at Breitbart, Daily Caller, or American Thinker, “American Sovereignty: LOST at Sea?” by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, May 14.

Perhaps the most thorough of the most recent articles is found at Liberty News Online,The Creature from the Ocean’s Floor – the Law of the Sea Treaty,” by John W. Wallace, May 15.

See also: Dick Morris: Third World Ripoff Of Offshore Royalties: Screwed!

Signed in the 70s as part of the “New International Economic Order” heralded by the United Nations and described, accurately by Forbes, as a scheme to “take money from productive First World countries and give it to authoritarian Third World dictatorships.”

Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush refused to send it to the Senate for ratification, but Obama is pushing it, hoping to jam it through the Democratic Senate.

The Treaty requires the United States to pay to an International Seabed Authority half of its oil and gas royalties from wells beyond the 200 mile continental shelf. The Authority would distribute these revenues as it saw fit – with the U.S. casting only 1 of 160 votes in making the decision. Estimates of the total amount of revenue we will forfeit run to the hundreds of billions. Who needs foreign aid?


This is one of my favorite stories of the week….

John Nolte, Big Journalism: Chris Matthews Is Dumb:

Chris Matthews just isn’t a very bright guy. A decade ago, he at least used to ask interesting questions, but once he was struck with Bush and Palin Derangement Syndrome, he’s become a laughingstock in his quest to carry the left’s water, especially Obama’s.

Not only is Chris Matthews dumb enough to get a leg tingle from President Obama’s dull, pedantic speeches, he’s dumb enough to admit to to those tingles on television.

As if to reinforce my father’s opinion of him, after relentlessly mocking how well Governor Sarah Palin would hypothetically do on “Jeopardy,” Matthews made a king-size fool of himself in reality .

Picture of an idiot in action


Make sure you’re sitting down for this next one….

Stars and Stripes: Officials: Nearly $2 million in guns, combat gear sold to gangs:

A wide-reaching investigation by military and civilian authorities has uncovered a criminal conspiracy within the Armed Forces to steal and sell nearly $2 million in guns and combat gear to gangs in the U.S. and foreign countries including China, military officials have confirmed.

The probe began more than a year and a half ago when agents with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service began to conduct undercover operations to disrupt and reduce the theft, transfer, sale and possession of stolen U.S. Government property. With the aid of Marine and Naval authorities, NCIS has recovered $1.8 million in stolen guns and combat gear to include assault rifles, night-vision goggles, flashlights and other items, military officials said.

Those involved are accused of stealing, over-ordering or otherwise obtaining equipment and selling guns locally and other gear over the Internet to people in foreign countries including China and Russia, officials said.


Jill Stanik Illinois Review: Klein got it wrong in book about Obama and Illinois’ Born Alive Act:

Edward Klein’s unauthorized biography of Barack Obama, The Amateur, was released yesterday.

While I appreciate that Klein devoted a chapter of his book, albeit only three pages, to Obama’s opposition as state senator to the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act, he got it pretty much all wrong.


TFP Student Action: Talk about bullying: Pro-homosexual teacher bullies Catholic student:

The latest video released by the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance reports how Daniel Glowacki, a 16-year-old junior at Howell High School in Michigan, was persecuted for refusing to go along with the homosexual agenda in class.

Daniel’s economics teacher, Jay McDowell, queried his students about their position regarding homosexuality.  As a Catholic, Daniel responded that he followed Church teaching on the issue.

According to the interview, the pro-homosexual teacher had a fit. “He said we lost our right to free speech when we stepped inside his classroom,” said Daniel Glowacki. “I’ve never really been yelled at by a teacher like that before, so when he started yelling at me, I was just kind of in shock.”

The Thomas More Law Center is representing the boy in a lawsuit against the local school district and the offending teacher.

The Right Scoop: James O’Keefe exposes voter fraud in North Carolina:

From dead people to non-citizens voting, O’Keefe and his crew once again expose non-existent voter fraud and why we desperately need voter-ID. But they don’t just stop there. They also interview UNC officials who don’t seem to care about voter fraud and even one election judge who says that even though he swore to uphold the Constitution, he really only wants to uphold parts of it.

Watch at the link….


