Video: David Limbaugh Talks About “The Great Destroyer” on Hannity

Author David Limbaugh sat down with FNC’s Sean Hannity to discuss his newly released book “The Great Destroyer” which takes a critical look at President Obama’s Administration and his War on America.

Responding to Hannity’s question about what frightens him the most if Obama is reelected, he answered:

The things that he’s done even with a election pending, in six months or so are frightening, he’s still doubling down on his Keynesian spending on his debt, refusing to rein in the debt, refusing to give us a plan on entitlements, refusing to lead  the Senate to give us a budget after 1,100 or so days, I fear that he would do more administrative end-runs around Congress, more abuses of authority with his executive power and he would create even more debt — and we only have a 2-3 year window according to experts if you listen to what Paul Ryan says.

We’ve almost become numb to the daily outrages, he said, a point I’ve made a few times here at Nice Deb.

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At Townhall, Limbaugh writes:

“The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic,” picks up where my previous book “Crimes Against Liberty” left off, chronicling President Obama’s record since mid-2010, and it’s not pretty.

I firmly believe that Obama is heading this nation toward financial catastrophe, is greatly undermining our national defenses, the Constitution and the rule of law, is severely damaging our energy industry and our energy independence, is dangerously expanding government and smothering the private sector and small and large businesses, and is polarizing this nation in a way that we haven’t seen in many decades, along racial, gender and economic lines.

In wholesale breach of his 2008 campaign themes, he is zapping America of its optimism and hope, replacing those with despair and malaise. He is using his bully pulpit to turn the American dream on its head, demonizing success and glorifying government dependency.

Let’s hope and pray that enough Americans have tired of this ghastly charade of a Presidency enough to kick him to the curb, this November.


More Vetting – Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers’ 4th of July Barbecue

Big Government has the exclusive:

As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama disavowed any connection with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground radical who was one of Obama’s early backers and his colleague on the board of the Woods Fund in Chicago. We now have proof that Obama’s association with Ayers continued even after Obama had been elected to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate–in the form of a now-scrubbed blog post placing Obama at the home of Ayers and his wife, fellow radical Bernadine Dohrn, on July 4, 2005.

Dr. Tom Perrin, Assistant Professor of English at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama, was a graduate student at the University of Chicago at the time, and maintained a blog called “Rambling Thomas.” He lived next door to Ayers and Dohrn in Hyde Park. He wrote at 8:44 a.m. on July 6, 2005:

Guess what? I spent the 4th of July evening with star Democrat Barack Obama! Actually, that’s a lie. Obama was at a barbecue at the house next door (given by a law professor who is a former member of the Weather Underground) and we saw him over the fence at our barbecue. Well, the others did. It had started raining and he had gone inside be the time I got there. Nevertheless.

Ooh-ooh. I don’t think we were supposed to know that.

Although Dr. Perrin didn’t respond to Big Government’s requests for comment, he did delete his whole entire blog after this went public, sooo….

Breitbart News did find another source to corroborate the story.

Meanwhile, the MSM snoozes away. They have remained fastidiously uncurious about the Ayers/Obama relationship because who really cares, right? The Obama camp told everyone over and over again in 2008  that Ayers and Obama barely knew each other and that’s good enough for them…

The fact that Obama socialized with Ayers and Dorn contradicts the statement that Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt gave the New York Times in 2008:

Mr. LaBolt said the men first met in 1995 through the education project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and have encountered each other occasionally in public life or in the neighborhood. He said they have not spoken by phone or exchanged e-mail messages since Mr. Obama began serving in the United States Senate in January 2005 and last met more than a year ago when they bumped into each other on the street in Hyde Park.

And let’s not forget “Fight the Smears”:

Smear groups and now a desperate McCain campaign are trying to connect Barack to William Ayers using age-old guilt by association techniques. Here’s the truth: the smear associating Barack to Ayers is “phony,” “tenuous,” – even “exaggerated at best if not outright false.”

