Saturday Movie Matinee: Another Bad Week For Obama

Today’s feature video is courtesy of PJTV’s Afterburner with the always brilliant, Bill Whittle.

Hope… and Change:

Europe is descending into a horrible debt nightmare. Will unions throw America into a similar debt spiral, or will voters stand up to organized labor as they did in Wisconsin? Find out as Bill Whittle tells you about the dangers of socialism, and the true impact of Governor Scott Walker’s recall win in Wisconsin.

The RNC churned this next one out approximately five minutes after Obama made an amazingly boneheaded and tone-deaf comment at his press conference, yesterday:

The RNC is being kind. If you like your Oba-criticism shaken, not stirred, see Tammy Bruce.

For more commentary, see James Pethokoukis: You know who’s really ‘doing fine’ under Obama?’ Big Government.

Obama’s Missed Opportunity – Neil Cavuto – June 8, 2012:

FBC’s Neil Cavuto completely calls out President Obama on what could have been a game-changing moment in his bid for re-election.

From Bullet People, we have, “But Laura was not involved in fast and furious”:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is either very confused or lying. My bet is that he will say he was confused when he answered this question. He has done that before.

For more on Thursday’s hearing, see John Hayward  at Human Events: Eric Holder obstinate he didn’t know about Fast and Furious

Chairman Issa appeared on The  Greta Van Susteren Show, Thursday night, the theme of the interview being, “what next?”.

Issa said he is ready to set a date for contempt floor vote. Speaking of Boehner, who has to give the go-ahead, he said, “we have agreed to a process, and the timeline for that process is just about over.”

Later he said, “I believe the Speaker is close to the end of his rope…..I’m comfortable that he’ll make the decision relatively soon.”

He expects a decision to be made before the 4th of July.

Watch it all –

Issa on America Live: Obama White House ‘Green Jobs’ Propaganda:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, goes on Fox News’ America Live with Megyn Kelly to discuss the Obama Administration’s definition of new ‘green jobs.’

Obama’s outlandish green propaganda and fraud  exposed:

‘s Stephen Kruiser: Walker Wins, MSNBC Spins:

Governor Scott Walker survived the union backed recall effort. So how did MSNBC spin the big labor loss? Find out as Stephen Kruiser reminds Chris Matthews that he bombed on Jeopardy, and Tina Brown that she wants a puppy not a president.

Mark Levin comments on Birthers:

Mark Levin:Mark Levin stupefies liberal with a single question:

Trifecta: The Devil Votes Obama: Anna Wintour’s Bizarre Endorsement and Other Obama Campaign Blunder:

Obama’s donors are running away from the President’s reelection campaign. Even Maureen Dowd of “The New York Times” seems to be turning on the Obama presidency. Is there any hope in 2012 for Barack Obama? Find out as Trifecta shows you Obama’s new secret weapon: the Anna Wintour endorsement video.

CNN covers the SWATting of conservative bloggers:

CNN contributor Erick Erickson is among several bloggers police say were victimized by bogus 911 S.W.A.T. calls.

A Breitbart Tribute by All American Blogger, winner of The Breitbart Award:


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