Republicans to File a Civil Suit Over Executive Privilege, Says Boehner (Video)

In an interview Sunday morning with Nora O’Donnell on ABC’s Face The Nation, House Speaker John Boehner said  that Republicans are preparing to file a civil suit in an attempt to gain access to more information regarding the Justice Department’s handling of the lethally flawed Fast & Furious operation.

ABC News reports:

The planned civil suit, which comes on the heels of a letter sent by the Justice Department stating that the DOJ would not prosecute Attorney General Eric Holder following a House vote to hold him in criminal contempt of Congress.

“It’s not clear to me that the U.S. District Attorney will in fact, go down that path. That’s why we’re going to file, in District Court, a civil suit, over the issue of executive privilege,” Boehner said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

The Obama administration, in response to a request by Holder, asserted the right to executive privilege several weeks ago, in effect blocking Congressional access to documents pertaining the affair. . . .

“The American people have a right to know what happened,” Boehner said today. “Brian Terry’s family has a right to know what happened here.”


Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller: Lew won’t confirm or deny whether President Barack Obama involved in Fast and Furious cover up, maintains claims this admin ‘most transparent ever’:

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Lew refused to answer when asked if Fast and Furious documents now protected by Obama’s executive order detail consultations with the president himself.

“There has to be the ability for a president to get confidential advice,” Lew told Crowley. “There has to be an ability for Congress to use its speech and debate clause.”

Crowley followed up by pushing Lew about the level of the president’s involvement in Fast and Furious.

“Were there things in the documents that involved consultation with the president?” she asked Lew. “Is that why you invoked executive privilege?”

Lew balked and accused Republicans of playing politics.

“I’m not going to speak to the specific documents,” he responded. “There was an unprecedented amount of cooperation and providing insight into all the decisions made up to the point of the correction that Congress was given about the policy itself and about the testimony. What they are looking for now are internal kinds of documents that they know are not appropriate.”

According to a release grassroots organizers sent to the press, the protest will start at approximately 10 a.m. outside the White House’s north lawn gates. The protest will last for about two hours.

“We want justice for the victims and families affected by this scandal,” event organizer Oliver Darcy said in the release. “We are protesting to let Barack Obama and AG Holder know that the truth must prevail. They should fully disclose all documents related to the case in order to bring closure to a dark moment in our country’s history. Anything less is a fraud of justice.”


3 thoughts on “Republicans to File a Civil Suit Over Executive Privilege, Says Boehner (Video)

  1. Gosh, according to the administration’s line of reasoning, the White House tapes and all documents used to send several Nixon administration officials to jail should have been held private, with Congress never seeing them.

    But. of course, the difference is that Nixon had something to hide, the knowledge of some petty burglary by some third rate burglars. Duh-1, with the “most transparent administration EVUH!!!”, couldn’t possibly be involved in anything as scandalous as murder, or the effort to usurp the Constitution, or to criminally supply arms to terrorists in a foreign country now, could he?


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