William Ayers is a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with whom Barack served on the board of an education-reform organization in the mid-1990’s. According to the Associated Press, they are not close: “No evidence shows they were “pals” or even close when they worked on community boards years ago …”

Smear groups and the McCain campaign are trying to connect Obama to acts Ayers committed 40 years ago – when Barack was just eight years old. Here’s what the New York Times reported on the connection:

But the two men do not appear to have been close. Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers, whom he has called “somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.”

Ayers once described the Obamas as “close family friends” but he was just kidding.

And Bill and Bernardine  totally never babysat the Obama kids when they were neighbors in Hyde Park, either. Anyone in the media who wants to fact-check that can just look it up on Obama’s Truth Team/ Attack Watch websites for the real truth.

Nothing to see here — move along…

The most shocking part of the story for me? “Small c” communist, Bill Ayers, the man pictured above standing on an American flag, whose terrorist group, the Weather Underground, is responsible for 30 bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructures of the capitalist/racist/imperialist U.S — celebrates the 4th of July with a back yard BBQ just like you and I do.

Now that right there is worth a Drudge siren.

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Monday Morning Catch-Up: Miscarriage of Justice in Maryland

 Here are some of the biggest stories of the weekend you may have missed, as well as a few breaking headlines ….

Patterico: Audio and Transcripts from the Hearing Where Aaron Walker Was Arrested for Blogging About a Public Figure:

Last week, I told you that Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging about a public figure. I published a report of the events of the hearing, which was consistent with another report from David Hogberg of Investor’s Business Daily. In that post, I said:

This is a clear-cut case of a First Amendment violation — about as clear-cut as you’ll ever hear.

This post contains the audio from that hearing.

Listening to the audio, I am struck by how much more respect I have for Aaron’s performance, and how much less respect I have for the judge’s behavior, than I did based on the published reports.

At one point, Aaron cites the seminal U.S. Supreme Court case on inciting violent speech: Brandenburg v. Ohio, a case that absolutely supports Aaron’s position. Judge Vaughey responds: “Forget Bradenburg [sic]. Let’s go by Vaughey right now.”


Yesterday, I published a Glenn Reynolds-style request to the “Army of Davids” — asking people to transcribe the most outrageous parts of the hearing.

In this post I will just highlight a few key passages that show a) how rude and dismissive the judge was; b) how dishonest Kimberlin was; and c) most important, that the judge disregarded Supreme Court precedent and found Aaron in violation of a peace order for his public statements about a public figure.

These excerpts also show that the judge issued an order preventing Aaron from blogging about Kimberlin for six months — a clearly unconstitutional prior restraint of speech.

I’ll get to the transcripts in a moment, but I want to say one thing first.

Now that it is clear that Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging about a public figure — and that a judge has imposed unconstitutional restraints on his speech rights — the next steps are clear:

  • Aaron Walker needs an immediate court order modifying the current peace order. There must be a clear judicial order stating that Aaron is allowed him to blog, tweet, and otherwise express himself publicly about public figure Brett Kimberlin. Every second that he is muzzled from speaking out is an intolerable crushing of his most sacred American right of free speech.
  • Aaron Walker needs legal help to obtain a reversal of this unconstitutional peace order, as well as to fight the possible criminal case against him for violating that peace order.
  • Aaron Walker needs a permanent injunction preventing Brett Kimberlin from seeking peace orders against Aaron based on his public speech about Kimberlin.

To accomplish these goals, we need the spotlight of Big Media on this tremendous injustice. Please spread the word, far and wide.

Please visit the link for audio and excerpts of the trial. There is no longer any doubt that a gross miscarriage of justice has occurred. Please do what you can to spread the word.


Michelle Malkin weighs in: Contempt: Free speech-trampling judge in Kimberlin case exposed; help Aaron Walker fight back:

Reminder: The fund to help Kimberlin victims is here.

