Monday Ketch-Up: Victory For Aaron Walker in Maryland!

Great news in Kimberlin saga via Stacy McCain:

BREAKING: Aaron Walker Victory in Maryland Emergency Hearing:

At a hearing this morning in Rockville, Maryland, a Montgomery County Circuit Court granted an emergency motion on behalf of attorney/blogger Aaron Walker. The effect of the ruling will permit Walker to resume writing and speaking about convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberln.

UPDATE: Judge Nelson W. Rupp Jr. presided over today’s hearing, with attorney Reginald W. Bours III representing Walker, who did not attend the hearing at Judicial Center in Rockville. In a brief telephone interview, Walker said that Kimberlin filed a counter-motion that did not address the First Amendment legal issues at stake, but rather “made a bunch of new accusations” against Walker.

UPDATE II: It is important to note that Judge Rupp’s ruling only temporarily permits Walker to speak and write about Kimberlin, pending a July 5 hearing in Maryland state appeals court. Walker is appealing a May 29 ruling by Montgomery County District Court Judge C.J. Vaughey that granted a peace order sought by Kimberlin against Walker.

UPDATE III: Walker said he plans to file a report on today’s hearing at his blog, Allergic to Bull. A Virginia attorney, Walker has become the center of national attention since May 17, when he published a 28,000-word blog post entitled, “How Brett Kimberlin Tried to Frame Me for a Crime (And How You Can Help!).” Walker’s post highlighted Kimberlin’s long-running efforts harass and intimidate bloggers who had written about Kimberlin’s criminal history.

Keep reading for even more updates.

All the latest from Stacy:

Neal Rauhauser’s Bizarre Suspicions, and Profiling the (Hypothetical) ‘UnSub’

The Silence of Mark Singer; Also: Kimberlin v. Walker Hearing Monday

John Hawkins, RWN: The Best Quotes From Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin

Here are some excerpts of note, which should fall under fair use given that this is a 381 page book. Enjoy.

“I already knew that I was listening to someone who, as a teenager, had been convicted of perjury; that he had progressed from small-time marijuana dealer to big-time marijuana smuggler; that in the late seventies he was regarded as suspect, though never charged, in a murder case that was never solved; and that in 1981, after a protracted prosecution in Indianapolis that included several bizarre elements, he was convicted of six apparently motiveless bombings in the town of Speedway, Indiana, the last of which left a man severely maimed. (In all, eight bombs detonated, but the government based its case on only six.) — P.8

Read it all…


Twitchy: Aaron Walker SWAT-ted:

Aaron Walker, one of the bloggers targeted by Brett Kimberlin, is the latest victim of SWAT-ting. Walker, who goes by Aaron Worthing online, tweeted the news of this extreme form of harassment being used on his family shortly after news broke that the peace order against him had been modified, restoring his First Amendment rights. Thankfully, though, Aaron reports that he and his wife are safe.

Aaron Worthing @AaronWorthing

BREAKING NEWS: tonight I was swatted. More details to come. @Liberty_Chick @Patterico @ali @michellemalkin @AoSHQ @Dust92 @rsmccain


Oopsie, I don’t think this was supposed to happen….

Weasel Zippers: Oh My: Poll Finds Huge Majority of Americans Think Obama Abused His Power With Use of Executive Privilege In Fast And Furious Case, 56% – 29%…

In related news, Obama shocked to hear most people don’t consider him emperor.

Via The Hill:

A clear majority of likely voters believes President Obama has exercised his executive power inappropriately — particularly in blocking the release of documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious, according to a new poll for The Hill.

But in a sign that the electorate’s frustration extends to Capitol Hill, voters by a significant margin also feel Congress has behaved in an obstructionist manner toward the president.

Well, sure – but obstructionism isn’t necessarily considered a bad thing when it comes to obstructing this President.

