Trey Gowdy, Southern Fried Republican Rock Star (Video)

Another video gem from Bullet People.

When a U.S. Congressman defends the rule of law over the rule of pull, it’s worth listening to. And it’s worth setting to slow southern rock screaming guitars.

Shorter Gowdy:

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!



7 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy, Southern Fried Republican Rock Star (Video)

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  2. Trey is just one of the up and coming representatives from the great state of South Carolina. We also claim Tim Scott and Jeff Duncan as well as Senator Jim DeMint. Now if we could just get rid of James Clyburn and RINO Lindsey Graham.


  3. Trey comes from the upstate and managed to unseat a rino, entrenched repubic. He is still in first term and came in with the ’10 wave election and had strong Tea Party support. I hope his star keeps rising enough where he is able to challenge the rino Senator from SC and that guys name doesn’t start with Jim.


  4. Sad to say but Jim DeMint is relinquishing his seat after this term. He is keeping his promise that he would only serve two terms as Senator. I’m hoping that we get a strong candidate to replace him as well as someone to run against Lindsey Graham.


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