Aaron Worthing SWATted

He prevailed in court this morning, only to have be targeted with the vicious left-wing intimidation tactic of SWATting, this evening.

Via Twitchy:

Aaron Walker, one of the bloggers targeted by Brett Kimberlin, is the latest victim of SWAT-ting. Walker, who goes by Aaron Worthing online, tweeted the news of this extreme form of harassment being used on his family shortly after news broke that the peace order against him had been modified, restoring his First Amendment rights. Thankfully, though, Aaron reports that he and his wife are safe.

Obviously, whoever is behind this, is desperate and not thinking clearly. Within moments of Worthing/Walker’s tweet, the story went viral on Twitter. All the SWATing did was draw more unwanted attention to the Kimberlin criminal cabal.

Patterico spoke to Walker and one of the police officers on the scene…

The officers had machine guns but did not point them at Aaron. They were quickly able to determine it was a hoax.

RS McCain’s immediate reaction; “Holy F-ing Sh*t!”

Readers will excuse the intensity of my reaction, but I simply cannot imagine that any criminal would be so stupidly overconfident to attempt such a thing, at a time when there is so much public attention on the subject. It boggles the mind.

Check out Walker’s blog, Allergic to Bull, later tonight for an update about the incident.

14 thoughts on “Aaron Worthing SWATted

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  2. It looks like someone is so confident that he won’t be caught (perhaps he has reason to be since federal law enforcement is curiously disinterested in a multi-state crime spree of potentially deadly domestic terrorism) that he figures nobody in a position to do anything about will connect the events of this morning with the events of this evening or if they do, care about it at all?
    The lack of anything being done to stop this wave of terror and attempted murders by proxy seems suggest that entities which SHOULD be handling such things have been thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted at their highest levels.


  3. It’s not enough to “determine it was a hoax”. They need to find the source, and prosecute. If, as Zilla suspects, it’s “not that big a deal”, then a team consisting of a professional hacker-cracker and a bounty-hunter / soldier of fortune needs to be assembled.


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