Monday Ketch-up: Political Intrigue

Mike Vanderboegh, who is still recuperating from the major surgery he had back in March, is running circles around the snoozing MSM in the reporting of the Fast and Furious scandal. NBC was briefly roused, last week to finally mention Fast and Furious for the first time in a report about Holder’s appearance before the Senate. They devoted mere seconds to the inconvenient scandal that complicates their charge’s reelection chances. Meanwhile, the indefatigable Vanderboegh plods on with scoop after scoop.

The latest: Sipsey Street Exclusive: The Strategic Communicator. “Tough Guy” Denis McDonough, “Obama’s single most influential foreign policy adviser” and the Fast & Furious Cover-up.

As early as October 2009, officials in both the Central Intelligence Agency and the Drug Enforcement Administration objected through their respective chains of command about weapons smuggling and related confidential informant operations in the Republic of Mexico on the part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including what the world has come to know as Operation Fast and Furious, according to previously reliable sources familiar with the intelligence operations of the United States.

Because of the refusal of the ATF and FBI at lower levels to allow “deconfliction” with the CIA and DEA, these complaints, according to the sources, were eventually forwarded to the National Security Council of the White House, including Kevin O’Reilly, a State Department employee seconded to the NSC,O’Reilly’s boss Dan Restrepo, then Director of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the NSC and Denis McDonough, then NSC’s head of Strategic Communication and since then promoted to the Deputy Director of the National Security Council. McDonough, described in one biographical sketch as a “tough guy” and “Obama’s single most influential foreign policy adviser,” is also a personal friend and “basketball buddy” of the President of the United States.

The result, said one source, “The word came back from NSC, ‘butt out.'”

Keep reading at the link – there’s much more.


The AZ Daily Star: Border Patrol union calls on Holder to resign:

The union that represents Border Patrol agents in Southern Arizona and around the country called today for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.

The National Border Patrol Council cited Holder’s alleged dishonesty about Operation Fast and Furious in making the call. That ATF-led operation put guns from Arizona in the hands of Mexican organized-crime groups, and two of those guns were found at the scene west of Rio Rico where Agent Brian Terry was shot to death in December 2010.

The decision to ask for Holder to step down came after more than a year of frustration about the Justice Department’s handling of the controversial operation, said Shawn Moran, a vice president of the union who is based in the San Diego area.


At Big Journalism, noted media critic John Nolte lauds  Romney for Refusing to Take Media’s ‘Illegal’ Bait:

While our presumptive nominee Mitt Romney has criticized Obama’s cynical, politically-timed power grab, he has yet to say whether or not he would repeal President Obama’s executive decision to no longer enforce our laws with respect to somewhere around one million Mexican illegals. Instead, first thing this morning, the Romney campaign went right back to talking about Obama’s failed economy.

A number of my fellow conservatives, many of whom I admire, are hitting Romney for not taking a stand on this, but what exactly is Romney supposed to do? This entire story is, quite obviously, a coordinated trap set up by both the Obama campaign and their White House Media Palace Guards to change the subject and gum Romney up in divisive identity politics for the next ten days.

Within seconds of Obama’s unilateral move (remember when the media hated those?), many of the Media Palace Guards I follow on Twitter were tweeting things like “game changer,” because after having no choice but to report on Obama’s very bad two weeks, they were all in agony and desperate to change the subject — desperate for a “game changer.”

So the media itself tried to turn Obama violating his oath of office to uphold the laws of our country into exactly that. The MSM quickly turned Obama’s disregard for the law into a story about his compassion, decisiveness, and how brilliant the move was politically.

Then, of course, they trained their fire on Romney.

  • What will Romney do?
  • What will he say?
  • Oh, look, Romney is refusing to make a statement.
  • Oh, look, Obama put Romney in a no-win situation.

Keep reading – brilliant analysis as usual from Nolte.


