New Super PAC, “Special Operations Speaks” Emerges To Defeat Obama


Special Operations Speaks, a Super PAC of ” Honorably discharged veterans of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Services” have organized an effort to defeat Barack Hussein Obama..

Has anything like this ever happened before in our nation’s history?

Their mission:

SOS is configured as a “Super Political Action Committee” (Super PAC) that will enable it to exert maximum influence as an advocate for the election of an advocate of constitutional government as President of the United States.  Subsequent to the 2012 campaign, SOS will continue to exert pressure on behalf of the Special Operations community.

Of particular interest to SOS is the urgency of maintaining the level of secrecy that has heretofore been a hallmark of Special Operations.  The recent leaking of highly classified information from the offices of the Commander-in-Chief himself clearly indicates the need to protect sensitive information from the public (and enemy’s) eye.  SOS will educate the public and its representatives in the US Congress about this issue.

Until November 6, 2012, SOS will organize and execute operations designed to help elect an American Patriot to defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

An SOS petition to stop the leaks can be signed, here.

Here’s one of the featured videos on their photos and videos page. You’ve probably already seen it. Watch it again as it helps explain the impetus for the forming of this Super PAC.

Spiking the Football:

Hat tip: Lucianne

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