Saturday Movie Matinee: “Out and Out Lawlessness”

Charles Krauthammer commented on Obama’s latest  “end-run” around the legislative branch of the federal government, on Fox’s Special Report, last evening:

“Beyond the pandering, beyond the politics, beyond the process — is simple constitutional decency,” Krauthammer explained. “This is out-and-out lawlessness. You had a clip of the president himself say months ago ‘I cannot do this on my own because there are laws on the books.’ Well, I have news for president — the laws remain on the books. They haven’t changed.”

He said this appears to be the White House attempting to enact the DREAM Act, which failed to pass muster with the Congress after several attempts over the past several years.

“He proposed the DREAM Act of which the executive order is a variation,” Krauthammer continued. “He proposed a DREAM Act. The Congress said no. The Congress is the one who makes the laws. What the administration does is it administers law.”

“And in fact, what it is pretending to do is to use discretion,” he said. “That’s what the Homeland Security said. This is not discretion. Discretion is when you treat it on a one-by-one basis on the grounds of extenuating circumstances. That is declaration of a new set of criteria, which is essentially resurrecting the legislation that the Congress has said no to.”

Krauthammer reminded viewers of the criticisms the Bush administration took on when some perceived it to have been overstepping its bounds, while those same detractors have little to say about this.

“And I think this is not how you run a constitutional republic,” he continued. “This ought to be in the hands of Congress, and it is an end-run. And what’s ironic of course is for eight years, the Democrats have been screaming about the imperial presidency with the Bush administration — the nonsense about the unitary executive. This is out-and-out lawlessness. This is not how you govern. And I think that is the first issue that should be on the table.”

Watch the video at the Daily Caller.
Allen West responds to President’s Immigration details: “We’re starting to live under a rule by edict or executive order”:
I’m not terribly concerned about the actual policy – Marco Rubio has been working on something similar in the Senate, but Obama had reportedly instructed Democrats not to work with him on that out of fear that Rubio would actually put together some kind of a deal that would be good for the country. He couldn’t have that. Remember always – power before principle is the way of the hard left.
My main problem with the policy is Obama’s lawless implementation of it,  and the Republicans’ failure to do anything about it. I’m  not interested in hearing any more angry speeches. What are they going to do?

Again, I ask: Why Won’t Republicans Stop Obama’s Arrogant, Paternalistic, Totalitarian Overreach?

Weasel Zippers reports: GOP Rep. Steve King To Sue Obama Regime Over New Immigration Policy…

Where’s the rest of them?

Michael Filozof of the American Thinker: If We Took the Constitution Seriously, Obama Would Be Impeached

Speaking of speeches.

The Politico: Mitch McConnell defends Koch brothers:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday blasted President Barack Obama for joining in liberal attacks against conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch.

In a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, the Kentucky Republican accused Obama’s reelection campaign of employing tactics not seen since the Nixon administration. Part of that, he said, is an “enemies list” and efforts to demonize private citizens like the Koch brothers.

“Indeed, for all the talk after the Citizens United ruling about the corporate takeover of politics, not a single Fortune 100 company contributed a penny to the eight Super PACs that supported the Republican primary candidates,” McConnell said. “And that includes Big Oil, Wall Street banks and health insurers — the three corporate bogeymen that President Obama himself warned us about in the wake of the court’s ruling.”

Here are some clips from Sen. Mitch McConnell’s speech at AEI:

Amending the First Amendment would be an act of radicalism:

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Protect unpopular belief, or Americans will be in danger:

Sen. Mitch McConnell: U.S. must have a free market of ideas:

You can watch the full speech at AoSHQ.

Via The Right Scoop: Full Speech: Michelle Malkin at Right Online 2012:

See Also:The Right Scoop: Full Speech: Sarah Palin at Right Online 2012.

Big Government: Top Ten Quotes from Sarah Palin’s RightOnline Address.

Pajamas Media, Hair of the Dog: Leak of the Week, Obama Killed Osama bin Laden with his Bare Hands:

The Doctor of Common Sense: Insane Liberals killed California and they still are not happy:

“American Bridge”, an Obama super PAC created by anti-religion Media Matters founder David Brock,  has teamed up with Priorities USA Action, another hard Left super PAC blessed by the Obama campaign. Doug Ross recently discovered where their greatest priorities are:

1st Tier: IN, MA, MO, VA, OH, WI
2nd Tier: FL, ND, AZ, NM, MT, NV
3rd Tier: MI, ME, NE

Crossroads GPS is doing what it can to torpedo Sen. McCaskill’s chances in MO: New Ad in Missouri Demanding Action to Fight Wasteful Spending:

  McCaskill voted for the stimulus package which cost taxpayers more than $1.18 trillion as more than 16,000 Missouri jobs were lost after its enactment.  Despite promises of job creation and economic growth by Obama and McCaskill, the bill wasted money on projects like $2 million to study ants in Africa, $25 million for snow making in Vermont, and $300,000 to study weather on Venus.

For more information about the six major policy initiatives detailed in the “New Majority Agenda,”visit

Bill Whittle tells a Civil War story, and relates it to today’s election race: “We’re going to whip them out of their boots”:

Tipping point coming soon?

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: “Out and Out Lawlessness”

  1. We need republican leadership in congress that is not afraid of being labeled racist when they push back on Obama’s power grab[s]. That will happen, it has happened before and the democrats will continue so long as they see our leaders cower at the prospect of confronting Obama. Obama is not defending the constitution and laws of the USA. He should be impeached but republican leadership is afraid of the half white-half black man. One thing is certain, Obama is an anti-American socialist. Another thing is also certain, existing republican leadership needs to be replaced with real patriots who see not the color of Obama but see the damage he is doing to the nation and society.


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  3. Republican leadership? That seems to be becoming an oxymoron, John, what with Boehner quivering at the thought of holding a vote for Contempt of Congress against an accessory to murder, McConnell dancing on whether Republicans will or won’t support anything not getting done in the Senate, and the new conservative darling, Rubio, trying to put enough of a Republican (not conservative, though) spin on how to get 300,000,000 Americans to accept illegal cheats who thumb their noses at our laws but would be totally outraged if those laws were enforced like they are in the countries they came from.

    And don’t forget the original architect of ObamaCare who happens to be running for the presidency as a Republican, Mittens. The epitome of conservative leadership if ever there was…leadership?


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