This isn’t just a one-day commitment. It’s an ongoing battle for free speech. Every voice, every blog post, every tweet, every e-mail counts.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton: “One wonders why this is not all over the major media outlets. Only Fox News has covered it so far with the help of major talk show hosts such as Glenn Beck. If the silencing of the clarions continues, there will soon be no voice to warn Americans of the tyranny that is descending. We must all surely stand together or we will hang separately.”


*Added: AoSHQ: National Day of Blogger Silence — This Friday:

On Friday, this site will be absolutely dead-silent, which is what Brett Kimberlin and his stalker crew seeks, and what the media and our supposed Representatives in Congress would permit.

The only post on Friday will be a bold-faced Open Letter to Congress, urging them to act and not attempt to pass the buck to others.

They are our representatives; we would like some representation.

They vowed to defend and protect the Constitution; they can honor that vow now.

I will post links of Congressmen’s and Senator’s email addresses and offices and phone numbers, and urge every concerned American citizen to let them know, in no uncertain terms, that a crime in progress against the First Amendment (and people’s safety) is occurring, and we humbly request they take this seriously.

They are literally going to get someone killed. That is their endgame here.

Will the media and Congress pretend “we didn’t know” when this happens?

ABCNews knows.

The Weekly Standard knows.

The Daily Caller knows.

And many, but not yet all, Congressmen and Senators know.

I encourage all bloggers and twitterers to essentially strike that day, or write nothing except your desire that you expect your Congressmen to take threats to your First Amendment rights seriously.


*Added: Twitchy: National Bloggers Club president targeted by Brett Kimberlin supporters; National Day of Blogger Silence planned for Friday:

Supporters of convicted bomber and online terrorist Brett Kimberlin have gone after another conservative activist and his family with their anti-free speech thuggery.

Ali Akbar is the president of the National Bloggers Club, the group that organized the fund to support Kimberlin’s targets. He reported the attack on Twitter this afternoon.

Here’s RS McCain’s latest post on the Kimberlin saga:‘A Faint Whiff of Vigilante Hysteria’: Weinergate’s Kimberlin Connection:

The phrase quoted in the title is from a Firedoglake diarist who accurately calls the Brett Kimberlin story a “complex saga, as densely peopled and subplotted as a 19th century Russian novel.” While I resent the suggestion that I’m involved in any sort of “hysteria” — vigilante or otherwise — I’m linking the FDL diary because it offers a rather concise summary of how this story connects to the WeinerGate scandal.

As explained in a previous post, Neal Rauhauser’s involvement with Brett Kimberlin apparently began in 2011. In February of this year, Rauhauser published a bizarre eight-page document (“Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?”) expressing the belief that he and Kimberlin were targets of a conspiracy involving Andrew Breitbart and many others, including Mike Stack, who played a key role in exposing Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner’s online sexcapades.

Rauhauser is a fanatical “Weiner Truther,” believing in a conspiracy theory version of the WeinerGate scandal in which the congressman was the victim of a “set up” hoax perpetrated by Andrew Breitbart and/or shadowy Republican operatives. This left-wing tinfoil-hat stuff doesn’t really interest me, but it explains Rauhauser’s apparent obsession with Mike Stack, who is believed to be the only person who knows the true identity of “Dan Wolfe,” the guy who first spotted the incriminating Twitter message from Weiner.


Weasel Zippers: New York: Long Island Cops Claim They Were Demoted For Voting Republican…

Via NY Post:

Six Long Island cops claim their commissioner is putting politics before the badge.

The Long Beach crime fighters say they’ve been targeted by the seaside town’s Democratic machine for supporting GOP candidates in local elections last year.

Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney, a longtime Democrat, demoted the cops, cut their overtime, switched them to midnight tours and even filed false internal charges against them for “political payback,” the veteran officers claim in a $39 million lawsuit.

“It’s just the way politics work in this town,” Tangney allegedly told one of the officers while demoting him.



