Audio: Mark Levin Tears into David “The Red” Axelrod

Drawing heavily from a John Nolte report at Big Journalism, Thursday,  Mark Levin railed against the Obama campaign and its coordinated effort with the media to take down Romney.

In his report, Smear Romney! Axelrod Tweets Media Its Marching Orders, Nolte put a spotlight on Axelrod’s efforts to get the media to put out the Obama campaign’s chosen narrative for Romney:

On Tuesday, no less than the Twitter account owned by the President of the United States tweeted out a link to an article written by Vanity Fair’s Nicholas Shaxsone. The article is nothing more than a smear-job laced with innuendo about Romney’s finances. It’s also meant as bait for a corrupt media eager to join in the Obama campaign’s mission as defined by Plouffe above.

Yesterday, the Obama campaign changed tactics just a bit. They probably didn’t expect Breitbart News to report the fact that Shaxson is a hard-hard-hardcore leftist and a cheerleader for the Occupy movement, so yesterday David Axelrod launched this series of tweets.

If you click Axelrod’s link, he’s no longer linking to the pro-Occupier’s article. What he links to is an AP article published — and this is no coincidence– the morning after the Vanity Fair article was released but based on the exact same reporting and subject, and filled with the same lack of facts and evidence. It’s all about innuendo. It’s all about “raising questions.” It’s all about distracting from the economy. It’s all about colluding with Obama to define Mitt Romney.

“This entire operation is a fraud starting with the President on down, because ladies and gentlemen, this is the way David the Red Axelrod and the rest of them operate, because if you really knew what they were and what they are, you wouldn’t vote for them,” Mark Levin fumed on his show, Thursday evening.

He concluded his rant, by shouting:

“This much I know about Mitt Romney, none of his friends were ever part of the Weather Underground that used violence to blow up buildings and kill people in this country. This much I know about Mitt Romney – none of his friends were ever mouthpieces for the PLO. This much I know about Mitt Romney, he would never ever hire a ….you know what… like David the Red Axelrod.

Video via The Right Scoop

For background on Axelrod’s red history, see Paul Kengor’s seminal expose in The American Spectator, David Axelrod, Lefty Lumberjack

No single person is more responsible for making Barack Obama president. Come November 2008, it was nothing short of a stunning change for America, a genuinely historical feat the man known as Ax hopes to repeat in November 2012.

And it helps that the two—story-maker and story, composer and theme—think alike. “You know, he and I share a basic worldview,” Obama told the New York Times. “I trust his basic take on what the country should be and where we need to move toward—not just on specific policy but how politics should be able to draw on our best and not our worst.”

Axelrod agreed unhesitatingly, saying of Obama: “He’s not just a client. He’s a very good friend of mine. We share a worldview.”

Axelrod’s World

That worldview began taking form and focus in New York a half century ago. There began three decades of varied leftist influences on Axelrod, from progressives to communists, that would redound all the way to the Oval Office—and with the direct effect of each influence not always clear.

Read it all.

I’m with Levin, (as you probably know by now, I say it at least  once a week) Take the gloves off. Start telling the world what we’re dealing with, here. Those people still on the fence will be swayed by the regime’s lies unless they hear the uncomfortable truth about the people who are telling the lies.

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9 thoughts on “Audio: Mark Levin Tears into David “The Red” Axelrod

  1. I use to be amused, now I’m just amazed.

    If any individual who needed to apply for a security clearance, had associated with “just one” of the radical, socialist, marxist, commies, anarchist, felons or down right crooks that our President has over his lifetime, [and continues to this day] we’d be run out of our jobs and/or brought up on charges.

    But not this guy.


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