Big Government: Google Shuts Down Another Conservative Blog: KSM Trial Edition:

This past Sunday morning, I took to my blog, The New York Conservative, to opine on the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (“KSM”) and his fellow terrorists. The full text of the post is available further below.

The New York Conservative was a blog hosted by Google Blogger. I started the blog in February of this year and had posted 17 columns prior to the KSM entry, commenting on political matters and issues affecting the Catholic Church. I would post my entries on Facebook and occasionally would email a link to friends or other interested parties. I received no complaints about the blog whatsoever.

On Monday, the pro-U.S. security group Secure American Now posted a link to my KSM piece on its website. The link received numerous hits and generated multiple comments on the Secure America Now page.

However, a few hours after Secure America Now linked to the New York Conservative, I received a form email, no reply possible, from Google Blogger informing me that the New York Conservative had been deleted. The email classified my blog as “spam” in violation of Google’s terms of service. There was no further explanation. My URL was dead; all of the content, everything I ever posted, was gone.

(Video)The Daily Rushbo: Limbaugh On Zimmerman Broken Nose Evidence: Welcome To The Duke Lacrosse Case All Over Again:

Rush: George Zimmerman is a heck of a lot more Black than Elizabeth Warren is Indian… And I’d almost have to say “If Obama had another Son he would look a hell of a lot like George Zimmerman.

Jim Geraghty:New Ad Reminds Voters Corzine Is Still Raising Money for Obama:

This ad from the AmericanFutureFund hitting President Obama for his ties to disgraced former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, already has more than 214,000 views on YouTube in just two days.

The Cardinal Newman Society, Georgetown Scandal:

From the CNS President, Patrick J. Reilly:  NOW is the time to sign the petition at, and help swell our ranks to send a clear message to Georgetown!  The heat is on Georgetown to cancel its invitation to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  Thanks to YOU, we discovered this scandal and raised the alarm, thousands have signed our petition, and other groups have joined in the effort.

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator: The Obama Thugocracy:

“We’re playing with water guns, they’re playing with Scuds…. These people are terrorists…. There is a war. If we treat it as less than a war we will lose it.”
—MSCO CEO Mark Stevens to Heritage Foundation on fighting the Left

Mark Stevens and Frank VanderSloot.

Stevens is the Rush Limbaugh sponsor whose company and personal safety were threatened because he refused to buckle to the far-left haters in the Sandra Fluke affair. He is speaking out again. And he pulls no punches.

But before we get to Mark Stevens and the enthusiastically received, sensational talk he gave at the Heritage Foundation’s 35th Annual Resource Bank conference in Colorado, let’s talk about Frank VanderSloot.


Because what Mark Stevens is discussing — the rise of “domestic terrorism” associated with the Obama left — and the recent investigation of Romney contributor VanderSloot by a company called Fusion GPS are most assuredly part and parcel of the same issue.

Here is Mr. VanderSloot just last night on The O’Reilly Factor discussing what has been happening to him — correction — is happening to him.

Who paid Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS to investigate Romney contributor Frank VanderSloot?

Now there’s a question for congressional investigators.

Or bloggers.

While the dirt sought on VanderSloot by Fusion investigator Michael Wolf was public — as revealed in this superb reporting by the Wall Street Journal‘s Kim Strassel — (divorce records, a case involving a dispute with an ex-employee) Strassel has it exactly right when she terms this “trolling for dirt.”


Bonfire of the Vanities: The American Narcissus’ Greatest Hits

photoshop via Free Canuckistan, by R. Martin and Richard Terrelly

Yesterday, conservative blogs and twitter had a lot of fun with the news that Obama has inserted himself into every  US President biography since Coolidge (barring only Ford) on the White House Website…

Yid With Lid had this to say:

Talk about delusions of grandeur,  the White House website contains biographies of each of the men who held the office of President.  Recently the Narcissist-in-Chief decided to embellish each of the biographies beginning with Calvin Coolidge. The embellishment? A mention of a milestone achieved by his most favorite person in the entire world—Barack Obama.


He really gets creative with JFK:

Did you know?

President John F. Kennedy famously suggested the American people: “Ask what you can do for your country.” In 1961, the Peace Corps was created, facilitating service among citizens working toward peace in developing countries. In 2011, President Obama celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with a Presidential Proclamation.