Doug Ross: Unbelievable: Why You Should Never Donate a Penny to the Sierra Club, Nor Any Group That Supports It:

The Sierra Club has gone “all-in” on the path to de-industrialize America; and I encourage you to spread the word to friends, family members and colleagues and help starve this radical front group of the cash it needs to advance its Statist agenda.


Business Insider: WORLD BANK BOSS: We’re Headed For “Impending Catastrophe” — “A Rerun Of Great Panic Of 2008”:

The head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, is about to step down after a 5-year term.That means he can say what he really thinks.


When the Reagan administration barred critical news media from White House press conferences, liberals quite rightly protested. So where is liberal outrage now that gubernatorial candidate Tom  Barrett has blocked a reporter from his public events?

Four male Barrett campaign staffers escorted Wisconsin Reporter’s Dustin Hurst from a Chippewa Falls rally for Barrett, the Democrat hoping to oust Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday’s Wisconsin recall vote.

Hurst is the Wisconsin Reporter journalist who caught on tape the arrest of a pro-Walker protester at a June 1 Barrett rally featuring former President Bill Clinton.

But limiting Hurst’s access to the Barrett campaign was more likely a reprisal for Hurst’s reports (here and here), earlier that day, revealing that Barrett, Milwaukee’s mayor, hired a convicted felon to work in his administration. That poor hiring decision wouldn’t be newsworthy except for the fact that Barrett has accused his Republican rival of employing a staffer charged — not yet convicted, mind you — of committing a felony.


The Independent Sentinel goes after some low hanging fruit: Obama’s Truth Team Engaging In Deceptive Propaganda:

1984 by George Orwell should be mandatory reading in every school across the United States. The date might have been off, but the story isn’t. Obama’s campaign seems to have taken at least one idea from the Orwell novel in the form of the “Truth Team,” which is nothing more than an online propaganda mill.

The “Truth Team” is comprised of Keeping the GOP Honest, Attack Watch, and Keeping His Word. They are all inaccurate but the goal isn’t accuracy as the names would imply. The goal is to sell Obama at all costs.

Attack Watch, the Orwellian “fact checker,” has some new, very glaring lies popping up in the last few days.

One “Truth” is the claim that Obama supports the coal industry.

They posted the following paragraph followed by some dubious claims –

Republicans are dredging up false attacks on the Obama administration, claiming that the Environmental Protection Agency is cracking down on coal. Conjuring up a “war on coal.” Mitt Romney’s campaign and the GOP are trying to convince Americans that President Obama has a “disdain towards coal and coal jobs.”

It doesn’t matter what diversionary tactics Obama’s Attack Watch uses, there is a war on coal and the proof is in the fact that no new plants are being built and existing ones are heading for retirement thanks to overreaching EPA regulations. Click here for information from Independent Sentinel on the beginning of the end of coal.

The outcome is that the price we pay for electricity is about to “necessarily skyrocket” as President Obama promised nearly four years ago – his words, not mine.

We are about to see increases from $16 per megawatt to as much as an astrounding $357 megawatts in the northern Ohio territory as we switch from cheap coal to natural gas and alternative energy with irrational and unnecessary haste.

Since last year alone, coal-fired plants have gone from generating 44.6% of the country’s electricity to 36%. That is stunning!

Fortunately, fewer and fewer Americans are being fooled by Obama’s pathetic propaganda.
White House Dossier: Blogger’s Head Explodes:

I was in the East Room yesterday, listening to President Obama speak at the unveiling of the official George W. Bush portrait, and that’s when it happened: My head exploded.

I felt terrible. I mean, it hurt, yes, but mostly I was just mortified. The General Services Administration had to come in and clean everything up. I’m pretty sure some of it got on the famous Washington portrait that Dolly Madison smuggled out of the White House as British soldiers approached to burn the place down.

The painting escaped British cannon balls, but not my exploding head.

But, I mean, what did the White House expect? I had just heard Obama try to say that he had shared credit for the killing of Bin Laden with Bush.

Bush was in the audience along with Laura, whose portrait also was presented. I looked at them as Obama said this. They are clearly stronger people than I. Neither of their heads exploded. I have to give them a lot of credit.

