Video: Obama’s DHS Focusing on Conservative Groups While Ignoring Terrorist Threats

Reason number 957,392 why Obama needs to kicked to the curb, this November. Homeland Security is now being influenced by the radical nutjobs at the SPLC. The Family Research Council is now considered a “hate group” by the United States government.

Via Gateway Pundit:

The Department of Homeland Security is continuing to target patriotic Americans and conservatives who “believe that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack” as terrorists.  They even have this listed in their latest report.

The Department of Homeland Security has locked arms with the radical leftist group Southern Poverty Law Center  in a ‘Working Group’ called Countering violent Extremism to paint conservatives as hate groups and extremists.

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese says it is “despicable” for the Southern Poverty Law Center to classify the Family Research Council and a dozen other top conservative organizations as “hate groups” similar to the Ku Klux Klan.

Anyone think this obscene focus on conservatives won’t intensify if Obama is reelected?

This administration has done so much damage on so many fronts, it’s overwhelming to think about it all.


A photo essay from April, 2009: The New War On Terror In Obamerica


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