Video: Mitt Romney Booed and Heckled at NAACP Convention

You gotta hand it to Romney. He went into a liberal stronghold, the NAACP Convention in Houston, this morning, and didn’t back away from his conservative principles. He unabashedly stuck to his standard campaign message, and according to Buzzfeed, was booed repeatedly. When he  told the Obama-loving group that he plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare, the room erupted with boos.

Romney surely knew what was coming because he had a perfect response, which was only met with tepid applause before that audience.

That pivot drew some more light applause, but then minutes later, he attacked Obama’s economic record, and was booed again. That time, a number of the people in the audience attempted to quiet the hecklers.

He followed up the booing by saying, “I submit to you this, if you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you’re looking at him.”

The line drew a mix of boos and cheers for the third time, to which Romney responded confidently, “You take a look.”

Now that is a confident man.

Watch that second video at Buzzfeed.


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Oh, of course. Apparently, Mitt should have just told the the people what they wanted to hear – just disingenuously pandered for their votes like Democrats do. What short-sighted claptrap from Emmanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver.

The Right Scoop: FULL SPEECH – Watch Mitt Romney address the NAACP

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