The Twoosh Master’s Tweet Lacks Twooth (Video)

See if you can say that three times fast.

Folks, the jury is in – our amazing President has officially gotten his “cool” back because he has set a  “record” for composing the first “perfect tweet” by a President. Yes, I’m sure we’ll soon see this historic feat referenced in some other President’s biography on the White House website.

Granny Jan memorialized the momentous occasion by creating this lovely tribute video:

Obama was obviously proud of himself so I hate to nitpick, but there are a couple of problems with his twoosh.

Here it is, via The Blaze:

First of all,  the tweet’s “Twoosh” status is in contention…

And Gateway Pundit couldn’t help but notice something else that’s kinda questionable – this whole idea that alternative energy prices are getting cheaper:

Brian Hughes at the Examiner wrote this today.

Obama spent $90 billion of his stimulus package on green energy projects, including weatherization of buildings and development of electric vehicles. Yet, by the end of last year, just 16,100 people landed new jobs in the so-called green industry, Labor Department statistics show, far short of the 200,000 jobs the White House projected it would help create each year.

That comes out to $5.5 million per green job. What a deal!
But at least President Obama says the cost is coming down. We can hope… But, probably not until after the November election.

I would also note that oil is getting more expensive as a direct result of Obama’s own policies.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


One thought on “The Twoosh Master’s Tweet Lacks Twooth (Video)

  1. I heard about Marilyn Monroes daughter awlihe ago. Nancy Miracle, I then met with her a few years ago. She told me and I believe her that she had contacted Ms. Steinem many years ago in her fight to reveal the true story of her mother Manilyn Monroe, aka Nancy Cusumano, which Nancy has proved in a courtroom, Ms, Steinem disregarded Nancy, and just went ahead and wrote a book about Marilyn and made money, and acted still acts like Nancy Miracle doesnt exist. She is another, under the guise of feminism which is worse, who has contributed to Nancys story. I have recently heard that Nancy is doing a documentary telling the real story in europe and I hope it happens and that she can expose yet another phoney like Steinem.


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