Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama Flips on Welfare Reform

As we ponder Obama’s latest unilateral move to gut welfare reform, let us remember what he told the gullible Pastor Rick Warrren of the Saddleback Church just four short years ago: “We have to have work as a centerpiece of any social policy”.

Via Greg Hengler, Townhall: Obama’s Flip-Flop-Flip on Welfare Reform:

“We were made to work”….unless we’re a favored special interest group whose votes Obama needs in the upcoming election.

Have we ever had a President who so consistently, and egregiously put politics before principle?


He says he’s not trying to be controversial, “but if we lived in a  functioning constitutional republic, articles of impeachment would be drawn up against the Secretary of HHS, (Kathleen Sebelius)”.

“For violating her oath to uphold the Constitution, for violating her fidelity to the rule of law, for seizing power she simply does not have. But that’s not going to happen because the system is broken. Even the most modest things that could be done are not being done.”


Kira Davis has a message for SpittleGate Cleaver: To Rep.Cleaver: This Message was NOT Pre-Approved by the NAACP:

Emanuel Cleaver comes out of the far left, Al Sharpton school of race baiting politics. District 5 in Missouri really deserves better.

 Jacob Turk, who is favored to win the Republican Primary in District 5 in Missouri, this August, will likely face Cleaver again in November.

He commented on Cleaver’s carwash scandal at a Tax Day Tea Party, in Kansas City, last April: Video: Jacob Turk on Rep. Cleaver’s $1.35 Mil Bank Default – “Where Did Our Money Go?”

As I reported, here and here, the Bank of America’s lawsuit against the Democratic congressman seeks $1.5 million in principal, interest and late fees for his loan for a car wash he bought in 2002.

Mark Levin – To Two Black Voters:

Via the Daily Caller: Congresswoman Sandy Adams is demanding an investigation into millions of taxpayer dollars used for Disney World conference:

Florida Republican Rep. Sandy Adams is digging into a federal agency she said has misused millions in taxpayer dollars for, among other things, a trip to Disney World.

Adams said in a statement that a whistleblower gave her documents from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership that show the agency used millions for a conference at a lavish resort near Disney World in Florida.

“The information I have obtained is astounding,” Adams said. “According to the documents that I am in possession of, the NIST MEP most recently spent anywhere between $3 to $5 million dollars on an annual conference at a resort near Walt Disney World in Florida. It appears that taxpayer dollars are recklessly being spent on lavish resorts, expensive meals, and golf outings around the country. At a time when our nation is saddled with nearly $16 trillion in debt and people are struggling to put food on the table, this gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds should be investigated.”

Adams has asked House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa and Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun – the chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee’s Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight – to investigate the matter.

Adams went “On the Record” with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Thursday night to discuss the controversy:

Romney Campaign: What Happened?:

Four years ago, Candidate Obama spoke out against using “stale tactics to scare voters.” Today, his plan to “destroy Romney” includes dishonest attacks that he hopes will distract voters from his broken promises.

Charles Krauthammer says Obama overplayed Bain, went “way overboard”:

See also: WHD: Obama Invokes Truman’s “Buck Stops Here” Quote:

Keith Koffler needed a triple shot of scotch to write this post – you’ll probably need at least as much to read it.

President Obama said today in an interview with a local Washington DC radio station that as presidents go, “Harry Truman said the buck stops with you.” Meaning he thinks this applies to him.


Obama was using the Truman quote to suggest that Mitt Romney is responsible for what went on at Bain Capital, even if he was CEO in name only and not involved in operations.

Yes, he thinks we’re that stupid.

The always entertaining and edifying Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green in PJTV’s Trifecta: Proof Positive that Conservatives Are Happier than Liberals:

More Trifecta goodness: Move Over Liberals and Let Conservatives Drive the Economy:

2 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama Flips on Welfare Reform

  1. I didn’t hear Levin saying Sebelius should be impeached, but he’s right. The Anchoress said yesterday ” it is astonishing how much power has been given to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius — the woman who confesses to not thinking of “constitutional nuances” while wielding that power. ” With a link to Sebelius admitting it.


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