Granny Jan Video: Obama: “I tried real (sic) hard.”

Oh, Granny, Granny, Granny….you are soooo bad!

Hot Air’s Erika Johnson had a few choice words for the President:

Unfortunately for President Obama, this is America — and in America, we have winners, and we have losers. There’s success, and there’s failure. There’s no “A for effort,” no participation award, no “Most Improved” accolade — especially not when you’re the President of the United States and your actions unilaterally affect hundreds of millions of people’s daily lives. “Trying” is not “doing.” President Obama has had a ‘fair shot’ at fixing things, and he has failed to do so — it’s time to give somebody else a try.

Nuff said.

Photoshop: Baghdad Debbie “Pretty Happy” With Our Job Growth

After Friday’s dismal job report, even the water-carrying Obama fans at the Washington Post said it’s become “increasingly difficult for the president to argue that what he has tried is working well, or that he has something new to offer. Each month that the economy produces fewer jobs than are needed just to keep pace with population growth adds to the burden the president faces as the clock ticks toward November.”

But Baghdad Deb isn’t worried. She says she’s “pretty happy” with our job growth. How can she say this? By defying basic laws of economics and hoping the average voter doesn’t notice:

I’m pretty happy with twenty-eight straight months of job growth in the private sector-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

No, really. She said that:

The “job growth” of which she speaks is not only anemic – it’s not keeping pace with population growth. Poor Baghdad Deb is just doing her part to further Obama’s talking point that the private sector is “doing fine”.

But as this chart via The Foundry shows, if anyone is “doing fine”, it’s the public sector:

This goes beyond the far more generous pension and health benefits they enjoy. While the private sector lost 4.6 million jobs (a 3.9 percent drop) since the recession began, government payrolls have only fallen by 240,000 jobs (a 1.1 percent drop). Federal employment has actually grown nearly 12 percent since the end of 2007, and while the country suffers from 8.2 percent unemployment, the unemployment rate for government employees is just 4.2 percent.

Via of Fox News:

“14.9 percent”

— The percent of Americans unable to find work, forced to take part-time work or who have given up looking work in the month of June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rate has been essentially steady since February.

Fox’s John Lott opined, the private sector is not doing fine, Mr. Obama:

There is one measure of employment that shows “4.3 million jobs [were created] over the last 27 months” since February 2010. But Obama ignores how private-sector job creation during this recovery compares to other past ones. The total actual number of private-sector jobs has grown by 2.8% during the “recovery” – the average for recoveries since 1970 is 8%, and 11% after severe recessions.

The growth also looks anemic when it is compared to what was lost. 36 months into the recovery and the private sector hasn’t even made up half the jobs lost during the recession, let alone make up for the fact that there are about 7.6 million more working age people than when the recession started.

What about the 4.2 million that were lost between when Obama became president and February 2010? The “growth” just replaces what was lost during the first part of his administration. Let alone the 8.8 million private sector jobs that were lost between when the recession started.

See Also:

Rebutting his Democratic counterpart, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who appeared right before him, Priebus argued that the country is absolutely not better off than it was four years ago. He said that Obama “can’t fulfill a promise” and accused the Democrats of “living in Fantasyland,” declaring that the best way to help stimulate the economy in the long-run is firing Obama and hiring Mitt Romney in November.

When guest host John Roberts asked Priebus if Romney can effectively run on the weak jobs numbers that came out on Friday, Priebus added that the number is actually worse because, as he claimed, 30 percent of the jobs added were just temporary employment. He ripped into the Democrats for pushing a class warfare mentality.

“All of this stuff is small ball that they’re playing, all of this nastiness and division about investments and money and rich vs. poor. This is going to come down to how people feel in November, how people feel about this president. Did he fulfill the mission he promised this country?”

Priebus declared, “For the sake of the very idea of America, Mitt Romney has to win for liberty and freedom.”

Obama: Supply Side Economics “Has Never Worked”, Says Tax Cuts = Spending

(AP Photo / Scott R. Galvin)
Obama allowed his Marxist true colors to peek out at a campaign stop in Poland, Ohio, Friday. While speaking at a campaign event, he contemptuously dismissed supply-side economics as a “theory” that “has never worked.” And he characterized tax cuts as “spending” as if allowing people to keep more of their own money was costing the government because your money belongs to them.
CNS News reported:
Obama said, “Their basic idea is that if we spend trillions of dollars more on tax cuts — most of the benefits going to some of the wealthiest individuals in the country — so the average millionaire gets a $250,000 tax break.  Even if we’ve got to gut education to do it, even if we’ve got to cut job training programs to do it, even if we’ve got to increase middle-class taxes to do it. If we cut trillions of dollars in taxes and we eliminate regulations, all kinds of regulations.
Let me just cut in here – you know what? I think most of the so called “benefits” in our tax code go to the individuals who don’t pay any at all. Not the group of people who pay the most in taxes.
He went on to ridicule supply side economics:

“If we eliminate all those regulations, and combine them with the tax cuts, then wealthy investors, companies, will do very well and the benefits will spread to everybody else. Now, you know, that’s the idea.

