Fox’s Anti Obama Ad: “Hope and Change”

You know it must be good because Media Mutters is spitting mad about it: Fox’s Anti-Obama Attack Ad (Huff!) Is Nearly (Huff!) $100,000 In Free Advertising (Huff!) For GOP (Spit!) — is only one of the many articles they’ve posted already about the new ad.

40 different laws probably broken, here. Enjoy it while you can.

Some hand-wringing from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Note that F&F isn’t just playing a campaign ad or a YouTube spot from an outside political action committee.  Nor does this come from the production company of one of its opinion-program hosts.  The video starts with “Fox and Friends Presents” on the screen, making this an explicit argument from the news channel itself.

Should a news organization produce and publish attack ads like this?  I know the initial response will be that other news organizations offer biased perspectives and hagiographies of Obama that go well beyond a single video … and that response is entirely valid.  However, we usually criticize that kind of behavior with other news organizations, too.  If anyone wanted to look for evidence that the overall Fox News organization intends to campaign against Obama rather than cover the campaign, this video would be difficult to refute as evidence for that claim.

If we didn’t live in a world where a major motion picture can be produced using White House talking points about a President’s  “gutsy call” and originally set to be released right before the November election, I might be bothered.

And given the fact  that Fox and Friends is an opinion show, and the other news channels are virtually running free Obama Campaign ads with their 24/7 sycophantic Obama-friendly coverage  — it doesn’t bother me, at all.

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Linked by Legal Insurrection and Michelle Malkin, and The Other McCain, thanks!



13 thoughts on “Fox’s Anti Obama Ad: “Hope and Change”

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  2. it’s all true – that makes it great reportage.

    that it hurts obama is a result of the fact that the truth hurts.


  3. Great video. Their vid guy should easily land a prime job with the Romney campaign or one of the super pacs… He is awesome!


  4. I don’t think that any news organization should pretend to be unbiased. It’s dishonest. Everybody’s biased.

    Should news organizations be thorough and tell the whole story? Yes. Should they be fair? Yes. Honest? Yes. Professional? Yes.

    Neutral? No.

    Be upfront with your bias and let the chips fall where they may.


  5. I didn’t see a single non-factual claim in the video. It juxtaposed Obama’s claims and promises with objective reality at this point in his term of office. If that constitutes advocacy, then any recitation of facts that favors or disfavors a politician is advocacy!


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  7. News outlets are allowed to “Endorse” candidates. As long as what is being stated is true, and not coordinated with the Romney campaign then I have precisely no problem with it.


  8. Did anybody see this broadcast on F&F? That minuscule part of the clip doesn’t–by itself–mean that the clip is a production of Fox. It is definitely a slick piece, and uses mostly Obama’s own words to refute his mendacity. I like it!


  9. I still don’t understand how any Murdoch owned news source is taken serious.

    Even if MSNBC is crap, it doesn’t excuse Fox from pumping 24/7 nonsensical propaganda.


  10. @gogole: nonsensical propaganda is Estrich, or Colmes, or in most cases, Williams getting into a discussion of anything and opening their mouths. All (and many more regulars on that channel) are walking proof of the Chinese saying of opening one’s mouth and removing all doubt.

    You probably think O’Reilly is a conservative, too.


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