Gov Jan Brewer Rips Obama on Greta: “What They’ve Said to Az is, Drop Dead Arizona” (Video)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was initially delighted with the Supreme Court ruling on the AZ immigration law, Monday, but her glee was dampened just a few hours later when the Obama administration maliciously revoked the 287(g) agreement between Arizona law enforcement officers and the federal government in the enforcement of immigration law.

She didn’t hold back her feelings of disgust and disappointment with the Obama administration, Monday night on Greta Van Susteren.
“This is politics at its best,” Brewer fumed.

Brewer also criticized Obama’s latest executive decision to change immigration policy, calling it, “backdoor amnesty.”

“Why aren’t they abiding by the rule of law?” she asked of the Obama  administration. She added, “What they’ve said to Arizona is, drop dead Arizona. Drop dead and go away, and we’re going to ignore you.”

“Is this not America?” she asked. “Do I not as governor have the right to protect the people of Arizona? It just is incomprehensible to think that this is all taken place today. It ticks me off. I think that it should tick the people of America off.”

When Greta asked if she would appeal the administration’s 287(g) decision, she said bluntly answered that she didn’t know if she could.

 “It is actually the federal government. It is their program, and it’s almost become apparent that they can do whatever they darn well want. They don’t want to enforce their laws, they won’t let us help them  enforce their laws…. The bottom line is, we need a new administration, somebody that will take the responsibility… uphold the rule of law, and secure our borders so we can deal with all the issues dealing with illegal immigration.”


4 thoughts on “Gov Jan Brewer Rips Obama on Greta: “What They’ve Said to Az is, Drop Dead Arizona” (Video)

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  2. The idea that the people of the United States should/need wait until the next election to be rid of Obama is ludicrous. Obama thinks himself a king and has repeatedly ignored the law. Congress sits on its collective hands due to weak and ineffective leadership. Seemingly no thought is given to the long term impact of the unfolding events. This cannot be good.


  3. As if anyone really needed any further proof . . . .

    No sooner had the Supreme Court announced their ruling on the Arizona Law, Homeland Security came out and announced that they would no longer “support Arizona Law enforcement”. They were going to withdraw the 287G program which set up a cooperation between the Feds and Local Law Enforcement. Unless the have a known felon on their hands don’t bother calling us [the Feds].

    Justice Scalia’s concerns were certified just hours after the ruling. The Feds have no interest in enforcing their own immigration laws and that the States have no power in protecting their own Sovereignty regarding illegal immigration. Yet another and the latest incident of what a bunch of punks and thugs these creeps are that serve in this administration, lead by the “punk in chief”.

    The “only” Rule of Law is what these radicals say it is. What a disgrace!


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