Just so You Know – The Obama Campaign Gift Registry is Bush’s Fault

You’ve all seen this by now. I know you have – Obama has an “Event Registry” on his campaign website where “in lieu of” a gift for your  kid’s birthday, you can have the honor of donating  to The One. Seriously.

It’s being mocked… everywhere – on blogs, Twitter, talk radio,  the office, the bus stop, the nail salon,  the McDonald’s drive through – everywhere.

Everyone agrees it’s outrageous, but can’t decide if it’s more disturbing or funny, or desperate, flailing, disgusting or just plain sad. Some embarrassed  libs are saying nuh-uh, that’s not real —it it it’s just a Faux News lie – I read it on Snopes,,,

But no, look – it’s for realz:

Yeah, 984 comments, and probably more by the time this post is up. I haven’t read every single one, but I can tell you that the vast majority of the comments I did read on the President’s own campaign website, were negative.

Some sample comments:

Is this what the office of the President of the United States has come to? Pandering for wedding and birthday money?

Yes, it has, but stay tuned — he has quite a way to go before he hits bottom. Should be amusing.

Funerals will be targeted next, a donation in lieu of flowers

He still has room to hit bottom…..thats scary.

its like when Wile E Coyote falls off the cliff

Not long before they start hitting up kids for their tooth fairy money.

In the revised definition of tawdry, the new entry is “Barack H. Obama.”

The man embarrasses our Republic and debases the Office of the Presidency.

Just like team Obama’s Attack Watch,  Truth Team, and their creepy, overly familiar fundraising letters, this latest brilliant campaign scheme is blowing up in their faces.

Even liberals are having trouble defending it. I’m sure the wiz kids at Media Matters are scraping something together as we speak, but I thought I would speed things up a bit just for laughs, because I think we can all guess how it will go.

Of course, the practice of soliciting for donations in lieu of /birthday/ wedding/anniversary gifts began under the current President’s predecessor.

It was called “Operation Wedding Gift Receiver” and the eeeevil  Boooosh team was very sneaky about it.

I searched the internet Wayback Machine, and found this old webpage from Bush’s 2004 campaign website. Look closely:

Did you see it? Did you see it?

“Host a party for the President”

What do you do at parties? Give gifts? Gifts of money, perhaps? Gifts of money to the Bush campaign???

The fatally flawed practice of gift-walking began under Bush.

I rest my case…..


Be Sure Your RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Just Another Sleazy Day In Obama Land …for photoshop fun.

White House Dossier: Top Ten Rejected Obama Fundraising Schemes

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!


13 thoughts on “Just so You Know – The Obama Campaign Gift Registry is Bush’s Fault

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  2. This is a joke. Obama is not asking for your birthday or wedding presents. This is an attempt to get campaign donations from people who may not have donated in the first place. There is nothing inherently evil or sinister about this. He is not demanding you give him money instead of accept presents. He’s simply giving people the option to give their guests the option to donate to his campaign instead of purchase a gift. All this amounts to is the party thrower choosing to receive a toaster or have a donation made.


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  4. Poor Bob manages to contradict himself in the span of 4 sentences. We can just sit back and watch him work.


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  6. Hey, Bob, thanks for explaining why Obama’s gift registry isn’t evil or sinister.
    Of course, evil and sinister aren’t words people are using to describe this.
    The words I used were, “disturbing, funny, desperate, flailing, disgusting or just plain sad.”
    You are right that this whole thing is a joke, though.
    (You should get special participation points from your Truth Team Commissar for at least making an effort)


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  8. Actually, tacky is the word that comes to my mind.

    But when I think of looking up the word “tacky” in my Funk and Wagnell, I get the image of Moochelle in my mind, so I try not to think of that word…


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  10. So you want to have diner with The President and The First Lady for a lousy $3.00 entrance fee and hopefully you win in the straw pull. Think again! It will cost you about $560.00 on your income tax at the end of the year. You are not being told the consequences of this diner and its cost(s) to you!



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