Doesn’t he ever get sick of lying?
Oh, this is good…
The parodies will write themselves, but the RNC mainly plays this one straight.  Instead of overtly ridiculing the ad, they simply play it in the background while pointing out that Obama attended six — six — fundraisers the day that the disastrous jobs report came out on Friday, and then reminds viewers that joblessness is up in every category over the last four years:
IBD, Andrew Malcolm: Obama’s new week: Could it possibly be any worse than his last one?

A brand new “work” week starts today for the president of the United States. Obama is off to New York City on Air Force One for not one, not two, but three more campaign fundraisers. First things first. That makes nine fundraisers in the last two “work” days.

At least that part’s working for him, albeit not as well as his cadre had hoped. This week does hold, according to late polls, the threat of a political spanking tomorrow in Wisconsin, if voters reject the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker and endorse his fiscal reforms that have already saved taxpayers millions.

To avoid just such embarrassment the White House tried to hide its recall support behind the Democratic National Committee, but a GOP win would augur ill for Obama capturing that crucial Midwestern state come Nov. 6.

However, Obama likely wouldn’t notice, he’s so out of touch, He devoted his weekly remarks to foreseeing prosperity just ahead and calling on someone else (Congress) to do something about jobs and the economy. The Republican response right here noted the obvious, that 30 GOP jobs bills are stalled in the Democrat Senate and Obama sure seems to like campaigning more than governing and working at the job he was already elected to do.


BlackFive: 9 year old boy donates Disney trip he won to family of fallen soldier:

This is one of the nicest stories I’ve seen in a while.  And it says a lot, not just about the young boy involved, but his family:

A 9-year-old Massachusetts boy who earned an all-expenses-paid Disney World vacation through an innovative Facebook experiment gave the trip away to the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

More to come…

Oh geeeez:

Drew at AoSHQ: Romney Appoints ObamaCare Supporter To Head His Transition Effort:

Mike Leavitt, former Governor of Utah and HHS Secretary Under George W. Bush, is heading up planning for Mitt Romney’s transition effort should Romney win.

It turns out he’s a big supporter of ObamaCare and has been fighting to have states implement the “exchanges” which are the mechanism the federal government will use to regulate personal insurance once the law is fully in force.

Ben Domenech, who has been a guest poster here and who does health care policy work for a living lays out some the “highlights” of Leavitt’s support for the law.

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin: Developing MSM trend: Begging GOP governors of states with healthier economies to give plaudits to Obama:

Over the weekend there were a couple of examples of what’s almost certain to become a coordinated mainstream media trend in the coming months: Pleading with Republicans from states with better-than-average economies to give President Obama some credit for their state’s recovery.

In this first example, Ohio Governor John Kasich was on Meet the Press Sunday morning, and David Gregory was determined to get Kasich to credit President Obama for Ohio’s falling unemployment rate (because of the auto bailout, which as Kasich pointed out, didn’t make as big of a dent as Gregory implied)…

Continue at link.

Via iOWNTHEWORLD, Virtually Everything Blows Up in The Left’s Face:

Left-Wing schmucks in Wisconsin were publishing the names of people who don’t vote, as if this was akin to be a blight on society. It turns out the guy running for Lt. Governor in the recall never voted before 2010.

The Washington Free Beacon reports: Mahlon Mitchell’s No Vote:

Wisconsin Dem candidate for Lt. Gov did not vote until 2010, records show

Democrat Mahlon Mitchell, who is challenging incumbent Wisconsin GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in Tuesday’s special recall election, recently told Jeremy Segal of the blog Rebel Pundit that he was not engaged in politics before 2008. Mitchell did not vote until 2010, records show.

“I was just … I’m not really engaged in politics,” Mitchell said in a video posted Friday. “I’m not really engaged in statewide politics at all. But once, what happened last year, and before that when Barack Obama came on the scene, that got me really, really engaged in politics. And I’ve been engaged ever since.”


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