CNS News: Rep. Allen West: ‘You Don’t Invoke Executive Privilege Unless You Had Some Involvement in This Operation’:

( – Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) believes President Barack Obama’s attempt to withhold executive branch documents from Congress by declaring executive privilege indicates that the Fast and Furious scandal may go beyond the Justice Department. asked West, “So you think this has been a cover up at the very highest level based on the president’s interjection in this?”

West answered, “Well, absolutely.”

“You don’t invoke executive privilege unless you had some involvement in this operation, in this event. So the American people need to know the truth about this,” West said. “Brian Terry’s parents – the United States Border Patrol agent who lost his life – needs to know the truth. And I think the citizens of Mexico need to know the truth as well.”

Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller: ATF leader’s email could be Fast and Furious smoking gun and Holder admitted Obama can’t shield it:

A single internal Department of Justice email could be the smoking-gun document in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal — if it turns out to contain what congressional investigators have said it does.

The document would establish that wiretap application documents show senior DOJ officials knew about and approved the gunwalking tactic in Fast and Furious. This is the opposite of what Attorney General Eric Holder and House oversight committee ranking Democratic member Rep. Elijah Cummings have claimed.


Drew at AoSHQ: SCOTUS News: No ObamaCare Today, Other Big Decisions Announced. UPDATE: ObamaCare On Thursday:

Quick rundown:

Court invalidates mandatory life sentences with no chance of parole for juveniles on 8th Amendment grounds.

Montana’s law barring corporate donations to state and local campaigns was ruled unconstitutional (pdf), effectively affirming and expanding reach of Citizens United. On most days this “mini-Citizens United” would be a really big deal.

Arizona Immigration law struck down in parts (pdf) but provision allowing local police to check status upheld but subject to future challenge based on enforcement.

The provision making it illegal to hire illegal immigrants was thrown out. That’s a blow to states trying to get involved in dealing with illegal immigration, as that was a common tool.

Scalia is reading his dissent from the bench so….it should be a fun read.

More at the link…UPDATE: Ace:  Obama Administration Refusing To Assist Arizona With Immigration-Status Checks:

I think this might serve as basis for a counter-suit.

The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Weasel Zippers: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer: Supreme Court’s Arizona Decision A “Victory For The Rule Of Law”…

Via Fox News:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer issued the following statement Monday on the Supreme Court striking down three provisions of the state’s law cracking down on illegal immigrants but upholding, for now, a fourth provision allowing police to stop people suspected of being in the country illegally:

Keep reading…

Weasel Zippers: Holder Warns Arizona After Supreme Court Rules Against Him: You Don’t Have A “License To Engage In Racial Profiling”…

Via Beltway Confidential:

Attorney General Eric Holder, noting that the Supreme Court ruling today did not give  “a license to engage in racial profiling,” warned Arizona law enforcement officials that the Justice Department will “closely monitor” their efforts to check the immigration status of state residents.

Ben Shapiro, Big Government: Exclusive — Gov. Jan Brewer: Obama Admin ‘Assault on Arizona’ Continues:

Brewer was deeply upset at the new round of federal pressure on Arizona. “At every turn,” she said, “we see the federal government putting their finger down on other places … They rescinded the 287(g) for all law enforcement in the state of Arizona immediately after this ruling came out. They’re taking away the ability for us to work hand in hand with ICE. So now instead of being able to access the [citizenship] database we’re going to have to call in and go through ICE to verify if somebody’s illegally in the state or not. That’s an assault on Arizona. And it was only rescinded in the State of Arizona.”

The Right Scoop: ‘We now have de facto amnesty’ – Mark Levin on the SCOTUS Arizona Law ruling


Today’s Obama success story via Seton Motley, Big Government: GM Recalls Nearly 500,000 Chevy Cruzes for…Engine Fires:


Concerns that Chevrolet Cruzes could catch fire have caused General Motors (GM) to recall more than 475,000 of the popular compact sedans, the automaker said Friday…

All (Cruze) cars manufactured from September 2010 to May of this year are subject to the recall.

