Romney Releases New Ad: “Fine?” (Video)

Mitt Romney couldn’t believe his fortune when Obama  declared “the private sector is doing fine” the other day. Obama couldn’t have been more generous with his verbal gift if he had wrapped it up and tied it with a bow.

Romney pounced immediately:

“Is he really that out of touch?” GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney asked as Obama’s initial comments ricocheted through the presidential campaign.

The Romney campaign released this new web ad, this Sunday morning.

“We’ve seen layoffs, cutbacks,” a woman says in the video, titled “Fine?” “When it’s all said and done I’m making $200 a month,” a man says afterward.

“No, Mr. President, We Are Not ‘Doing Fine,'” the video concludes in text.

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3 thoughts on “Romney Releases New Ad: “Fine?” (Video)

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  2. How about a T-shirt showing Hewlett Packard employees saying “We’re doing fine”! Or maybe Acme Thingamajigs – For Your Furnace! with a big American flag logo. The Romney campaign could clean up creating swag out of Obama-isms.


  3. Awesome idea!

    In 2008, he was Mr. “Cool” basking in the whole cult of personality nonsense.

    That turns that on its head. He’s become a joke – and the merchandise should reflect tht.


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