Saturday Movie Matinee

PJTV, Abandon Ship: Democrats Unanimously Reject Obama’s Budget:

Obama’s budget did not receive a single vote in the Senate—not even from Democrats. Debt and deficits continue to mount. Is there any hope for America’s balance sheet? Find out on this Front Page with Allen Barton, Elan Journo, and Terry Jones.

Lee Doren, How The World Works: Take this Bloomberg!! Mayor Bloomberg Plans to Ban Large Sugary Drinks:

PJ Media: Trifecta – State of the Unions: Has Big Labor Had the Last Laugh?:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is facing a labor sponsored recall vote. Are unions legal, taxpayer funded rackets that undermine democracy? Is the SEIU union running the White House? Find out on this Trifecta.

American Crossroads ad: ObamaClaire:

ObamaCare cuts $500 billion in Medicare spending and empowers a board of government bureaucrats to restrict seniors’ access to care.  The law also will remove more than 128,000 Missourians from the Medicare Advantage program.  In 2010, the citizens of Missouri overwhelmingly opposed ObamaCare with 71% disapproving of the law.

Elitist Fashionista Anna Wintour Tapes Obama Campaign Video Inviting Lowly Commoners To Dinner…

What you are about to see is not an SNL parody: A snobby fashionista, the very epitome of “the 1 %”, beckons 20 somethings to donate to the Obama campaign in order to win a chance to hang out  with her, the Fund-Raiser-in-Chief, and other elites:

Charles Krauthammer:  Axelrod Event “Looked Pretty Bad”:

Andrew Klavan: Sensitivity Training – How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre:

Dana Perino makes a prediction re the coming ObaMedia narratuve:

I saw this on Hannity a few nights ago, thought it was noteworthy. Start at the 8:00 mark:

Bet she’s right.

Via The Right Scoop: Mark Levin caller insulted that Eric Holder would suggest black folks are too stupid to get photo ID:



3 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee

  1. Every one of the clips and stories deserves a comment, but I will limit it to the incredible hypocrisy that is the Obhamud’s campaign ad showing the Republicans (presumably Ryan himself) pushing grandma off a cliff, when in fact it is the jackass’ own ObamaCare bill that steals 1/2 trillion dollars from medicare and limits senior access to any reasonable level of health care.

    Claire McCaskill and every other socialist HAS to go this time around. They are destroying every vestige of a free country we have always assumed would still be around for our children.


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