Get rid of pointless and burdensome regulations that squelch investment, lower the tax burden on job creators? Get out of people’s hair and let them thrive in a free America? That’s Republican crazy talk.

“That’s their vision. Their basic idea is: ‘If everybody’s just on their own, doing what they do, everything’s gonna’ turn out just fine’. Now, it’s a theory. But I think it’s wrong. (Watch video at link.)

You know who else talks that way? Van Jones.

According to Van Jones,  the American dream isn’t about working hard, being able to afford  a nice house in a nice suburb and having nice things. Working hard and playing by the rules won’t get you anywhere, the self-avowed Communist sneers. That’s killing the American dream:

Not the American dream they talk about on TV. There are two American dreams. One of them I call the ‘American fantasy.’ You know that one? Everyone is going to be rich. Everybody. And we’re all going to be able to ride out to the great white suburbs, get a McMansion, get flat-screened TV to cover up the holes in our lives. That is the American fantasy, which is turning out to be the American nightmare. It is dying out on its own accord – it deserves no defense and it will get no defense. I am glad that is going away. That was not serving anybody.

The new improved American dream, according to Jones,   means being guaranteed a good job, and a nice place to live.

Obama obviously agrees.

So while Obama is running around the country blaming Republicans for the bad economy and lying about Mitt Romney’s time at Bain, what is Romney doing to fight back? “He’s a nice guy, but he’s in over his head” ?

Charles Krauthammer says, if he can’t convince voters economy is Obama’s fault he doesn’t deserve to win.

Take the gloves off team Romney.


Hot Air: WaPo: It’s looking like Obama has nothing new to offer on jobs, economy:

How much damage did Friday’s jobs report — the third disappointment in a row — do to Barack Obama’s re-election effort?  It might take some time for the answer to be fully known, but one measure might be the reaction in the media.  The Washington Post news report of Obama’s response to the worst jobs quarter in two years explicitly wonders whether Obama can maintain the position that his policies are doing anything to help, and whether he has any new ideas to break the country out of this stagnation:

Obama’s message on his two-day bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania has been twofold. First, he pointed to modest signs of progress in rebuilding the economy–the health of the auto industry is his principal case study across Ohio’s northern tier. At the same time, he warned that the medicine offered by Romney and the Republicans is exactly the wrong prescription.

One way for Team SCOAMF to deal with the dismal job situation is to go into deep denial:

Shark Tank: Wasserman Schultz ‘Happy’ With Dismal New Jobs Report:

The June jobs numbers were as many expected to be, disappointing. The unemployment rate stayed at 8.2 %, and now Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has just said that she is ‘happy’ with the jobs numbers.

 I’m pretty happy with twenty-eight straight months of job growth in the private sector-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.



John Hayward, Human Events: More people going on disability than getting jobs under Obama:

Investor’s Business Daily offers an amazing snapshot of the Obama malaise: “More workers joined the federal government’s disability program in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports, a clear indicator of how bleak the nation’s jobs picture is after three full years of economic recovery.  The economy created just 80,000 jobs in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But that same month, 85,000 workers left the workforce entirely to enroll in the Social Security Disability Insurance program, according to the Social Security Administration.”

That’s the Obama/Jones “American Dream” in a nutshell. More people becoming dependent on government, than actually working for themselves.


Obama’s Marxism peeking out in other ways, too:

Buzzfeed: The New Obama Typeface: Revolution Gothic:

A reader points out that President Barack Obama’s new typeface is Revolution Gothic, a style inspired by retro Cuban propaganda posters. Who vets the fonts?

They right in our face with it…..but maintain plausible deniability while ridiculing anyone who notices.

(Obama press secretary Ben LaBolt emails: “Your GOP operative should have had the courtesy to stay sober before noon, and BuzzFeed should go back to labeling cat slideshows.”)

Your Sunday Hymn: Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

A powerful hymn for a lazy Sunday in July – but perhaps apropos in the wake of the ObamaCare ruling earlier this month.

“Dies lrae” is a Latin poem on the subject of the Last Judgment. Attributed to a Franciscan monk named Tomaso de Celante (1190, c. 1255), the complete poem contains 18 rhymed stanzas. (An unknown author later added the “Pie Jesu” couplet and the “Amen.”) Little did this Franciscan know that his colorful poem would provide a springboard for some of the most dramatic musical works ever written.

Z. Randall Stroope published his exceptional setting of Dies Irae in 2006 primarily for male voices but I heard it for the first time sung by a high school women’s choir.

I can’t decide if I like it better sung by male or female voices:

The Iowa Statesmen performed this at their 2012 spring concert:

KC Women’s Honor Choir 2009:


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