Notice anything missing from the Kennedy quote? It began with “Ask not what your country can do for you…”  Of course “not asking what your country can do for you” is abhorrent to a progressive like Obama.

Not surprising is that Obama ignored the 20% across the board tax cuts originally proposed by Kennedy, signed by LBJ and resulting in prosperity.


The most galling one of all:

Did you know?

In a June 28, 1985 speech Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary. Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule. Technically the first sentence was correct. Reagan did call for a fairer tax code, but not by raising taxes on the rich but by simplifying the tax code and lowering tax rates.

With lower personal and corporate rates and another capital gains tax cut, small and entrepreneurial businesses will take off. Americans will have an open field to test their dreams and challenge their imaginations, and the next decade will become known as the age of opportunity. American industry will benefit, too, because the billions that are presently being squandered on the loopholes—things like jojoba bean shelters, racehorse write-offs, windmill farms, and luxury lunches for business executives-will be reinvested in the productive economy, where it will build new factories and businesses, create new jobs, and finance the new inventions that will keep America number one in the world market.

Read them all but and try to keep a straight face. The White House claims that its all OK because they didn’t change the bios, ignoring the fact that much of the added information was false. The larger issue is that with this president its all about him.  HE killed Bin Laden, the military is fighting for HIM.

For four years now, conservatives, and now I’m sure more than a few moderates and liberals have noticed this man’s unbelievable  egomania – narcissism to use the clinical term. There should no longer any doubt in anyone’s mind that this President suffers from delusions of grandeur.

I noticed it right away, myself – posting in May of 2008;The Narcissistic Qualities Of Barack Obama.

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane and review example after example of the President’s narcissism as more and more political observers made the same diagnosis:

By July of 2008, Charles Krauthammer had written The Audacity Of Vanity, citing a few of the growing examples of candidate Obama’s egotism:

Americans are beginning to notice Obama’s elevated opinion of himself. There’s nothing new about narcissism in politics. Every senator looks in the mirror and sees a president. Nonetheless, has there ever been a presidential nominee with a wider gap between his estimation of himself and the sum total of his lifetime achievements?

Obama is a three-year senator without a single important legislative achievement to his name, a former Illinois state senator who voted “present” nearly 130 times. As president of the Harvard Law Review, as law professor and as legislator, has he ever produced a single notable piece of scholarship? Written a single memorable article? His most memorable work is a biography of his favorite subject: himself.

It is a subject upon which he can dilate effortlessly. In his victory speech upon winning the nomination, Obama declared it a great turning point in history — “generations from now we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment” — when, among other wonders, “the rise of the oceans began to slow.” As Hudson Institute economist Irwin Stelzer noted in his London Daily Telegraph column, “Moses made the waters recede, but he had help.” Obama apparently works alone.

Obama may think he’s King Canute, but the good king ordered the tides to halt precisely to refute sycophantic aides who suggested that he had such power. Obama has no such modesty.

After all, in the words of his own slogan, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” which, translating the royal “we,” means: ” I am the one we’ve been waiting for.” Amazingly, he had a quasi-presidential seal with its own Latin inscription affixed to his lectern, until general ridicule — it was pointed out that he was not yet president — induced him to take it down.

Obama’s desire to give a campaign speech at Germany’s historic Brandenburg Gate, that summer raised eyebrows here and abroad:

The gate stood for 28 years behind the Berlin Wall in communist East Germany’s heavily fortified border zone. Probably the capital’s best-known monument, it was once a symbol of Germany’s Cold War division and now stands for its reunification.

Steg (spokesman for the chancellor), noted that the Brandenburg Gate has become “a place with a particular exclusivity, intensity and symbolism” in view of past speeches by sitting U.S. presidents and events such as a large rally in solidarity with the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

As a result, he said Merkel has voiced “great skepticism as to whether it is appropriate to bring an election campaign being fought not in Germany but in the United States to the Brandenburg Gate.”

Steg said that “no German (chancellor) candidate would think of using (Washington’s) National Mall or Red Square in Moscow for rallies, because it would be considered inappropriate.”

Angela Merkel reportedly found Obama’s plan to be “a bit odd”.

The Boston Globe, 7/23/08, in The Audacity Of Ego opined:

Barack Obama always was a larger-than-life candidate with a healthy ego. Now he’s turning into the A-Rod of politics. It’s all about him.

