R.S.McCain Surfaces In Virginia

If this picture is any indication, it would appear that RS McCain is heading back to his home state of Maryland,  making a stop at the Bilderberg protest that’s happening right now outside a Marriott in Chantilly, Va., where the group is holding its annual meeting.

McCain, who always likes to be right where the action is, can be seen behind Alex Jones, the gentleman with the bull-horn, who was alerting fellow protesters of some dark and disturbing antics happening inside the hotel:

“Alright this is just a person going to pick somebody up, they’re probably bringing him some child to rape or something in the trunk — no I’m not kidding, these people are sick.

“Every week they catch them shipping little babies wrapped in gold foil for these guys to eat. They admit that’s where it goes to, I’m not making this up.

“You think I’m talking about babies wrapped in gold foil for them to eat — I’m not, I’m not joking about that.

“This officer’s laughing at me — $10,000 they try to ship in roasted babies wrapped in gold foil for them to eat, $10,000 right now. You will lose, you will lose the bet!”

Oooookay, then…

See The Blaze for video.

If there’s any truth to these rumors, I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it in a 50,000 word post from McCain, very soon.

Another Stacy sighting can be seen at Conservative Commune.

From whereabouts unknown, his latest postings on the Kimberlin saga:

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RS McCain Surfaces In LA

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


10 thoughts on “R.S.McCain Surfaces In Virginia

  1. The roasted fetuses in gold foil references are to a news item about a week ago in which a Taiwanese national was arrested leaving Thailand with 6 roasted fetuses with gold leaf applied to some of them. How this is relevant to Bilderberg is anybody’s guess. I remember a video a few years back (2008 campaign?) of Alex Jones basically assaulting Michelle Malkin outside some conference. The guy is deranged and dangerous.


  2. The combination of the human mind and the evil allowed by today’s society is such that, if you can imagine it, someone, somewhere will try it.

    I don’t understand all this crap about “the Bilderbergs”. I must have missed something in Conspiracy 101 or something. Since I’ve been aware the last 6 decades, conspiracies like this have come and gone, others are still around with “true believers” and others will be presented anew, simply because insecure minds have to have boogeymen to blame.

    I’m not saying that every conspiracy theory is wrong, I’m simply stating the obvious.

    And Jones really needs to get a grip – preferably while cooling his heels in some jail cell, for intimidation.


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