Video: Issa Talks Fast and Furious on NBC’s Meet the Press and ABC’s This Week

Yes, NBC has been dragged kicking and screaming into reporting this story. The impending Contempt vote in the House rather requires some coverage, lest NBC viewers hear about the Attorney General being held in contempt somewhere else, and wonder why the hell no one told them about it, before.

Meet the Press host, David Gregory made a “rookie” mistake, when he noted that Fast and Furious began under the Bush administration. A lot of noobs who haven’t been paying attention make that same mistake (like the entire Democrat party!)

Does Issa let him get away with it? Watch the video to find out.

Issa’s main point is a righteous one:

“I think the American people understand, if the administration lies… and covers it up for 10 months, (they) have to be held accountable. That’s not executive privilege, you don’t have the privilege to lie to the American people.”

Poor, wretched Bill Richardson’s was the chosen water carrier for the administration. You will recognize most of his weak talking points:

“I think both sides needs to find an accommodation, but with all due respect, this strikes me as political. The administration has provided 7,600 documents!  There’s been 11 congressional hearings! People want the Congress to deal with jobs….student loans… …the voting rights suppression that’s going on around the country….blablablaaaa”

Voting rights suppression? – Good grief – laying it on a little thick, there, wasn’t he? It’s not easy being an Obama surrogate – if one enjoys sleeping at night, or looking at oneself in the mirror.

Did you notice the subtle difference in their styles?  Issa suspects the American people believe that an administration that lies and covers up should be held accountable. And he’s of course right about that. Who wouldn’t agree with that? But still – he’s modest enough to merely say, “I think”.

Richardson speaks in absolutes, he knows.”People want the Congress to deal with jobs, etc.”

Don’t speak for me, Bill Richardson. I want Congress ignoring Obama’s latest economy-crushing job schemes, thank you very much.

Andrea Mitchell says the whole thing is a distraction, and “writ large” in Washington, according to most people.

If anyone can explain what she meant by the scandal being “writ large” in Washington, let me know.


Over at ABC, we had some straightforward, but hard-nosed reporting and questioning from Jake Tapper, filling in for Steppie on This Week:

Key Issa quotes:

“There can’t be oversight if there’s lying….”

“Lying to Congress is a crime. We have every right to see documents that say, what did you know, when did you know it…”

“This was so flawed that you can’t believe they expected to actually get criminal prosecutions as a result of it…”

By “flawed”, he means there was never any effort to track the guns to cartel members. They were only meant to be seized at the scenes of crimes, and tracked back to American gun dealerships.

Issa on the possibility of a nefarious gun control motive for Fast and Furious, (which Tapper seems to doubt):

“We have emails from people involved in this, that are talking about using what they were finding to support basically an assault weapons ban, or greater reporting….So chicken or egg? We don’t know what came first and probably never will. The people involved saw the benefit of what they were gathering. Whether or not that was the original purpose we probably will never know…”

Hey Jake, you’re a reporter, right? Maybe you should look into that.

Bonus Video:

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Protecting this guy (and his bosses) is actually what the executive privilege business is all about.

Horse’s ass cartoonist obviously watches Rachel Madcow.

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: Fast and Furious and OCDETF:

…the Obama administration has offered a palpably false narrative about Fast and Furious. It is this: Acting on their own, recklessly irresponsible ATF agents in Arizona — under the ostensible direction of the local U.S. attorney, who was actually asleep at the switch — dreamed up the Fast and Furious investigation, with its rogue “gunwalking” tactic. Against all government protocols, thousands of firearms were allowed to be transferred from “straw purchasers” to violent Mexican drug gangs, in the vain hope that they’d turn up in crime scenes and searches of high-ranking cartel operatives, enabling the U.S. government to make spectacular cases against the kingpins rather than the low-ranking nobodies.

This went on for a time with inadequate supervision, and, predictably, when the arsenal fell into the hands of the savage criminals, it resulted in violent crimes, including murders — murders that tragically included Agent Terry’s. Finally, word of the operation slowly made it across the country to Washington, where Obama DOJ appointees raised concerns with top ATF officials. Though they may be faulted for moving too slowly, eventually these DOJ appointees alerted their boss, Attorney General Holder, who was horrified and acted decisively to shut the operation down.

Bunk. In fact, Fast and Furious was an OCDETF case. That made it a Main Justice case, not the orphan Arizona debacle of media portrayal.


Your Sunday Hymn: Be Thou My Vision

This isn’t the first time or the last time I play this Irish hymn since it’s one of my very favorites.

So I was thrilled to find it on YouTube being sung by another one of my favorites, the great Alison Krauss:


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