Friday Free-For All: ObamaTax = “Major Fraud”

Obama still hasn’t figured out how arrogant and unpresidential public gloating like this looks to the average American…especially since most of us oppose ObamaTax:

Via Weasel Zippers:

So be it. We’ll see how well such arrogance serves him, this November.

Gateway Pundit: Top Lawyer Arguing Against Obamacare Says Democrats Committed “Major Fraud” By Not Honestly Representing Obamacare As a Massive New Tax (Video):

Attorney Michael Carvin, one of the lawyers arguing against ObamaCare in front of Supreme Court, told Megyn Kelly that a major fraud had been perpetrated on the American people. If Obamacare would have honestly been represented as the largest tax in history it never would have passed through Congress. Democrats kept this a secret from the American people. Chief Justice Roberts yesterday, in some bizarre twist of logic, decided that it was indeed a massive tax.
Americans, you’ve been had.

Watch the videos via Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed: Five Times The Obama Adminstration Said The Individual Mandate Was Not A Tax.

The Shark Tank: Hillary Clinton Calls Obama a Liar in Romney Video:

I am just going to let this video speak for themselves. Obama has shown a pattern of lies and distortions dating back to the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary race against Hillary Clinton. Watch the video, and see how Hillary smacks him down.

He continues spending millions of dollars, perpetuating falsehoods.So shame on you Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton.

Ace: Obama’s “Crowning Achievement” Is… A Tax:

But now, about that ObamaTax.

Now, Republicans can attack the law not only for being “big government” but for being a huge tax during in weak economy, adding burdens to middle class taxpayers and slowing economic growth. And the GOP doesn’t have to come up with a detailed plan to “replace” Obama’s health care plan.

And Bruce McQuain: Speaking of taxes, here are 20 new taxes ObamaCare imposes:

These via the Americans for Tax Reform.  Says the ATR:

Taxpayers are reminded that the President’s healthcare law is one of the largest tax increases in American history.

Indeed.  Tax increases which took place in 2010 after the passage of the bill:

Read it all…it’s a nightmare for the American taxpayer.

Like I said, yesterday; Republican candidates have been handed their campaign theme – they had better pound it. Most Americans don’t like being lied to.

The National Journal leaked yesterday:

“I’m sure they’ll nail us on taxes and I’m sure it will work,” said a senior White House official speaking on condition of anonymity. “But, given the alternative, that’s a bitter pill I’m ready to swallow.”

The White House, realizing how toxic this issue is to them, now essentially saying that the Supreme Court’s ruling was wrong.


Via The Foundry: Sen. Jim DeMint’s Rallying Cry to Repeal Obamacare:

DeMint’s speech, which Heritage excerpted for this short video, came just two hours after the ruling shocked and disappointed many conservatives. After all, tea-party activists swept a group of freshmen lawmakers into the halls of Congress last year and their vote to repeal Obamacare was a major triumph. Equally disappointing for many was the court’s decision.

“We all knew when Obamacare passed that the urgent priority had to be the repeal of that bill and the replacing of the people who imposed it on the American people. That is still the priority today,” DeMint said at Heritage.

Good News for Mitt, via Buzzfeed: Health Care Verdict Drives Flood Of Small Contributions To Romney:

Romney, who has pledged to begin the process of repealing the bill on his first day in office, brought in over $3.2 million in online donations from more than 30,000 individual donors in the first 11 hours after the ruling, according to press secretary Andrea Saul. By contrast, in the entire month of May, Romney’s first month as the presumptive Republican nominee, the candidate listed 27,661 individual donations who reached the $200 reporting threshold on Federal Election Commission filings.

Get this:

The Obama campaign repeatedly declined to release information about their fundraising after the decision.

I know….they just don’t want to spike the football, muahahaha.

Neal Boortz for Townhall: The True Impact of the Obamacare Decision:

I spent the better part of yesterday listening to various pundits and reading blogs and columns about the ObamaCare decision. I think a lot of people are missing something here; missing something very important. The Court’s ruling on ObamaCare grants the Congress of the United States the power to command virtually any action – any action that would not in and of itself constitute a crime – of any individual in this country, and to demand compliance with that command or be penalized. The federal government can now regulate virtually any human activity in which you wish to engage, and to regulate whether or not you will be allowed to refuse to participate in that activity, so long as a penalty is attached to your noncompliance.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the individual mandate, what’s next for both conservatives and the Republican party on health-care reform?



Only one man in the last 40 years has been elected president without a majority of the Catholic vote. Even those Catholics who oppose elements of Church teaching don’t want the federal government forcing their Catholic school to provide sterilizations and abortion pills, which the HHS mandate would require. That’s why a majority of Catholicsfavor a clear exemption to the HHS mandate.

But President Obama has refused to grant a workable exemption to Catholic institutions and instead has sought to define the very criteria for what constitutes a religious group. And that’s why states with significant Catholic populations, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, have suddenly become swing states. If Romney were to win just one of these states, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Obama wins reelection.

AoSHQ: Liberals: Oh No You Can’t Use Reconciliation To Undo ObamaTax, Republican Senators: Oh Yes We Will:

Some pre-emptive butthurt from liberals:

@timothypmurphy: Old enough to remember when reconciliation was an unconscionable abuse of power.

Right, because only you get to use reconciliation to pass a bill, but it would be hypocritical of us to take you at your word — that the bill is subject to reconciliation — to repeal it.

Kaus wonders why liberals believe this.

Because liberals have the unique ability to suspend their disbelief if it benefits their side.

You can sign AFP’s Hands Off My Healthcare Petition, here.

Watch One Man Photoshop Machine, Slublog go a little crazy on Twitter

Twitchy: Obama’s gloating gone wrong

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