He’s giving his opponent something other than issues to attack him on: narcissism.

A convention hall isn’t good enough for the presumptive Democratic nominee. He plans to deliver his acceptance speech in the 75,000 seat stadium where the Denver Broncos play.

And as you probably remember, they were not content with a basic combination of video screens and slogans, Obama’s campaign produced a full-on neoclassical temple:four imposing Greek columns and 10 sizable pilasters, all connected by a frieze and arranged in a gently curving arc. From the center of this colonnaded contraption extended a long peninsular walkway, lined with blue carpeting and capped by a circular stage and wedding-cake steps.

Ace wrote at the time:

I used to think he was Captain Bullshit.

Now I think he is so dangerously narcissistic his ego just warps the world around him, like gravity, so that everything really does wind up revolving around him.

Remember the interior of Obama’s campaign plane? Let me remind you…

Via Newsbusters: Jake Tapper from ABC covered Obama on his overseas trip. Here were some of his thoughts:

Obama’s campaign has been pulling out all the stops, distributing these flyers in German to round up a huge crowd for his speech tonight, one the Obama campaign is billing at almost presidential. Even though he is not the president.

-to his hobnobbing with world leaders, to his military exercises in Israel and Iraq, everything about this trip is meticulously designed to make you comfortable with Obama as commander in chief. That started with his newly retrofitted plane. The American flag on the tail wing has been replaced by an enormous Obama “O.” And the slogan “change we can believe in” is on the sides. [Tapper is now inside the plane.] Inside, the plane has been redesigned to separate the senator and his staff from us lowly reporters. And this was the site of a big media mutiny the other day as Obama officials insisted they’d be able to brief us on background as anonymous officials. One of them said that’s what we did at the White House during the Clinton years. We pointed out they don’t work at the White House. Other flourishes, an Obama napkin holder after we refueled in Ireland.

On August 2, 2008, Kyle-Anne Shiver in the American Thinker, wrote an excellent piece that is especially poignant, today.

The salvation that Obama offers comes in the form of radically changing America to a utopian state, which he contends will fix our “broken souls.” That simply is not within the province of his abilities.
As Pope Benedict has so wisely and emphatically stated:
Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes, not divine, but demonic.
Truth and Tolerance; p. 116
Barack Obama stands front and center now, offering the age-old false promise that mankind can save itself through “collective redemption,” and simply because he employs Christian language and symbols, no genuine lovers of God will be fooled.
Hope in God?
Or hope in Obama?
I thank God every day for giving us Americans such a clear and easy choice. Perhaps He is simply using Barack Obama to separate a bit of chaff from the grain.
Alas, it was an easy choice for too few of us. Many lovers of God were fooled, and voted for “the One”, who just as we feared,  has been working feverishly to replace God with the State.
After Obama had been President for a year and a half, , Jonathan Last in the The Weekly Standard wrote: American Narcissus The vanity of Barack Obama:
Yet you don’t have to delve deep into armchair psychology to see how Obama’s vanity has shaped his presidency. In January 2009 he met with congressional leaders to discuss the stimulus package. The meeting was supposed to foster bipartisanship. Senator Jon Kyl questioned the plan’s mixture of spending and tax cuts. Obama’s response to him was, “I won.” A year later Obama held another meeting to foster bipartisanship for his health care reform plan. There was some technical back-and-forth about Republicans not having the chance to properly respond within the constraints of the format because President Obama had done some pontificating, as is his wont. Obama explained, “There was an imbalance on the opening statements because”—here he paused, self-satisfiedly—“I’m the president. And so I made, uh, I don’t count my time in terms of dividing it evenly.”There are lots of times when you get the sense that Obama views the powers of the presidency as little more than a shadow of his own person. When he journeyed to Copenhagen in October 2009 to pitch Chicago’s bid for the Olympics, his speech to the IOC was about—you guessed it: “Nearly one year ago, on a clear November night,” he told the committee, “people from every corner of the world gathered in the city of Chicago or in front of their televisions to watch the results of .  .  . ” and away he went. A short while later he was back in Copenhagen for the climate change summit. When things looked darkest, he personally commandeered the meeting to broker a “deal.” Which turned out to be worthless. In January 2010, Obama met with nervous Democratic congressmen to assure them that he wasn’t driving the party off a cliff. Confronted with worries that 2010 could be a worse off-year election than 1994, Obama explained to the professional politicians, “Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.”In the midst of the BP oil spill last summer, Obama explained, “My job right now is just to make sure that everybody in the Gulf understands this is what I wake up to in the morning and this is what I go to bed at night thinking about: the spill.” Read that again: The president thinks that the job of the president is to make certain the citizens correctly understand what’s on the president’s mind.

