Bill Clinton, Double Agent? (Video)

Bill Clinton’s behavior on the Obama campaign trail has set tongues wagging.

Thursday night former president Bill Clinton was a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight with guest host Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, the well-known Hollywood producer, openly acknowledged that he is a big supporter of both Clinton and Barack Obama, and he was working it for all he could. But it may have backfired. Writing in The Caucus, the politics blog of The New York Times, Michael Barbaro referredto Clinton’s comments as “an unusually open show of defiance against the party’s presidential nominee.”

As Barbaro put it, “On Thursday, former President Bill Clinton become the latest and by far the most prominent Democrat to suggest the strategy of criticizing Mr. Romney’s career in private equity is misguided.”

While stating that he believes Obama’s proposals and record on the economy would be better for the country, Clinton said of Romney that “the man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.” The “sterling business career” he was referring to was Romney’s time at Bain Capital. The problem, said Barbaro, is that this is “a message directly at odds with that of Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign, which has sought to portray the Republican as a rapacious capitalist who is out of touch with ordinary voters.”

Then Weinstein brought up Donald Trump, who he repeatedly called “uncool.” He asked Clinton about Trump’s comments about President Obama’s birth certificate. Clinton’s answer may have surprised him, in that he spoke very highly of Trump. “Donald Trump has been uncommonly nice to Hillary and me. We’re all New Yorkers,” he said. “And I like him,” said Clinton, “and I love playing golf with him. But the evidence is pretty clear that President Obama was born in Hawaii.”

Many people are wondering where Clinton’s loyalties truly lie.

On Fox News’ Special report, Charles Krauthamer called Bill Clinton, Obama’s biggest and most influential surrogate, a  “bull in a china shop” who’s saying things that undermine his reelection chances. An interesting discussion ensued, culminating in Charles jokingly calling Clinton a “double agent”.

video via Flopping Aces

Dick Morris went further in this recent interview with Sean Hannity, saying Bill Clinton never liked Obama, and has been telling Republicans privately that “you have six months to save the country.”

Morris told Hannity,”When it comes to a little jab here and a little jab there, you can count on Clinton to do it…”  adding that Clinton’s remarks about Romney sterling business record “wasn’t such a little jab – this was throwing Obama under the bus!”

Whatever is going on, it has me completely confused because at times, Clinton looks very much to be in Obama’s corner. But perhaps he says what he has to say in order to gain access to the Obama White House, so he can do what he can to undermine it.



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