Moving on to the world of political intrigue…

Andre Walker of GA Politics Unfiltered posts: Another Open Letter to Georgia Democratic Party Political Director Rashad Richey:

Dear Rashad,

My lawyers have informed me that your lawyers did not respond to the letter requesting $15,000 in reduced attorney’s fees for the filing of that frivolous lawsuit against free speech and against the truth.

So now, Rashad, my attorneys filed a motion in Fulton County Superior Court asking for fees.

But Rashad, it’s not for the $17,232.45 that was quoted before. Oh, no, my friend.

Keep reading…I really dig Andre’s style.

Now for some very dirty politics in South Florida where beloved political reporter, Javier Manjarres of the Shark Tank has been targeted by a sleazy, possibly bogus Republican campaign.. Congressional Candidate Ozzie deFaria Under Criminal Investigation:

It’s been increasingly alarming to hear about the different Alinskyite tactics that have been used against conservative bloggers and journalists of late. Some of my fellow conservative bloggers have been the target of “Swatting” attacks that have made national news of late, the purpose of which are to terrorize their victims and intimidate them to stop their blogging efforts.

deFaria, who has employed an amateurish campaign staff that has undoubtedly poorly advised him on how to properly do damage control has put up a website about his main opponent in the Republican primary race, Karen Harrington that is nothing less than laughable and libelous. deFaria has been in damage control mode subsequent to the revelation of his 2005 domestic violence issue and his 2006 arrest for repeat violence and battery.

The website contains several misrepresentations of Harrington and even questions her claim to being a small business owner because she only owns part of her family business. This accusation is insulting to all small business owners who have entered into partnerships with their friends and families- no one but deFaria apparently believes that if you only own 1/6 or any fraction of a business then you aren’t really small business owner.

But here’s deFaria’s major no-no that has landed him in hot water- he illegally obtained my Florida driver’s license information and photo and then claimed that it was a ‘mugshot’ of me. Right underneath the picture, deFaria typed my name and the date of a domestic violence issue I had in 2008 in a pathetic attempt to make my license picture look like is was actually a mug shot taken after an arrest.

Senator John McCain, Senator Richard Burr, Herman Cain, and J.C. Watts, who have all endorsed or expressed support for deFaria should be rethinking their support.

The Conservatory, More Inside Baseball Kimberlin Fallout: Paul Lemmen, Ali Akbar, Ladd Ehlinger [UPDATE]

I met Ali Akbar when I went to the Scott Brown victory party in Boston. Via Ali, Stacy procured a press pass for me at the last minute, so when Ali was outed by some Kimberlin associates for having a rap, I didn’t really think too much about it. I figured, heck, youthful indiscretion, the guy’s trod the straight and narrow, been in positions of trust in the movement, partnered up with Melissa Clouthier to do some good work with the National Bloggers Club. Ali had also come immediately to Stacy’s aid when he found out that Stacy needed to cut loose from his family temporarily to protect them from the attentions of Brett Kimberlin and company, who called Stacy’s wife’s workplace to complain about his reporting on the Speedway Bomber’s terroristic history and register a veiled threat.

So, when Paul Lemmen came out excoriating Ali for trying to bury his past, I thought, hey, this is an ex-con who’s trying to rehab himself by being ultra-up front about his background, and maybe he’s overreacting a little bit. None of us here jumped into the fray. But now I find out, via Ladd Ehlinger, that Paul’s gone dark in protest of pressure calls asking him to back off of posting about Ali’s checkered background, and if it’s true, it stinks.