Already getting Chevy Volt flashbacks?  Of course you are.

In January, GM “called backevery single Volt ever sold in the U.S., to fix the (fire problem on the) allegedly already “fixed” battery….

It’s important for a company to create a branding identity–something all its products possess as an underlying, unifying theme.

GM has successfully identified and implemented theirs: combustibility.

Keep reading, it gets better.


The Powers That Be: So How’s That ‘Arab Spring’ Spread of Freedom and Democracy Thing Working Out?:

I sure am glad that earlier this year President Obama pledged $800 million in US aid to help out the “Arab Spring” countries — Egypt in particular. What direction is that headed?

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has officially won Egypt’s presidential election and will be the country’s next president, the electoral commission has announced.

Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote. His competitor, Ahmed Shafiq, the final prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million. More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated.


Atlas Shrugs: Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Muslim Brotherhood:

Obama say, “respect it!”

An Egyptian plumber has been accused of beating his pregnant wife to death because she did not vote for Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammed Mursi.


Doug Ross: Egypt’s New President Reaches Out To … Iran:

That didn’t take long. Only a day went by before Egypt’s President-elect Mohamed Morsi said he intends to restore “normal relations” with Iran to achieve “strategic regional balance.”


Kyle Becker, CDN: Why Obama Could Be a Socialist Subverter

Once Obama was born, his background suggests one of ingrained “rootlessness,” which was marked by shifting parental, cultural, religious, and perhaps even sexual contexts.  This background leads to a narcissistic personality complex, where one may believe he is transcendent over his environment and one where the subject forms very weak personal attachments.  When combined with the Alinsky doctrine of using people as a means to an end, we have a political operator of Obama’s genus [sic].

But let’s back up.  The central causal link between Barack Obama and the USSR’s intelligence agencies would most likely be Frank Marshall Davis.  FMD had the verifiable communist party pedigree to be a KGB contact – this is the smoking gun all American patriots should seek out, first and foremost. President Obama effectively concedes that “Frank” is FMD in his ghost-written book “Dreams.”  Obama’s literary skills do not suggest that he was alone writing his biographies (Weather Underground terrorist and now esteemed English professor William Ayers, who lived in Obama’s neighborhood in Chicago, may have had more than a small hand in crafting them.)

Obama’s lived an extremely charmed life, and apparently with no merit to warrant it.  This is partially a reflection of affirmative action practices, but certainly there is enough to suggest more. How did he pay for Harvard? Clues suggest that he was sponsored by Rashid Khalidi, a Saudi agent, using oil money.  How did he become editor of the Harvard Law Review? He certainly left no paper trail to justify it.

Obama’s political life becomes even weirder and grayer once coming to Chicago.  He was a radical community organizer, often working side-by-side with known communists in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  There is documented evidence of his membership in the DSA-offshoot New Party, which was also communistic and would use fusion tactics in conjunction with Democrat Party affiliation to win elections in Illinois, until the practice was banned by the courts.

The man had serious hardcore left contacts with world communist backgrounds, like Alice Palmer and Valerie Jarrett, the latter’s father Vernon Davis a card-carrying communist who knew FMD.


Hyscience: US Catholic Church Rolls Out Major Offensive Against Obama’s Attacks on Religious Liberty:

For the first time in history, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has declared a Fortnight for Freedomin direct response to the attack on the Catholic Church and religious freedom by the Obama administration. The US bishops are asking the faithful to pray, say the Rosary, fast, sacrifice, take action and attend rallies in support of religious freedom. The Fortnight began on the Feast of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More — July 22 — continuing through July 4th.

Most Reverend William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore, fired the opening shots on Sunday. This homily was posted by the Baltimore Archbishop on the US Bishop’s website.


