Decision Day: Will ObamaCare Be Struck Down? Live Blog: UPDATE: Groan…

The Supreme Court will announce the ruling at 10:00 am ET.

On pins and needs, here. No predictions or “tea leaves” from me… I have no idea what they’re going to decide, and hate to speculate – we’ll hear soon enough.

The Scotusblog website will  the Obamacare ruling, during its Live Blog of the announcements. They expect the Obamacare decision to come up at about 10:15 am.

Keep in mind, Mitt Romney promised that if the Supreme Court upholds the law, he will work to repeal and replace it when he gets into office.

“We’ll all be waiting to see how the court will decide. One thing we already know… it’s bad policy that’s got to go,” Romney said. “And so if the court upholds it, if they say, ‘Look, it passes the Constitution,’ it still is bad policy, and that’ll mean if I’m elected, I’m going to repeal it and replace it. If on the other hand the court strikes it down, they’ll be doing some of my work for me.”

John Boehner said yesterday, “if the court does not strike down the entire law, the House will move to repeal what’s left of it.”

Meanwhile, some top GOP aides told Politico that Republicans will not seek to preserve even the law’s most popular provisions.

That includes a rule allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ health care plans until they turn 26, as well as one forcing insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.


Anyone want to hazard a guess of what Emperor Obama will do if the whole damn thing is thrown out?
Today @ 12:30pmET, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and The Heritage Foundation’s David Addingtonwill offer the conservative response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the President’s health care law.WATCH LIVE, here.
ObamaCare is upheld!
@philipaklein SCOTUS: “The individual mandate is not a valid exercise of Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause.”
Monica Crowley@MonicaCrowley This ruling is a mess. Mandate could survive as a tax?! #WhatTheBleep
Aaron Worthing@AaronWorthing from scotusblog: “entire ACA is upheld, w the exception that the fed gov’s power to terminate states’ Medicaid funds is narrowly read.”
Michelle Malkin@michellemalkin RT @SCOTUSblog CJ Roberts’ fifth #SCOTUS vote saved the #ACA.
John Nolte @NolteNC No penalty for citizen who doen’t buy insurance?
Vicki Mckenna@VickiMcKenna SCOTUS: “The court reinforces that individuals can simply refuse to pay the tax and not comply with the mandate.”
Via Fox News, Justice Kennedy in his dissent, said the law was invalid in it’s entirety.
Greta Van Susteren calls the upholding of this hugely unpopular law, “a huge win for the Obama administration”.
Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin writes:

The mandate survives “as a tax.” That should help the middle class dig out of the recession. (flashback 2009: Obama says individual mandate isn’t a tax)

This doesn’t mean we’re stuck with Obamacare forever — it means that November 6th just got much more important, and I didn’t think that was possible.

See the above quote from Boehner and Romney and keep heart.

Via Freedoms Lighthouse: GOP Rep Schweikert: “Supreme Court just woke up a sleeping giant….election just rolled back to 2010 because it was driven by Obamacare”

via @SCOTUSblog Kennedy says: “In our view, the entire Act before us is invalid in its entirety.”

Longtime ACORN operative, now DNC Director, Patrick Gaspard, keeping it classy….Via Weasel Zippers: DNC Executive Director on Obamacare Ruling: “It’s Constitutional, Bitches!”

So true>>>@MTavistockThe Left will have a new monolith to loot, pillage, and game…

Speaker John BoehnerToday’s ruling by the Supreme Court underscores the urgency of #fullrepeal of #ObamaCare  #4jobs


Bernstein at Volokh Conspiracy raised the prospect that Roberts initially voted to strike the entire law down but relented under political pressure:

Scalia’s dissent, at least on first quick perusal, reads like it was originally written as a majority opinion (in particular, he consistently refers to Justice Ginsburg’s opinion as “The Dissent”). Back in May, there were rumors floating around relevant legal circles that a key vote was taking place, and that Roberts was feeling tremendous pressure from unidentified circles to vote to uphold the mandate. Did Roberts originally vote to invalidate the mandate on commerce clause grounds, and to invalidate the Medicaid expansion, and then decide later to accept the tax argument and essentially rewrite the Medicaid expansion (which, as I noted, citing Jonathan Cohn, was the sleeper issue in this case) to preserve it? If so, was he responding to the heat from President Obama and others, preemptively threatening to delegitimize the Court if it invalidated the ACA? The dissent, along with the surprising way that Roberts chose to uphold both the mandate and the Medicaid expansion, will inevitably feed the rumor mill.

7 thoughts on “Decision Day: Will ObamaCare Be Struck Down? Live Blog: UPDATE: Groan…

  1. Et tu John Roberts?
    Why is it always a repubic appointee that flips?
    For any of the libs out there who thought that the “Tea Party” was dead. . . .I think you are about to find out differently, this changes alot. I believe now more than ever that this is going to be a wave election.


  2. It is not citizenship that has forsaken us… it is the very fact that our country has a ruling class of politicians for life. We are serfs in their world. We are to do as we are told and today they are telling us that the law means what they say it means. What was sold as not a tax is today a tax. Tough luck. Congress has the right to levy taxes fair and otherwise. Don’t like it? Complain about the senators and representatives from another state or another district and then re-elect the same people over and over again to be your voice in government. Let the party leaders decide their favorite and play along in the kabuki theater until they prevail. Vote for mittens. He’s their man. He can do it if anyone can.


  3. There will be no help from Boehner, only words unless he finds it politically expedient. I’ve seen only cowardice, fear and political speak from House leadership. I expect only half actions from Romney. The only solution is to take back a majority in the Senate with more conservative Republicans than regular Republicans and replace Boehner as soon as possible with a real conservative with actual backbone. If there’s anyway to make it sound like something is actually being done while doing nothing Boehner and Romney will be a good match. I think another million person march on Washington is going to be needed.


  4. All is not lost… We have to take the Senate, retain the House with solid conservatives, and win the Presidency, and the thing will be repealed. It will be an ugly fight because the progs will be mobilized like never before, but it is doable.


  5. NiceDeb, you are right of course. It would be so much easier if the republican party had any real leaders in place. By that I mean to suggest there are good leadership candidates in the ranks – problem is the old-boy network that keeps propping up the old guard. I have no dislike for Boehner but he is not capable of leading from the front. Can you tell how much I miss Newt?
    Tom Socca writes a nice article on Slate describing how Roberts gave a battle victory to Obama but may have won the war for conservatives. While recasting the ACA mandate as a tax, Roberts also provides clear boundaries for the common clause which might be of greater value than having rejected the ACA mandate. He sees clear limitations placed on future congressional actions and essentially castigates the voters – suggesting we elected this bunch and we need to either live with them or replace them and the laws this bunch have given us.


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