Nice Deb wants to like everyone in this fight, and hopes that it is resolved soon. One thing I don’t appreciate is “pack behavior” or “group think”, or sucking up to the cool kids – however you want to put it — I excoriate the left for this on a daily basis. I like to think that the free and independent thinkers are on our side. So I am beyond disgusted that Lemmon is being hassled by people on our own side for having the guts to voice an unpopular opinion. I like to think we’re better than that.  I linked to Paul Lemmen’s post about withdrawing his support for the National Blogger’s Club a couple of weeks ago because I thought he made some legitimate points. While I also think that Ali  has been a huge net positive for the conservative cause, I was shocked to hear about his felonious background, which I would have preferred to have heard about first from him– not our enemies. Then again,  his criminal history is minimal, and he claims to have disclosed it to everyone he has ever worked for.  See The Lonely Conservative for more thoughts on this: Well, This Isn’t Good.

As always, see The Other McCain for the very latest on the Kimberlin/Rauhauser saga.

BIG Update: iOWNTHEWORLD: Stop Drinking the LemmenAde – Ann Barnhardt:

Now to Paul Lemmen.  His latest online persona popped up in early January of 2012.  His blog is called “An Ex-Con’s View” and is built around his alleged “repentance” from his life of crime and fraud.  His latest “angle” is very clever, and is the ultimate prize for a con-man.  Remember that the term “con-man” is an abbreviation of the term “confidence man.”  While these criminals certainly have as an objective the stealing of people’s money, that is only half of it.  The other half of their motivation is simply to manipulate other human beings.  The greater the manipulation, the more false confidence they can engender in others, the bigger their rush, or high, which is the primordial driver.  Any monies acquired from their victims are merely a derivative and tangible reminder of the root driver, which is the addiction to manipulation and fraud psychological rush.

So what is this “ultimate con?”  It is to tell the victims out front that he is a convicted con artist.  He lays out his lifetime of crime, claims that he is a changed man, claims that he is now a devout Christian looking to repent and make good and then asks people to TRUST him.  If he can do this, if he can tell a person “to their face”, so to speak, that he is a con-man and then still rope them into his web, well, that’s the Olympic Gold Medal for con-men.  That is the ultimate high.  That is a sociopath like Lemmen sitting back and telling himself, “I’m so damn brilliant and charming that I can literally tell people that I’m conning them, and they will still let me do it.”  Additionally, it provides a built-in hedge for Lemmen.  If anyone calls Lemmen on his lies or very recent criminal history, he can simply fall back to the defense that, “I’ve already told you that I am a con-man.  But I’m reformed now, and if you’re a Christian, you have to forgive and forget all of that.”  He has essentially taken what should be a massive liability to him, namely his life of sociopathic fraud, wrapped it in a sheath of faux-Christianity, and now uses it as a weapon psychologically bludgeon and coerce people into being his willing victims and enablers.

Paul Lemmen is going for the gold as we speak.

Read all 3000 words – long story short – it would seem that many of us have been conned by the “ex-con”, who as we speak has vowed to stop blogging about Kimberlin because he’s not helping.. No kidding…I am now disgusted mainly with myself for not heeding my spidey sense about the guy from the beginning… Good grief, our side does not need all this drama.


More thoughts from Film Ladd: A Step Down


Now for something completely different:

The Lid: MUST WATCH VIDEO Latma Spoofs The White House National Security Leaks:

Latma TV has done it again! As the White House continues to deny any involvement with the leaks of classified national security information they produced a one of their most biting videos complete with prisoners tortured in Iranian jail, an Israeli military hacker and an Al-Qaeda middle man all proud of the fact that Barack Obama has ruined their lives by exposing them…all in the interests of his reelection campaign.

Watch at the link.


Katie Hicks, Townhall: Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit:

The Doctor Patient Medical Association has released a new survey of about 700 doctors, and the results are bleak. Scary bleak. Among other dismal figures, Doctors’ Attitudes on the Future of Medicine: What’s Wrong, Who’s to Blame, and What Will Fix It found that 83% of respondents are contemplating leaving the industry if Obamacare is fully implemented, owing to its disastrous projected consequences. Indeed, they openly blame the healthcare law for their industry’s woes:

Continue at the link.  Why did the doctor’s trade association, AMA,  support something most doctors deplore?