Obama’s vanity is even more jarring when paraded in the foreign arena. In April, Poland suffered a national tragedy when its president, first lady, and a good portion of the government were killed in a plane crash. Obama decided not to go to the funeral. He played golf instead. Though maybe it’s best that he didn’t make the trip. When he journeyed to Great Britain to meet with the queen he gave her an amazing gift: an iPod loaded with recordings of his speeches and pictures from his inauguration.

On November 9, 2009, Europe celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was kind of a big deal. They may not mention the Cold War in schools much these days, but it pitted the Western liberal order against a totalitarian ideology in a global struggle. In this the United States was the guarantor of liberty and peace for the West; had we faltered, no corner of the world would have been safe from Soviet domination.

President Obama has a somewhat different reading. He explains: “The Cold War reached a conclusion because of the actions of many nations over many years, and because the people of Russia and Eastern Europe stood up and decided that its end would be peaceful.” Pretty magnanimous of the Soviets to let the long twilight struggle end peacefully like that, especially after all we did to provoke them.

So Obama doesn’t know much about the Cold War. Which is probably why he didn’t think the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was all that important. When the leaders of Europe got together to commemorate it, he decided not to go to that, either. But he did find time to record a video message, which he graciously allowed the Europeans to air during the ceremony.

I always believed that at some point, Obama would want to downplay the hero worship and cult-of personality nonsense that surrounded him –  if not during the 2008 campaign – at least once he became President. It was frankly getting embarrassing. I  mean – The Obama Chia Head was just so wrong…

But no – although the fervor for Obama merchandise had died down by mid 2009,  Obama flags were flown at his inauguration and have been appearing ever since, (causing neighborhood squabbles), and upsetting veterans, without a peep of discouragement from the Commander in Chief.

In May, 2011, right after he posted a copy of his birth certificate online, the Obama Campaign began Hawking “Made in the USA” Mugs and Tee Shirts.

A visit to his own Campaign website gift shop, today, is to experience deja-vu of all the most embarrassing  examples of 2008’s overwrought Obamamania. Who wants an Obama spatula? Cutting board? How about an Obama dog bowl (In retrospect, a chilling photo™).

It doesn’t seem to matter how much he is ridiculed –they just keep hitting us with more of it – like the President shooting hoops with Obama Basketballs…just last month.

It’s no secret that Obama has been seeking a return to the  “cool” of his 2008 campaign 

“I know that it’s not going to be exactly the same as when I was young and vibrant and new,” he said at a fundraiser last year. “And there was — posters everywhere, hope. The logo was really fresh. And let’s face it, it was cool to support me back then. At cocktail parties, you could sort of say, ‘Yeah, this Obama guy, you haven’t heard of him? Let me tell you about him.’”

What’s creepy to increasing numbers of us, (the logo, the posters, the conceits, the Obama merchandise, the Obama inserting himself into the biographies of every US President since Coolidge) is considered cool by President Narcissus.

Roger Simon thinks Obama may well be imploding:

It is becoming okay not to like Barack Obama.

The Teflon cloak of being a cool, hip black guy, our first African-American president, is losing its power. That cloak of supposed post-racialism – not a “post-boomer leadership style,” whatever that may be – is what protected Obama. No one, not me, not David Brooks, wanted to be accused of racism. America desperately wanted to like Obama.

But they can’t. We can’t. And not just because the economy is brutal.

In hard times you get to see the individual up close, what he is made of. Roosevelt was one thing, Obama something completely different.

Can you imagine having a “fireside chat” with Barack Obama? Brrr…. The incumbent is a petulant, defensive narcissist, not someone with the humanity, humility or the experience to lead us out of dark days. Most people know this. More and more they are allowing themselves to admit it. Soon this may be a deluge.