Michelle Malkin: A personal note: Evacuated from Waldo Canyon Fire; Update: Sunset and smoke, 3,600 acres destroyed:

Our family is among the 11,000 residents of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs who have been evacuated in the wake of the Waldo Canyon Fire. We’re homeless, but safe for now — though the kids are devastated we couldn’t get their parakeets, Keets and Tweety, out of the house before security/emergency personnel cleared out our neighborhood.

We are so thankful for our many friends here and especially the heroic firefighters, police, and disaster relief officials and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to contain the fire and protect our homes.

Ways to help: Here.

Keep Michelle Malkin and her neighbors’ families in your prayers.


The Right Scoop: MUST WATCH – Allen West: If we allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons we are staring at World War 3


Duane Lester, All American Blogger: Maxine Waters Challenges Tea Party To A Fight:

It isn’t personal, Maxine. It’s ideological. I’m not a communist sympathizer.

You are.

And your logic is flawed. Your assumption is, we just want to bring the President down.

That’s not our goal. Our goal is to bring the entire leftist complex down. Pull it out by its roots so that no one like you or your president can ever preach class warfare drivel to a glassy-eyed audience who, like zombies controlled by necromancer, shuffle off to a polling booth and elect another radical to a position of authority.

Our goals are much larger than one man.


Seton Motley, Big Government: Obama Official-Network Neutrality Deviser Says First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Our Computers:

On December 21, 2010 the Barack Obama Administration–via its Federal Communications Commission (FCC)– illegally imposedNetwork Neutrality.

Net Neutrality allows the government to regulate every website on the World Wide Web–a tremendous First Amendment free speech problem.

Net Neutrality came from the fevered mind of Tim Wu.  Wu is a Columbia law professor.  And the former chair of Free Press–the absurdest of all the pro-Net Neutrality Media Marxist groups.

And on February 4, 2011 Wu became:

(A) senior advisor to the (Obama Administration’s) Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for consumer protection and competition issues that affect the Internet and mobile markets.

Great news, eh?  What First Amendment goodness has Obama Administration Advisor Wu been up to of late?  This.

Free Speech for Computers?

In today’s world, we have delegated many of our daily decisions to computers. On the drive to work, a GPS device suggests the best route; at your desk, Microsoft Word guesses at your misspellings, and Facebook recommends new friends.

In the past few years, the suggestion has been made that when computers make such choices they are “speaking,” and enjoy the protections of the First Amendment.

This is a bad idea that threatens the government’s ability to oversee companies and protect consumers….

November is coming – time to kick these Marxists to the curb.


Americans For Sheriff Joe: Help us reelect Sheriff Joe!

Barack Obama, George Soros, “La Raza” and the entire liberal political establishment has launched a multi-million dollar campaign to destroy “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

Sheriff Joe is not a professional politican.  He is simply a tough cop working to protect all Americans.

That is why we formed Americans for Sheriff Joe.  We have already launched an aggressive advertising campaign in Maricopa County in support of Sheriff Joe.  But we need your help to fight Obama, Soros and the liberal establishment’s smear campaign.

Please make an emergency donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to help reelect Sheriff Joe.

Moonbattery: Five Ways Obama Has Fundamentally Transformed US Armed Forces:

Barack Hussein Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. He is succeeding — at least where the military is concerned. His top five changes:

Read ’em at the link.

2 thoughts on “Monday Ketch-Up: Victory For Aaron Walker in Maryland!

  1. Pingback: Before It's News

  2. “Free Speech for Computers?”

    First off, only people can speak. On the other hand, if “actions” like flag-burning are considered “speech”, then I suppose anything is “speech”. And computers rarely think of things to say on their own. “Speech” involves rational thought (OK, most times, rational).

    “This is a bad idea that threatens the government’s ability to oversee companies and protect consumers”

    What it might do is threaten the government’s ability to command and control.

    About convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin:
    “(In all, eight bombs detonated, but the government based its case on only six.)”

    I think Obama friend and tenured professor Bill Ayers still holds the record for number of bombs.


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