Coney Island Kindergartner Sings “God Bless The USA” on Fox and Friends

Luz Lozada, the outspoken mother of a Kindergartner at PS90 in NYC, visited FNC’s Brian Kilmeade and shared the story of how her son, Daniel Mitchell (along with the rest of the graduating Kindergarten class) was banned by the Principal Greta Hawkins, from singing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”. She is the same mom who was interviewed in the New York Post article over the weekend:

The song was sung by fifth graders, last year, and “Everybody applauded and whistled,” the mom said. “They gave it a standing ovation.”

Instead the kiddies will be singing a Justin Bieber song –  “Baby”, a song about teenage love featuring lyrics such as, “Are we an item? Girl, quit playing.”

Lozada’s son Daniel’s rendition of the song “God Bless the USA” will bring tears to the eyes of sentimental Americans, and I suspect eye-rolls from lefties:

Video via 

You know what that was for me? It was the polar opposite of the feeling I got when I saw Rev. Wright in action at TUCC for the first time, bellowing, “G*d damn America!” and “the US of KKKA”, with the whole congregation whooping and hollering in approval. That brought tears to my eyes, too – but they were tears of horror, and…despair. The racial divide was much larger than I ever realized, and I wondered if there was any hope for reconciliation between the races when such monstrous race baiting was going on — in houses of worship, yet.

This sweet child’s innocent rendition of a patriotic ditty is the antidote to such despair.



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